Pet Or Pass These Cougars And We'll Tell You What Kind Of Man You Are

Every man has their own techniques when it comes to picking up ladies, but when it comes to prowling for cougars, there are only a few men who can actually pull it off. While finding a cougar out in the real world may just be a day dream for some, in this quiz, we have made it a real possibility for everyone!

In today's quiz, we will be looking at 50 of Hollywood's fiercest cougars. All we are asking, is for everybody here to pick either "pet" or "pass" for each one. Once we have made our way through the cougar cage, we will then be able to reveal what type of man everyone is. Protective gear on people, this one may get a little dangerous!

Question 1

Naomi Watts

Question 2

Diane Kruger

Question 3

Penélope Cruz

Question 4

Angelina Jolie

Question 5

Winona Ryder

Question 6

Sandra Bullock

Question 7

Nicole Kidman

Question 8

Amy Adams

Question 9

Tina Fey

Question 10

Demi Moore

Question 11

Katherine Heigl

Question 12

Bridget Moynahan

Question 13

Terri Hatcher

Question 14

Salma Hayek

Question 15

Drew Barrymore

Question 16

Rachel McAdams

Question 17


Question 18

Courteney Cox

Question 19

Sofía Vergara

Question 20

Taraji P. Henson

Question 21

Jennifer Connelly

Question 22

Rashida Jones

Question 23

Kylie Minogue

Question 24

Isla Fisher

Question 25

Julianne Moore

Question 26

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Question 27

Jennifer Garner

Question 28

Gwen Stefani

Question 29

Sanaa Lathan

Question 30

Elizabeth Hurley

Question 31

Jennifer Aniston

Question 32

Tyra Banks

Question 33

Michelle Pfeiffer

Question 34

Eva Mendes

Question 35

Kate Hudson

Question 36

Charlize Theron

Question 37

Kristin Davis

Question 38

Gwyneth Paltrow

Question 39

Jennifer Lopez

Question 40

Katie Holmes

Question 41

January Jones

Question 42

Eva Longoria

Question 43

Leslie Mann

Question 44

Elizabeth Banks

Question 45

Cameron Diaz

Question 46

Kate Beckinsale

Question 47

Lucy Liu

Question 48

Zoe Saldana

Question 49

Evangeline Lilly

Question 50

Halle Berry

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