Pick Your Favorite Kate Upton Photos And We'll Rate Your Game

Even though everyone has their own taste in women, there are a few babes out there who tend to appeal to the masses. Some people may be into brunettes or redheads, but even they would not be able to deny the beauty that is Kate Upton. This model/actress isn't only talented, but she is all kinds of gorgeous!

Today we will be looking through some of the most stunning photos in Kate Upton's portfolio. Everyone here is going to be asked to pick out all of their favorite shots. Once all of the choices have been made, we will rate everybody's game. Is everyone ready to find out what they're bringing to the table? Let's see who can actually make it to the end of this one without getting distracted!

Question 1

Bathtime babe

Question 2

Red carpet stunner

Question 3

Curly girl

Question 4

Interview ready

Question 5

Black & white

Question 6

Beach day

Question 7

Sleek & sassy

Question 8

White Tee

Question 9


Question 10

Sail away

Question 11

Blue skies

Question 12

Pearly whites

Question 13

A touch of red

Question 14

Blonde babe

Question 15

Fifty Shades

Question 16

Ruby red

Question 17

Beach waves

Question 18

Sweet treat

Question 19

DJ Upton

Question 20


Question 21

Delicate in white

Question 22

Soft & sweet

Question 23

Bikini babe

Question 24

Casual Friday

Question 25

Pink lady

Question 26

Business chic

Question 27


Question 28


Question 29

Vacation vibes

Question 30

Babe in black

Question 31

Dark & mysterious

Question 32

Beauty & brains

Question 33

Biker chick

Question 34

Baby blues

Question 35

Nighty night

Question 36

Rocker realness

Question 37


Question 38

Perfect posture

Question 39

Beach babe

Question 40

Palm tree goddess

Question 41

Rise & shine

Question 42

Pictured in paradise

Question 43

Red lips

Question 44

Shady lady

Question 45

Smiley girl

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