Rate These Girly Movies And We'll Guess How Old You Are

Movies have an incredible way of bringing people closer together, and they do this by presenting relatable material for people to sink their teeth into. There is nothing quite like seeing something we can relate to unfold on the big screen, and finding someone that enjoys and relates to it just as much as we do can be a great way to make a friend. Even though there are plenty of different genres that can please people, there have been certain films over the years that have been classified as girly by the masses. Though they are good in their own right, many people view these films as being primarily meant for women.

These girly movies have been able to do well for themselves since their initial release, and the way that they can please a crowd is truly impressive. Sure, these movies may be girly, but there are a lot of men out there that will gladly sit through one of these films with their girlfriend so long as they can pop on the game afterward.

Today, we are presenting some notable girly movies for people everywhere to rate. In the end, we will reveal the age of each participant!

Question 1

The House Bunny

Question 2


Question 3

A Cinderella Story

Question 4

Bridget Jones's Diary

Question 5

Bride Wars

Question 6

Dirty Dancing

Question 7

Never Been Kissed

Question 8

Legally Blonde

Question 9

She's The Man

Question 10


Question 11

The Holiday

Question 12

What Happens in Vegas

Question 13

Easy A

Question 14

About Time

Question 15

Pitch Perfect

Question 16

Little Miss Sunshine

Question 17

Beauty and the Beast

Question 18

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Question 19

The Princess Diaries

Question 20

High School Musical

Question 21

Made of Honor

Question 22

17 Again

Question 23

She's Out of My League

Question 24

Think Like a Man

Question 25

Warm Bodies

Question 26

About Last Time

Question 27

Hot to Be Single

Question 28

Home Again

Question 29

He's Just Not That into You

Question 30

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Question 31

Valentine's Day

Question 32

Silver Linings Playbook

Question 33

The Proposal

Question 34

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Question 35

The Devil Wears Prada

Question 36

Date Night

Question 37

The Heat

Question 38

The Help

Question 39

Fifty Shades of Grey

Question 40


Question 41

Hidden Figures

Question 42


Question 43


Question 44

I, Tonya

Question 45

The Big Sick

Question 46

Molly's Game

Question 47

La La Land

Question 48


Question 49

Crazy Rich Asians

Question 50


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