Rate These Female Singers And We'll Reveal What Percentage Of Women Would Reject You

The world's most famous singers have been able to reach the top because they can do things that normal people simply cannot. Try as we may in the shower or in the car each day, many of us will never hit that Whitney Houston note, and that is completely okay. The ones that can are the ones getting snatched up by record labels, and should they have enough hits, they will get to live the good life and make bank.

Naturally, we have our preferences in singers, and we have rated each of these women in our minds. Today, we want to make things a little more interesting. Your taste in singers will reveal the percentage of women that would say no!

Question 1

Rate Ariana Grande

Question 2

Rate Kylie Minogue

Question 3

Rate Mary J. Blige

Question 4

Rate Hayley Williams

Question 5

Rate Demi Lovato

Question 6

Rate Jennifer Lopez

Question 7

Rate Avril Lavigne

Question 8

Rate Lizzo

Question 9

Rate Katy Perry

Question 10

Rate Gwen Stefani

Question 11

Rate Alicia Keys

Question 12

Rate Miley Cyrus

Question 13

Rate Mandy Moore

Question 14

Rate Faith Hill

Question 15

Rate Camila Cabello

Question 16

Rate Britney Spears

Question 17

Rate Shakira

Question 18

Rate Carrie Underwood

Question 19

Rate Lana Del Rey

Question 20

Rate Meghan Trainor

Question 21

Rate Nicki Minaj

Question 22

Rate Kelly Rowland

Question 23

Rate Alanis Morissette

Question 24

Rate Julianne Hough

Question 25

Rate Dua Lipa

Question 26

Rate Jessica Simpson

Question 27

Rate Grace VanderWaal

Question 28

Rate Charli XCX

Question 29

Rate Halsey

Question 30

Rate Billie Eilish

Question 31

Rate Sia

Question 32

Rate Lily Allen

Question 33

Rate Celine Dion

Question 34

Rate Shania Twain

Question 35

Rate Kelsea Ballerini

Question 36

Rate Lauren Alaina

Question 37

Rate Kacey Musgraves

Question 38

Rate Missy Elliott

Question 39

Rate Rita Ora

Question 40

Rate Carly Rae Jepsen

Question 41

Rate Ellie Goulding

Question 42

Rate Lorde

Question 43

Rate Janet Jackson

Question 44

Rate Kelly Clarkson

Question 45

Rate Adele

Question 46

Rate Pink

Question 47

Rate Nelly Furtado

Question 48

Rate Kesha

Question 49

Rate Lady Gaga

Question 50

Rate Taylor Swift

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