Take Our Quick Parenting Test And Find Out How Many Kids Are In Your Future

Becoming a parent is very exciting! It is a whole new journey that adults can embark on once they feel like they are ready for it. When it comes to parenting, we must decide what TV shows and movies are best for our kids to watch when they get bored. We must also decide which snacks are healthy enough for our kids to enjoy whenever they get hungry.

Knowing the details about what it takes to raise a baby is not the easiest thing ever, but we know that these details are worth learning about! Some parents learn what to do by watching tutorials online while others choose to read books that give them clear instructions and guidance. Some parents follow what their own parents did when they were young or they choose to get advice from other parents who they may know in their lives. Time to find out how many kids are in everyone's future!

Question 1

Is it considered better to breastfeed or bottle feed?

Question 2

At what age are children taken out of car seats?

Question 3

Name this kids TV show!

Question 4

When can a baby start eating solid foods?

Question 5

How should a newborn sleep?

Question 6

Name this kids show!

Question 7

What is this called?

Question 8

What happens if a child is not wiped properly?

Question 9

When kids fight, what is the best way to solve it?

Question 10

Name this kids movie!

Question 11

Where is the best place to put a carseat for a newborn?

Question 12

Before a baby can talk, what should we do when they misbehave?

Question 13

Rate this kids snack: Goldfish Crackers.

Question 14

Name this kids movie!

Question 15

What is this for?

Question 16

When is a temperature (F) considered a fever?

Question 17

Name this kids movie!

Question 18

At what age do kids start potty training?

Question 19

How many hours of sleep should grade school kids get?

Question 20

Which of these is a sign of a learning disability?

Question 21

Name this kids movie!

Question 22

When can babies get allergies?

Question 23

Are vaccines important?

Question 24

How important is childproofing?

Question 25

Is it important to have a safety alarm on the home?

Question 26

Rate this kids snack: Pretzels.

Question 27

When should a baby stop using a pacifier?

Question 28

Name this kids movie!

Question 29

Most babies get their first tooth when they are how old?

Question 30

What is store-bought baby milk called?

Question 31

When we remove milk from the breast to feed our baby later, it is called ...?

Question 32

Name this kids movie!

Question 33

Is a television in the kid's bedroom smart?

Question 34

What does 'latching on' mean?

Question 35

How old are most babies when they take their first steps?

Question 36

Name this kids movie!

Question 37

Singing lullabies or reading bedtime stories?

Question 38

The kids are throwing a tantrum in the grocery store. What is the move?

Question 39

Name this kids movie!

Question 40

Is it smart to take the kids on a vacation?

Question 41

The kids need help with their homework. What is the move?

Question 42

Pick an after school activity for kids!

Question 43

Name this kids show!

Question 44

Rate this kids snack: Popcorn.

Question 45

Pick an after school activity for kids!

Question 46

Pick a pet for the kids!

Question 47

Rate this kids snack: Cheetos.

Question 48

At what age should a kid get their first cell phone?

Question 49

Name this kids movie!

Question 50

Is a weekly allowance for the kids smart?

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