Only A Muggle Would Score Less Than 50% On This Harry Potter Quiz

Alright Potterheads, time to see who's actually got magic running through their veins! Even though these days we are waiting for new installments of an entirely different Wizarding series, that does not mean we have forgotten about the story that started it all in the first place. Without these original Harry Potter movies, the world would simply be a less magical place.

Today's quiz is all about proving our magical skill. While we won't actually be asking anyone to perform spells, we will be asking all kinds of Harry Potter themed questions. Only a true fan will be able to come out of this one with a passing grade. Anyone who scores less than 50%, is either a muggle or a squibb. Let's see who's who!

Question 1

What is Voldemort's real first name?

Question 2

What does the spell "Wingardium Leviosa" do?

Question 3

Who was Harry's first kiss?

Question 4

Name this character

Question 5

What does the spell "Alohomora" do?

Question 6

What did Hagrid name his pet dragon?

Question 7

What is the name of Voldemort's snake?

Question 8

Name this character

Question 9

What is Dumbledore's first name?

Question 10

What kind of monster was inside the Chamber of Secrets?

Question 11

What class does Professor McGonagall teach?

Question 12

What kind of animal did Hermione accidently turn into?

Question 13

What does the potion "Felix Felicis" do?

Question 14

Name this character

Question 15

What is the name of Dumbledore's phoenix?

Question 16

Who bewitched the bludger?

Question 17

Name this character

Question 18

What kind of magical creatures run Gringotts Wizarding Bank ?

Question 19

What did Harry use to help him through the second Triwizard challenge?

Question 20

Name this character

Question 21

What was Harry's original wand made of?

Question 22

Who took Hermione to the Yule Ball?

Question 23

What class does Professor Slughorn teach?

Question 24

Name this character

Question 25

What does the potion "Veritaserum" do?

Question 26

What is Professor Slughorn's favorite treat?

Question 27

How many Weasley siblings are there?

Question 28

Which of these is NOT a breed of dragon?

Question 29

What Quidditch position does Ron play?

Question 30

Name this characer

Question 31

What class does Professor Flitwick teach?

Question 32

Name this character

Question 33

What house does Lavender Brown belong to?

Question 34

Name this character

Question 35

What house did Cedric Diggory belong to?

Question 36

What does the spell "Lumos" do?

Question 37

Who was Ron's first kiss?

Question 38

What kind of dragon did Harry face in the Triwizard Tournament?

Question 39

Name this character

Question 40

What house does Luna Lovegood belong to?

Question 41

What Quidditch position does Cho Chang play?

Question 42

What did Dumbledore hide inside of the snitch?

Question 43

Which Ministry department does Arthur Weasley work for?

Question 44

Which Weasley brother lost an ear?

Question 45

Who did NOT survive the Battle of Hogwarts?

Question 46

What did Dumbledore leave for Ron in his will?

Question 47

Who won the Quidditch world cup?

Question 48

What was the name of Dumbledore's sister?

Question 49

What is the name of the candy shop in Hogsmeade?

Question 50

What Quidditch position does Malfoy play?

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