Date Or Dump These Famous Men And We'll Guess How Old You Are

Who's ready to break some hearts? While dating can get a bit dicey out in the real world, today we have come up with a way for everyone to get their dating fix, without any of the awkwardness. That being said, dating wouldn't be dating if we didn't have to do some dumping along the way.

Today's quiz is going to be an easy one! We are going to present photos of some truly delectable famous men, and everyone here just has to pick some to date and some to dump. Since we all have our own taste, there really are no wrong answers. Once everyone has made their choices, we will take a shot at guessing everybody's age. It's raining men ladies, so get ready!

Question 1

Theo James

Question 2

Rami Malek

Question 3

Sebastian Stan

Question 4

Chris Pratt

Question 5

Charlie Hunnam

Question 6

Aiden Turner

Question 7

Robert Pattinson

Question 8

Zayn Malik

Question 9

Adam Levine

Question 10

Zac Efron

Question 11

Jensen Ackles

Question 12

Andrew Garfield

Question 13

Jamie Dornan

Question 14

Alexander Skarsgård

Question 15

Joe Manganiello

Question 16

Kit Harington

Question 17

Michael Ealy

Question 18

Michael Fassbender

Question 19

Scott Eastwood

Question 20

Luke Evans

Question 21

Justin Timberlake

Question 22

Joe Jonas

Question 23

Jesse Williams

Question 24

David Beckham

Question 25

Jeremy Renner

Question 26

Richard Madden

Question 27

Liam Hemsworth

Question 28

Patrick Dempsey

Question 29

Charlie Puth

Question 30

Jamie Foxx

Question 31

Matthew McConaughey

Question 32

Chris Pine

Question 33


Question 34

James McAvoy

Question 35

John Legend

Question 36

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Question 37

Chad Michael Murray

Question 38

Rob Lowe

Question 39

Justin Bieber

Question 40

Post Malone

Question 41

Adam Driver

Question 42

Josh Hutcherson

Question 43

Jared Padalecki

Question 44

Adrian Grenier

Question 45

Jason Derulo

Question 46

Niall Horan

Question 47

Matt Damon

Question 48


Question 49

Ed Westwick

Question 50

Johnny Depp

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