Play Shameless 'Would You Rather' To Find Out Which Character You'd Be

Shameless has been one of the more interesting shows on the small screen since making its debut, and it has a unique way of bringing its audience into the fold and having them run alongside the Gallagher family each week. There was no easing into the situation when the show first began. Instead, the series opted to hit the ground running and never look back, which is partially why people have loved it so much for so long. Those of us living normal lives can't help but wonder what it would be like to be a Gallagher and live this type of life, and today, people won't have to wonder any longer.

We are giving people the chance to see which character they are by having them play a quick game of "would you rather"!

Question 1

Help Ian's Cause or Help Lip Study?

Question 2

Bail Out Ian or Leave Him Behind Bars?

Question 3

Keep Mickey Hidden or Turn Him Over?

Question 4

Invest With Fiona or Sit It Out?

Question 5

Help Mickey And Ian Escape or Leave Them Behind?

Question 6

Live With The Gallaghers or Live With Kev And Vee?

Question 7

Help Frank With A Scam or Help Kev At The Alibi?

Question 8

Party With The Gallaghers or Go Downtown?

Question 9

Live In Southside or Move On Up?

Question 10

Take Some Of Monica's Money or Take Advice From Frank?

Question 11

Help Liam Stay In Private School or Let Him Go To Public School?

Question 12

Give Frank A Job or Keep Him Away?

Question 13

Let Frank Stay At Your House or Let Carl Watch The Pets?

Question 14

Babysit For Deb or Babysit For Vee?

Question 15

Be A Mentor To Chuckie or Be A Mentor To Carl?

Question 16

Date Sammi or Date Fiona?

Question 17

Help Sheila With Her Phobia or Help Debbie With Her Boy Problems?

Question 18

Let Karen Move In or Let Mandy Move In?

Question 19

Bring Karen Back To Chicago or Leave Her Alone?

Question 20

Live With The Milkovich Family or Be Homeless?

Question 21

Help Mandy Turn Her Life Around or Leave Her Be?

Question 22

Date Sierra or Date Amanda?

Question 23

Find Fiona A Boyfriend or Keep Her Single?

Question 24

Run The Alibi or Run The Diner?

Question 25

Hit The Road With Mickey or Slum It At College With Lip?

Question 26

Have Lip's Intelligence or Frank's Cleverness?

Question 27

Trust Frank With Money or Trust Carl With Secrets?

Question 28

Have Frank's Mind or Fiona's Attitude?

Question 29

Spend A Winter With The Gallaghers or A Summer With Kevin's Biological Family?

Question 30

Marry Vee or Marry Svetlana?

Question 31

Go To Mexico With Mickey or Go Back To Chicago With Ian?

Question 32

Run A Scam With Sammi or Donate A Liver To Frank?

Question 33

Buy The Gallagher House or Buy Kevin's House?

Question 34

Let Liam Stay With Fiona or Adopt Him?

Question 35

Let Ian Stay For A Week or Keep Him Away?

Question 36

Send Carl To Military School or Keep Him In Chicago?

Question 37

Live With Mickey or Live With Jody?

Question 38

Let Fiona Adopt Her Siblings or Call CPS?

Question 39

Adopt The Gallagher Kids or Adopt Kevin's Kids?

Question 40

Marry Sheila or Marry Monica?

Question 41

Rent From Fiona or Share A Room With Frank?

Question 42

Ride The L With Lip or Steal A Car With Jimmy?

Question 43

Get Ian Counseling or Let Him Do His Thing?

Question 44

Grab A Drink At The Alibi or Stay Home?

Question 45

Give Fiona A Job or Give Ian A Job?

Question 46

Keep Jimmy's Identity Secret or Turn Him In?

Question 47

Loan Frank Some Money or Trust Frank To Babysit?

Question 48

Buy Breakfast For Everyone or Cook Dinner For Everyone?

Question 49

Get Deb A Job or Give Deb A Loan?

Question 50

Steal A Car With Lip or Help Kev Learn To Read?

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