Pick Your Favorite Photos Of Selena Gomez And We'll Rate Your Game

When it comes to Disney stars who have managed to make it big, Selena Gomez is no doubt one of the best. Since her days on Wizards of Waverly Place, Selena has been gracing our screens with her talent. While she may have had to hang up her wand, she has since become a totally gorgeous pop icon.

Today we are going to be looking at just a few of the stunning looks Selena has brought over the years. We will show pictures of her one by one, and everyone here will get to pick out their favorites. Once that's done, we are going to go ahead and rate everyone's game. Time to find out what everybody is bringing to the table! Who's ready for this one?

Question 1

Comfiest sweater

Question 2

Basketball babe

Question 3

That dress tho

Question 4

Birthday bash

Question 5


Question 6

Puma vibes

Question 7

Runway diva

Question 8

Pool day

Question 9

Beach fun

Question 10


Question 11

Sporty chick

Question 12

So glam

Question 13


Question 14

Bohemian babe

Question 15

Dive in

Question 16

Lazy Sunday

Question 17


Question 18

Babe in black

Question 19


Question 20

Back-seat lounging

Question 21

Black and red

Question 22

Vacation vibes

Question 23

Angel in white

Question 24


Question 25

Hair for days

Question 26

Timeless beauty

Question 27

Lady in Red

Question 28


Question 29


Question 30

Summer vibes

Question 31

No way!

Question 32

Pretty in purple

Question 33

Cherry pie

Question 34

Simple elegance

Question 35

Top down

Question 36

Favorite zip-up

Question 37

Day trip

Question 38

Club girl

Question 39


Question 40

Getting ready

Question 41


Question 42

Gold hoops

Question 43

Punk chick

Question 44

Havana Nights

Question 45

Music video

Question 46

Floral on floral

Question 47

Referee realness

Question 48

Bad hair day

Question 49

Born to perform

Question 50

Funny girl

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