Play Marvel 'Would You Rather' And We'll Give You An MCU Lady

With 11 years down and no signs of slowing down soon, the MCU is the juggernaut that we all knew it could be. So far, we have had 4 phases of movies, each encompassing what has become known as The Infinity Saga. These films all had a role to play in building up one overall story, and by the time the dust settled from it all, the MCU was able to shatter almost every box office record that people care about. Needless to say, they keep raising the bar, and the fans keep showing up and giving their unwavering support.

Moving forward, fans have to wonder what the MCU has up its sleeve. They did the unthinkable the first time around, and now, they will have to go even bigger than before. One thing the MCU does better than just about any other franchise is unlocking the imagination of the audience. We don't just watch these movies, we feel them. It helps us enjoy the experience more, and it makes us think about what we would do if we were put in the same situations as the heroes.

Today, we are giving people the chance to live out some MCU scenarios, and in the end, we will give them an MCU lady!

Question 1

Have Thor or Valkyrie Lead Asgard?

Question 2

Have A Black Panther Suit Or An Ant-Man Suit?

Question 3

Use J.A.R.V.I.S. or F.R.I.D.A.Y.?

Question 4

Take On Thanos or Ultron?

Question 5

Have The Reality Stone or The Mind Stone?

Question 6

Work With Bruce Banner or Hulk?

Question 7

Work With Captain Marvel or Captain America?

Question 8

Work With Star-Lord or Iron Man?

Question 9

Fly The Milano or The Quinjet?

Question 10

Have Vision or Scarlet Witch As A Sidekick?

Question 11

Use Pym Particles or Web Slingers?

Question 12

Live On Xandar or Live On Sakaar?

Question 13

Marry Pepper Potts or Christine Palmer?

Question 14

Do Business With The Collector or The Grandmaster?

Question 15

Guard The Soul Stone or Fight Red Skull?

Question 16

Become The Next Hulk or The Next Iron Fist?

Question 17

Go On A Mission With Ant-Man or Help Shuri In The Lab?

Question 18

Fight Dark Elves or Frost Giants?

Question 19

Have Sam or Bucky Use Cap's Shield?

Question 20

Bring Back Black Widow or Loki?

Question 21

Have Drax's Strength or Rocket's Mind?

Question 22

Have Falcon's Suit or Winter Soldier's Arm?

Question 23

Make Your Identity Public or Keep It Secret?

Question 24

Have A Family or Be Alone?

Question 25

Work With The Government or Keep Them Out Of It?

Question 26

Have A Spidey Sense or Super Soldier Serum?

Question 27

Battle In A Ship or On Titan?

Question 28

Join The Accuser Corps or Starforce?

Question 29

Be Trained By Yon-Rogg or Ego?

Question 30

Have Hawkeye's Bow or War Machine's Suit?

Question 31

Be A Young Hero or An Older Hero

Question 32

Join The Guardians or Join The Avengers?

Question 33

Rule Wakanda or Be The Sorcerer Supreme?

Question 34

Take On The Chitauri or The Skrulls?

Question 35

Have Cap's Shield or Iron Man's Suit?

Question 36

Use Mjolnir or Stormbreaker?

Question 37

Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

Question 38

Have A Base In New York or San Francisco?

Question 39

Let Them Fight or Break It Up?

Question 40

Be A Ravager or A Guardian?

Question 41

Go To High School With Spider-Man or Live On Ego?

Question 42

Be The Next Black Panther or The Next Hawkeye?

Question 43

Have Iron Man's Brain or Captain America's Strength?

Question 44

Work With Adult Groot or Baby Groot?

Question 45

Be A Sorcerer Supreme or A Ravager?

Question 46

Be A Gladiator On Sakaar or Live On Asgard?

Question 47

Speak Groot or Captain The Milano?

Question 48

Use An Infinity Stone or Use The Power Cosmic?

Question 49

Sign The Sokovia Accords or Walk Away?

Question 50

Have A Best Friend or A Sidekick?

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