64% Of People Can't Match These Characters To Their Sitcom. Wanna Try?

Calling all TV addicts! While some people may see television as a waste of time, we know that there are others who think the exact opposite. For some people, nothing quite beats staying in and catching up on all the amazing shows TV has to offer. Today we will be taking the time to look at some of the most hilarious sitcoms to ever make it to the small screen.

This quiz is for the real couch potatoes out there. We will be listing characters from different sitcoms (old and new), and everyone here will be asked to match them all to the correct series. Doesn't sound too hard, right? Our guess is that nobody manages more than 50%, anyone think they can prove us wrong?

Question 1

Sheldon Cooper

Question 2

Mr. Burns

Question 3

Jackie Burkhart

Question 4

Dwight Schrute

Question 5

Tim Taylor

Question 6

Ross Geller

Question 7

Caroline Channing

Question 8

Winston Schmidt

Question 9

Phil Dunphy

Question 10

Carlton Banks

Question 11

Rose Nylund

Question 12

Ted Mosby

Question 13

Eleanor Shellstrop

Question 14

Robert Barone

Question 15

Peter Griffin

Question 16

Ari Gold

Question 17

Linda Belcher

Question 18


Question 19

Jeff Winger

Question 20

Danny Castellano

Question 21

Jesse Katsopolis

Question 22

George Costanza

Question 23

Leslie Knope

Question 24

Rosa Diaz

Question 25

Penelope Alvarez

Question 26

Larry David

Question 27

Steve Urkel

Question 28

Sally Solomon

Question 29

Beverly Goldberg

Question 30

Frankie Heck

Question 31

Anders Holm

Question 32


Question 33

Dee Reynolds

Question 34

Liz Lemon

Question 35

Lindsay Bluth Fünke

Question 36

Rainbow Johnson

Question 37

Titus Andromedon

Question 38

Doug Heffernan

Question 39

Hal Wilkerson

Question 40

Ilana Wexler

Question 41

Dev Shah

Question 42

Jack McFarland

Question 43

Norm Peterson

Question 44

Louis Huang

Question 45

Cheryl Mabel

Question 46

Liza Miller

Question 47

Daphne Moon

Question 48

Amy Dubanowski

Question 49

Sean Finnerty

Question 50

Arthur Fonzarelli

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