If You Pass This Pregnancy Test, You're Definitely Ready To Have Kids

Having kids is such an exciting adventure for a woman to experience. She is able to watch her own belly grow while her child gets bigger and bigger inside of her! When the time comes for her to give birth, she is suddenly in charge of sculpting, molding, and shaping human life. How amazing is that? Women who decide to go through this process are exceptionally strong and wonderful for being able to handle everything that comes along with being pregnant. Pregnancy is a great thing but we all know that it sure is not a walk in the park for everyone. Things can get complicated and emotions can run high!

Most new moms will say that everything they felt and dealt with during their pregnancy was worth it after being able to hold their baby in their arms for the first time. Let's see who is ready to start having kids!

Question 1

What is a surrogate mother?

Question 2

Where does the embryo grow?

Question 3

How many babies make up triplets?

Question 4

How long is the average pregnancy?

Question 5

What is usually the first sign of pregnancy?

Question 6

How soon can one tell the baby's gender?

Question 7

How many centimeters dilated must the cervix be to give birth?

Question 8

What is the most common and proper way to feed an infant that isn’t nursed?

Question 9

What is the surgical delivery of a baby called?

Question 10

What is crowning?

Question 11

What is the name of the organ that the baby will grow and develop in?

Question 12

What is the term for dark patches of skin that most babies are born with?

Question 13

Twins are born but they are not identical. They are?

Question 14

What party do hosts throw in honor of the pregnant mommy and her new baby?

Question 15

If one is having quadruplets, how many babies can one expect?

Question 16

What is it called when you wrap your new baby up like a burrito?

Question 17

What pathway is used to make sure all of the nutrients from the placenta make it from mom to the baby?

Question 18

What is it called when the egg releases from the ovary?

Question 19

What is another name for diapers?

Question 20

What is the name of the organ that is grown in the uterus and provides nourishment to the growing fetus?

Question 21

What is one important thing parents must do after feeding their little bundle of joy?

Question 22

Is your unborn baby able to hear noises from outside?

Question 23

How many babies make up quintuplets?

Question 24

What is an ectopic pregnancy?

Question 25

What is the linea nigra?

Question 26

What is the meconium?

Question 27

What are women supposed to do if they begin to lose their mucus plug before labor is near?

Question 28

What habit can cause a smaller than normal baby?

Question 29

What is the fluid which surrounds the baby called?

Question 30

How many weeks long is a full-term pregnancy?

Question 31

When does morning sickness occur?

Question 32

How many hours a day will typical newborns sleep?

Question 33

What can happen to a baby’s hair when they are a few weeks old?

Question 34

Whose genes determine the gender of the baby?

Question 35

What protein do the infant's lungs secrete to start labor?

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