Play Grown-Up 'Would You Rather' And We'll Reveal Your Foxy Brunette Match

Who's ready to have a little fun? We are sure most people will remember the old schoolyard game "would you rather", though we do not think anyone has ever played it quite like this before. Since most of us have left our schoolyard days behind, we figured we would take this game along with us!

In today's quiz, everyone will be faced with different "would you rather" styled questions. As mentioned, these questions are going to be of the grown-up variety. Once everybody has made all of their choices, we will be able to match everyone up with a totally foxy brunette. Seriously, what do we have to lose here? Get ready people, things are going to start heating up here in just a second!

Question 1

Have some fun on a plane or in a car?

Question 2

Be in a relationship or stay single?

Question 3

Leather or lace?

Question 4

Lie about size or tell it like it is?

Question 5

Snuggle after or fall asleep?

Question 6

Use handcuffs or a blindfold?

Question 7

A blonde or brunette?

Question 8

Date someone with kids or avoid moms?

Question 9

Whipped cream or melted chocolate?

Question 10

Meet someone online or in a bar?

Question 11

The restaurant bathroom or under the table?

Question 12

Break things off or ghost someone?

Question 13

Get tied up or do the tying?

Question 14

A Disney or Harry Potter cosplay?

Question 15

Your friend's mom or sister?

Question 16

Call an ex or meet someone new?

Question 17

Someone older or younger?

Question 18

Kiss and tell or keep it secret?

Question 19

A nerdy or preppy girl?

Question 20

Back seat action or front seat fun?

Question 21

Lights on or off?

Question 22

Breakfast in the morning or send her home?

Question 23

Have fun at the party or the after party?

Question 24

Group fun or one-on-one?

Question 25

PDA or keep it PG-13?

Question 26

Netflix and chill or drinks at a bar?

Question 27

Have fun on a beach or in a tent?

Question 28

Music on or off?

Question 29

Your boss or co-worker?

Question 30

A goth or sporty girl?

Question 31

Have fun in your childhood bedroom or parent's room?

Question 32

Before or after midnight?

Question 33

Have fun in a pool or hot tub?

Question 34

Meet at a club or grocery store?

Question 35

Dinner before or after?

Question 36

Natural redhead or dyed hair?

Question 37

Have fun in a bubble bath or shower?

Question 38

A girl with tons of makeup or no makeup at all?

Question 39

A girl in heels or sneakers?

Question 40

Take her out on her birthday or Valentine's Day?

Question 41

Have fun in public or behind closed doors?

Question 42

Meet her family or introduce her to yours?

Question 43

Use cheesy pick-up lines or make eye contact from across the room?

Question 44

Buy her flowers or pay for her cab?

Question 45

Kiss a date or a stranger for New Year's?

Question 46

A girl with tattoos or piercings?

Question 47

Pay the bill or split it?

Question 48

Take her to Paris or Las Vegas?

Question 49

Meet at a music festival or rock concert?

Question 50

Cook for her or order a pizza?

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