Rate These Female Singers And We'll Guess Your Age

Alright, truth time! The women we have listed in this quiz today are no doubt very talented. However, it would be impossible to overlook the fact that they are all totally stunning as well. Some may find it unfair that these women seem to have it all, but why not sit back and enjoy the show instead of complaining, right?

In this quiz, we will be dishing out photos of some very attractive female singers. Everyone here is free to rate each one as they please. Once everybody has picked out their favorites, and passed on their least favorites, we will take a shot at guessing everyone's age. Time to see what our taste in women truly says about us! Who's ready for this steamy quiz?

Question 1

Britney Spears

Question 2

Mandy Moore

Question 3

Lady Gaga

Question 4

Mariah Carey

Question 5

Rita Ora

Question 6


Question 7

Julianne Hough

Question 8

Jennifer Lopez

Question 9


Question 10

Jessica Simpson

Question 11


Question 12


Question 13

Selena Gomez

Question 14

Vanessa Hudgens

Question 15

Taylor Momsen

Question 16

Kylie Minogue

Question 17

Cardi B

Question 18

Meghan Trainor

Question 19

Demi Lovato

Question 20

Hilary Duff

Question 21

Taylor Swift

Question 22

Christina Aguilera

Question 23

Lindsay Lohan

Question 24

Carly Rae Jepsen

Question 25

Alicia Keys

Question 26

Ellie Goulding

Question 27

Jessie J

Question 28

Carrie Underwood

Question 29

Gwen Stefani

Question 30

Miley Cyrus

Question 31


Question 32

Ariana Grande

Question 33

Bebe Rexha

Question 34

Hailee Steinfeld

Question 35


Question 36

Nelly Furtado

Question 37


Question 38

Dua Lipa

Question 39

Camila Cabello

Question 40

Bella Thorne

Question 41


Question 42

Lana Del Rey

Question 43

Nicole Scherzinger

Question 44

Katy Perry

Question 45

Shania Twain

Question 46


Question 47

Iggy Azalea

Question 48

Lea Michele

Question 49


Question 50

Nicki Minaj

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