Pick Your Favorite Photos Of Scarlett Johansson And We'll Rate Your Game

When it comes to the gorgeous women of Hollywood, it can get tough trying to pick just one favorite. While there are hundreds of stunning starlets for us to drool over, Scarlett Johansson really does take the cake. No matter what the role, it is always safe to assume she is going to slay. That being said, the girl has got a ton of different looks.

Today's quiz is all about honoring the Black Widow herself. We have handpicked and prepared some of her best photos, and everyone here will get the chance to vote on each one. Once everybody has decided which photos are their favorites, we will be able to rate everyone's game. Let's see who's got what it takes to land a babe like ScarJo!

Question 1

Beauty in beige

Question 2

Nightlife diva

Question 3


Question 4

Cropped cutie

Question 5

Tattooed chick

Question 6

Blonde beauty

Question 7

What a smile

Question 8

Silver dream

Question 9

Flawless beauty

Question 10

So glam

Question 11

Mellow yellow

Question 12

Fifty Shades

Question 13

Radiant redhead

Question 14

Bedtime babe

Question 15

Lounging around

Question 16

Forever fierce

Question 17

Running on sunshine

Question 18

Natural blonde

Question 19

Business babe

Question 20

Messy hair, don't care

Question 21

Lady in red

Question 22

City lights

Question 23

Just hangin'

Question 24

Over the shoulder

Question 25

Pretty in pink

Question 26

Rough night

Question 27

Black Widow

Question 28

Hanging poolside

Question 29

Angel in white

Question 30

Hot & cold

Question 31

Lovely in lace

Question 32


Question 33

Just woke up like this

Question 34

Pixie chick

Question 35


Question 36

Easy elegance

Question 37

Marilyn Monroe

Question 38

Fun in the sun

Question 39

Beach babe

Question 40

Porcelain doll

Question 41

Flower power

Question 42

Slaying in stripes

Question 43

Blue velvet

Question 44

Red carpet realness

Question 45

Green with envy

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