Pick The Better Actor And We'll Guess Your Favorite Movie

Acting is a huge skill that not everyone can possess! Those who make it as actors and actresses are very talented for being able to pull off such a feat. Acting requires the ability to memorize long scripts and pages of dialogue. It also requires the ability to bear one's soul and become totally vulnerable in front of a camera... and in front of a room full of people. Acting truly takes a whole lot of confidence and self-assurance from an individual!

Picking between actors based on talent is something a lot of us do while watching movies or TV shows. It is easy to compare and contrast the differences between actors and actresses who share the same name, same typical genre, age range, hair color, and more. Pick now between all of these super amazing and talented actors and actresses so we can try to guess everyone's favorite movie!

Question 1

Pick a Robert!

Question 2

Pick an older blonde actress!

Question 3

Pick a Jennifer!

Question 4

Pick a Megan/Meagan!

Question 5

Pick a Tom!

Question 6

Pick a Fresh Prince star!

Question 7

Pick a Steve!

Question 8

Pick a comedian!

Question 9

Pick a Chris!

Question 10

Pick a younger blonde actress!

Question 11

Pick a Grey's Anatomy doctor!

Question 12

Pick a Ryan!

Question 13

Pick a star from The Office!

Question 14

Pick an Emma!

Question 15

Pick a TVD vampire!

Question 16

Pick an Anna!

Question 17

Pick an all-grown-up child star!

Question 18

Pick an X-Man!

Question 19

Pick an Avenger!

Question 20

Pick a redhead!

Question 21

Pick an actor that can also sing!

Question 22

Pick a Batman!

Question 23

Pick a Chris!

Question 24

Pick a High School Musical starlet!

Question 25

Pick a female Avenger!

Question 26

Pick an OITNB inmate!

Question 27

Pick a funny guy!

Question 28

Pick a Game of Thrones player!

Question 29

Pick a Spider-Man!

Question 30

Pick a drama actor!

Question 31

Pick a Star Wars actor!

Question 32

Pick a Jessica!

Question 33

Pick a Disney Channel star!

Question 34

Pick a retired actor!

Question 35

Pick an action actor!

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