Choose The Stronger Pokemon And We'll Tell You If You're A Good Trainer

There is a lot more to being a Pokemon trainer than just wanting to be one. While the job would certainly be a dream, a trainer must be 100% committed to their cause if they are going to have any hope in making it to the big leagues. Today we will be figuring out who has what it takes, and who should stick to games like Pokemon Go!.

Anyone who wishes to prove their Pokemon training knowledge, should definitely take this quiz. We have lined up various Pokemon battles, and all everyone here has to do is pick the stronger opponent in each one. Once everybody has made their choices, we will know once and for all who's got what it takes to catch em' all. Time to pull out the Pokedex!

Question 1

Drowzee or Hypno?

Question 2

Seaking or Wartortle?

Question 3

Golem or Hitmonchan?

Question 4

Zapdos or Articuno?

Question 5

Chansey or Tangela?

Question 6

Poliwag or Slowpoke?

Question 7

Mr. Mime or Lickitung?

Question 8

Golduck or Farfetch'd?

Question 9

Seel or Shellder?

Question 10

Gyarados or Charizard?

Question 11

Ponyta or Growlithe?

Question 12

Charmander or Pikachu?

Question 13

Sandslash or Mankey?

Question 14

Poliwhirl or Dratini?

Question 15

Electabuzz or Magmar?

Question 16

Grimer or Koffing?

Question 17

Staryu or Dewgong?

Question 18

Ekans or Golbat?

Question 19

Dragonite or Kabutops?

Question 20

Jigglypuff or Machop?

Question 21

Weepinbell or Vileplume?

Question 22

Meowth or Marowak?

Question 23

Kabuto or Parasect?

Question 24

Arbok or Arcanine?

Question 25

Weedle or Paras?

Question 26

Electrode or Charmeleon?

Question 27

Wigglytuff or Gloom?

Question 28

Raichu or Aerodactyl?

Question 29

Magneton or Pikachu?

Question 30

Abra or Exeggutor?

Question 31

Machamp or Tauros?

Question 32

Venusaur or Kangaskhan?

Question 33

Primeape or Sandslash?

Question 34

Porygon or Nidorina?

Question 35

Cubone or Ekans?

Question 36

Venonat or Vulpix?

Question 37

Rapidash or Magmar?

Question 38

Horsea or Slowpoke?

Question 39

Dugtrio or Oddish?

Question 40

Persian or Arcanine?

Question 41

Tentacruel or Charmeleon?

Question 42

Vaporeon or Ponyta?

Question 43

Hitmonchan or Kabutops?

Question 44

Primeape or Marowak?

Question 45

Starmie or Cloyster?

Question 46

Squirtle or Bulbasaur?

Question 47

Beedrill or Pinsir?

Question 48

Flareon or Rhydon?

Question 49

Metapod or Magikarp?

Question 50

Mew or Mewtwo?

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