Marry Or Divorce These Famous Men And We'll Guess Your Age

Can we accurately guess everyone's age based on their taste in famous men? Play a game of "Marry or Divorce" with these amazingly handsome guys and we will find out! Some of these men might appeal to the rest of the world more than others!

One of the handsome guys mentioned here is Zayn Malik. He was once part of the boy band One Direction and he also was in a serious relationship with a lovely model named Gigi Hadid. Sadly, their relationship did not work out but that might be good news for the rest of us to have him back on the market for dating! Chace Crawford is another handsome guy mentioned here! He is easy to recognize from his time starring on the hit TV show Gossip Girl with Penn Badgley and Ed Westwick. Marry or divorce these guys as well as plenty more and we will guess your age!

Question 1

Michael B. Jordan?

Question 2

Brad Pitt?

Question 3

Chris Pine?

Question 4

Zac Efron?

Question 5

Dwayne Johnson?

Question 6

Jude Law?

Question 7

Jake Gyllenhaal?

Question 8

Donald Glover?

Question 9

Mark Wahlberg?

Question 10

Chace Crawford?

Question 11

Chadwick Boseman?

Question 12

Noah Centineo?

Question 13

Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

Question 14

Ed Westwick?

Question 15

Robert Pattinson?

Question 16

Will Smith?

Question 17

Kit Harington?

Question 18

Ryan Gosling?

Question 19

Bradley Cooper?

Question 20

Chris Hemsworth?

Question 21

Daniel Craig?

Question 22

Chris Pratt?

Question 23

Michael Ealy?

Question 24

Ben Affleck?

Question 25

Tom Welling?

Question 26

Colin Firth?

Question 27

Justin Timberlake?

Question 28

Zayn Malik?

Question 29

Matthew Goode?

Question 30

Penn Badgley?

Question 31

Ashton Kutcher?

Question 32

James McAvoy?

Question 33

Johnny Depp?

Question 34

Chris Evans?

Question 35

George Clooney?

Question 36

Morris Chestnut?

Question 37


Question 38

Ryan Reynolds?

Question 39

Seth Rogen?

Question 40

Harry Styles?

Question 41

Leonardo DiCaprio?

Question 42

Anthony Mackie?

Question 43

Adam Levine?

Question 44

Matt Damon?

Question 45

Justin Bieber?

Question 46

Dan Stevens?

Question 47

Hugh Grant?

Question 48

Michael Cera?

Question 49

Denzel Washington?

Question 50

Taylor Lautner?

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