Try To Match These Characters To Their Vampire Movie Or TV Show!

Okay, so must of us can admit that a few years back we may have gotten a little carried away with all the vampire trends that were going on. However, in our defense, the shows, books, and films that were coming out, were totally top notch. Since most of these fandoms have started to calm down a tad, we figured now would be the perfect time to test out everybody's memory of them!

In today's quiz, we will be looking at characters from all the best vampire stories. We are talking Buffy, The Vampire Diaries, Twilight, and even a few others. All we are asking, is for everyone to match each of the characters to the correct film or television series. So, if anyone here thinks they know what's what when it comes to vampire fandoms, this quiz is a must-take!

Question 1

Stefan Salvatore

Question 2

Jessica Stanley

Question 3


Question 4

Lizzie Saltzman

Question 5


Question 6

Sookie Stackhouse

Question 7

Edward Cullen

Question 8


Question 9

Cordelia Chase

Question 10

Damon Salvatore

Question 11

Bella Swan

Question 12

Tara Maclay

Question 13

Jacob Black

Question 14


Question 15

Katherine Pierce

Question 16

Niklaus Mikaelson

Question 17

Anya Jenkins

Question 18

Eric Northman

Question 19

Elena Gilbert

Question 20

Lorenzo St. John

Question 21

Jasper Hale

Question 22

Marcel Gerard

Question 23

Rupert Giles

Question 24

Jeremy Gilbert

Question 25

Harmony Kendall

Question 26

Winifred Burkle

Question 27

Billy Black

Question 28

Caroline Forbes

Question 29

Sam Uley

Question 30

Alexander Harris

Question 31

Bonnie Bennett

Question 32

Lafayette Reynolds

Question 33

Camille O'Connell

Question 34

Willow Rosenberg

Question 35

Alaric Saltzman

Question 36

Renée Dwyer

Question 37

Faith Lehane

Question 38


Question 39


Question 40

Jessica Hamby

Question 41

Anna Valerious

Question 42

Josie Saltzman

Question 43

Buffy Summers

Question 44

Rebekah Mikaelson

Question 45

Van Helsing

Question 46

Allen Francis Doyle

Question 47

Dawn Summers

Question 48

Davina Claire

Question 49

Rosalie Hale

Question 50

Hayley Marshall

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