Rate These Girly Movies And We'll Reveal Your Dream Guy

Anyone in need of some serious girl time? While nothing will ever beat sitting back and sipping some tea with our best girl friends, when a night like that just isn't possible, we must turn to our favorite fictional besties for support. The women in these girly movies always have our backs, so now it's time for us to have theirs!

Today we will be rating 50 of the very best girly movies around. Everyone here will be given the chance to voice their opinion on each film. Once we have an idea of everyone's taste, we will match everybody up to the man of their dreams! Nothing to lose in this quiz ladies, but oh so much to gain! Who's ready for this epic movie marathon?

Question 1

Eat Pray Love

Question 2

Bridget Jones's Diary

Question 3

Letters to Juliet

Question 4

The Princess Diaries

Question 5

Legally Blonde

Question 6

Just like Heaven

Question 7

Always Be My Maybe

Question 8


Question 9

Forever My Girl

Question 10

Made of Honor

Question 11

The Other Woman

Question 12

She's the Man

Question 13

Something Borrowed

Question 14

A Star Is Born

Question 15

The Notebook

Question 16

Every Day

Question 17

Notting Hill

Question 18

50 First Dates

Question 19

The Last Song

Question 20

Never Been Kissed

Question 21

Julie & Julia

Question 22

Girls Trip

Question 23

The Fault in Our Stars

Question 24

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Question 25

The Wedding Singer

Question 26

The Vow

Question 27

Mean Girls

Question 28

Whip It

Question 29


Question 30

Along Came Polly

Question 31

Rough Night

Question 32

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Question 33

La La Land

Question 34

The Time Traveler's Wife

Question 35

Pitch Perfect

Question 36

Lady Bird

Question 37

Raise Your Voice

Question 38

Serving Sara

Question 39

Raising Helen

Question 40


Question 41

Paper Towns

Question 42

The Proposal

Question 43

Valentine's Day

Question 44

Sweet Home Alabama

Question 45

The Princess Switch

Question 46

The Back-up Plan

Question 47


Question 48

Bride Wars

Question 49

13 Going on 30

Question 50

Freaky Friday

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