Only A Total Beta Will Fail This Manly Quiz

We all want to be alpha men, but only a select few will ever get to wear that coveted crown of masculinity and lead their very own wolf pack. Alpha men are strong, confident and they always know what to do in any situation. History's greatest leaders were alpha men; from Alexander the Great to Winston Churchill, leading with a combination of intelligence and sharp intuition. Let's see if you deserve to take part in their ranks and claim your place as a true alpha!

If you're an alpha, chances are that you already know it. Alphas don't have to show how powerful they are because everyone already knows. Unfortunately, that strong alpha pride could actually be beta cluelessness in disguise! Betas love to pump themselves up to look better than they are, so beware! Beta puffery is a real thing. You could be fooling yourself. But... you can't fool us.

So let's get started. This quiz is designed to sort out the winners from the losers and separate the alphas from the mere mortals. Find out if you're a true alpha, a stone-cold weirdo, a regular guy, or the dreaded beta! Are you feeling courageous? All will be revealed!

Question 1

In a group of people where do you fit in?

When you're with your friends, where do you fit in? Do they look to you for advice? Do you like the spotlight or do you prefer to play on the sidelines? What role do you play in your group of friends?

Question 2

How do you get a girl to notice you?

What are your tried and true techniques to snag the girl of your dreams? Are you a smooth Cassanova or a scary creepster? What is your go-to move to get the girl of your dreams that you've been eyeing?

Question 3

Fill in the blank: In school you were usually picked _____ for teams

Play ball! When it's time to put together an all-star team, are you scooped up first or left on the sidelines? Does everyone know that you're a serious MVP or are you always waiting around to be picked with that weird kid that smells like ham?

Question 4

Do you prefer to work alone or with a group?

Do you do your best work solo, or love the energy that teamwork brings to a project? When it comes to getting things done, do other people just clog up the process, or do you love bouncing ideas off your friends?

Question 5

What is the best way to ask a girl out?

There's a girl who you've been dying to get to know. She's got it all; brains, beauty and a wicked sense of humor. What's the best way to ask her out without getting the dreaded rejection?

Question 6

How much effort do you put into your appearance?

What's your style? Whether you roll out of bed and into your clothes or take the time to primp and look your best says volumes about your alpha status. Do the clothes really make the man, or do true alphas just not care?

Question 7

What’s your opinion of fighting on social media?

Some jerk you haven't spoken with since grade school is dying for a social media throwdown. Is it more manly to beat him to a pulp in a comment war, or walk away because you've got better things to do?

Question 8

When something bad happens, you…..

Bad things happen and we can't control that. We can only control our actions, and those speak volumes when we're in a crisis. What do you do when the crap hits the fan? Are you a stoic or a spazz?

Question 9

Do you ever have trouble getting girls?

Be honest now. Do you have trouble getting your flirt on with girls? Are they responsive to your advances or they cringe and politely brush you off? What's your track record with the fairer sex when it comes to romance?

Question 10

When something good happens to you the first thing you do is….

Something awesome has just happened and you're walking on clouds! You feel like you've just won the Superbowl, crushed your foes in the Coliseum and got with Beyonce-- all at the same time! How do you react? Do you shout it from the rooftops or keep quiet?

Question 11

Fill in the blank: girls love _________

What's one thing that women can't resist? Is there a kryptonite that makes them weak in the knees and just begging to spend time with you? Tell us what all girls love from the choices below and we'll tell you if you're a true alpha!

Question 12

Do you ever suck up to people to make them like you?

Do you believe in treating the janitor and CEO the same, or does the CEO maybe get a little more butt-kissing from you? If you believe in buttering up your betters, let us know below. Is it smart strategy or weakness?

Question 13

If you see someone being bullied, what do you do?

You turn a corner and see that the undisputed highschool king and his crew have set their sights on the weird kid again. Do you jump in and help out your fellow man, or do you leave him to fend for himself?

Question 14

What do you do in your spare time?

You finally have a few hours to yourself to do whatever you want! How do you pass the time? Is it time to get in a quick run, or make some well-worn butt grooves in the sofa and play Halo?

Question 15

How do you pursue a girl you really like?

What is the best way to let a girl know you're totally into her without coming across like a stalker? Do girls love the chase, or is it best to play it cool and let her come to you? What do you think?

Question 16

Why is that girl calling you?

A girl is hitting you up by text. What's the most likely reason she wants to talk to you so badly? Does she need a shoulder to cry on, notes from class or is she maybe looking for a booty call?

Question 17

Fill in the blank: When there’s a party you’re the one _______

Party on! You're at the best bash of the year. What's your role? Are you a wallflower, watching life go by, or are you the center of attention? Tell us how you get your party on and we'll tell you if you're an alpha!

Question 18

You get a random insult from a weird number. What is your first thought?

Your phone dings and it's a random insult from a number you don't recognize. What's the first thing you think? Do you immediately jump to the conclusion that your friends are screwing with you, or is it just a mistake?

Question 19

Someone spreads a vicious rumor about one of your friends. What do you do?

You hear a nasty rumor about one of your boys and you're just not sure whether or not you should believe it. How do you deal with the gossip? Is it better to confront him directly or dish dirt on the side?

Question 20

You have a crush on your best friends girlfriend. What do you do?

You hear a terrible rumor about one of your best friends and you don't know whether to believe it or not. You don't think he'd do something like that, but you just never know, right? How do you react?

Question 21

Fill in the blank: Girls will always be ______

What's the one universal truth about girls that applies across the board? Mountains can move, the oceans can rise, our alien overlords can overrun our cities with their laser rays and mind-melting technology and girls will always be....

Question 22

What would you prefer to study?

When you were choosing your career path, what did you pick? Did you go towards law or economics, or did the creative arts speak to you louder? Your college major says a lot about your alpha status and decision making skills!

Question 23

What do you think about the great outdoors?

Do you love the feeling of fresh air in your lungs, or are you more of an indoor guy? If the call of nature is one you can't ignore, let us know below and we'll let you know if you're a certified alpha!

Question 24

Someone starts a fight at a bar. What do you do?

There's a throwdown at the pub and guys are starting to puff out their chests and hurl insults. It's clearly about to get violent. How do you react? Are bar fights the ultimate alpha activity or strictly beta-level?

Question 25

You and your friends get busted doing something illegal. What do you do?

By the time you see the red and blue flashers, it's too late. You're totally busted and it looks like you and your friends are going down. When the law breaks up your party and catches you doing something illegal, how do you react?

Question 26

What is your Saturday morning schedule?

It's a lazy Saturday and you have the whole morning all to yourself. What are you most likely filling your morning with? Are you reliving your childhood with some old-school cartoons, catching up on your sleep, or downloading the latest Tim Ferriss podcasts?

Question 27

If a girl ghosts you on Tinder, what do you do?

It happens to the best of us. You got ghosted bro, and it totally sucks. When a girl goes radio silent on you, what's your response? Will you not rest until you find out why, or do you just write it off as a loss?

Question 28

You do something stupid and everyone is laughing about it. How do you react?

You screwed up big time and everyone knows about it. You haven't felt this ashamed since you peed your pants in the second grade. Do you hold your head high and laugh along with them, or viciously lash out?

Question 29

How much time do you spend on Reddit?

In your downtime, do you find yourself sucked into the Reddit rabbit hole, or do you prefer to interact with people in the real world? Your internet habits hold the key to whether you're a proud alpha or a pitiful beta.

Question 30

Where do you take a girl on the first date?

She said yes! Now it's up to you to make your first date something that she won't forget. What's your go-to spot to win her over? Is it better to go with the tried and true, or show your originality?

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