Pick The Better Action Movie And We'll Reveal Your Dream Girl

While some people may enjoy watching comedies, and others romance, we all know that the action genre is really the only one worth our time. Let the others have their obvious jokes and cheesy storylines, because this quiz is all about the action. Anyone who prefers their films with car chases, epic battles, and over-the-top explosions, should definitely be taking this quiz today!

In this quiz, we will be asking everyone to pick out their all time favorite action films. There are no wrong answers in this one, but everybody should be answering each question very carefully. Once the questions have all been answered, we will be able to reveal everyone's dream girl. It's time to get the adrenaline pumping. Who's ready for this action-packed quiz?

Question 1

Black Panther or Doctor Strange?

Question 2

Taken or John Wick?

Question 3

What's the better Mark Wahlberg movie?

Question 4

Mad Max: Fury Road or Mortal Engines?

Question 5

Spider-Man: Homecoming or Thor: Ragnarok?

Question 6

What's the better car movie?

Question 7

Fury or Inglourious Basterds?

Question 8

Logan or Venom?

Question 9

What's the better film series?

Question 10

Kingsman: The Secret Service or Spectre?

Question 11

Dunkirk or Saving Private Ryan?

Question 12

What's the better Denzel Washington movie?

Question 13

Bumblebee or Transformers?

Question 14

The Nice Guys or Cop Out?

Question 15

The Hitman's Bodyguard or Atomic Blonde?

Question 16

Gladiator or 300?

Question 17

Limitless or Inception?

Question 18

What's the better war movie?

Question 19

Shutter Island or Gone Girl?

Question 20

Edge of Tomorrow or War of the Worlds?

Question 21

What's the better fighting movie?

Question 22

Outlaw King or Braveheart?

Question 23

30 Minutes or Less or Pineapple Express?

Question 24

What's the better Ben Affleck movie?

Question 25

The Departed or Gangs of New York?

Question 26

The A-Team or The Expendables?

Question 27

This Is the End or 21 Jump Street?

Question 28

What's the better Marvel movie?

Question 29

Ex Machina or Transcendence?

Question 30

Looper or Inception?

Question 31

What's the better Dwayne Johnson movie?

Question 32

Rise of the Planet of the Apes or Jurassic World?

Question 33

Van Helsing or Underworld?

Question 34

The Matrix or The Terminator?

Question 35

What's the better Bruce Willis movie?

Question 36

Drive or Baby Driver?

Question 37

Mortal Engines or Avatar?

Question 38

What's the better Jason Statham movie?

Question 39

Salt or Red Sparrow?

Question 40

Shazam! or Aquaman?

Question 41

What's the better DC movie?

Question 42

The Revenant or Django Unchained?

Question 43

What's the better Sylvester Stallone movie?

Question 44

Troy or Kingdom of Heaven?

Question 45

The Magnificent Seven or The Hateful Eight?

Question 46

What's the better Zombie movie?

Question 47

Overlord or Cloverfield?

Question 48

Deepwater Horizon or The Finest Hours?

Question 49

What's the better Will Smith movie?

Question 50

The Commuter or The Girl on the Train?

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