Your Perfect Celeb Wifey Is Waiting For You After These 35 Greasy Foods

From mac-n-cheese-filled burgers that are the size of your head to a deep-fried Mars Bar pancake, it's safe to say that you'll need to loosen up that belt for this one. When all is said and done, we'll have witnessed some of mankind's greatest (or most unfortunate, depending on who you ask) creations.

What's better than calorie-loaded greasy snacks? Well, a gorgeous Hollywood sweetheart to eat them with, of course! Believe it or not (we're going to choose to believe it), our preferences in comfort foods can actually say a fair bit about our personality.

So, grab your knife and fork, make sure to wear clothes you don't mind getting pizza sauce on, and let's get stuck into this coma-inducing, celeb-matchmaking quiz!

Question 1

This classic McDonald's Big Mac

Question 2

This mountain of a burger

Question 3

This pepperoni pizza

Question 4

This plate of nachos

Question 5

These mozzarella sticks

Question 6

This sauce-loaded corn dog

Question 7

This plate of fried chicken

Question 8

This greasy, cheesy burger

Question 9

This all-dressed pizza

Question 10

These onion rings

Question 11

This deep-fried Oreo

Question 12

These McDonald's fries

Question 13

This plate of KFC chicken and waffles

Question 14

This mac n cheese burger

Question 15

This novelty-sized sandwhich

Question 16

This plate of sweet potato fries

Question 17

This Mcdonald's cheeseburger

Question 18

These mouth-watering donuts

Question 19

This Thanksgiving turkey

Question 20

This loaded burrito

Question 21

These tater tots

Question 22

These hash browns

Question 23

This tray of bacon

Question 24

This gravy-drenched poutine

Question 25

This bowl of mac n cheese

Question 26

These fried pierogies

Question 27

This entire BBQ setup

Question 28

This blackberry and brie grilled cheese

Question 29

This massive New York pizza slice

Question 30

These bacon, egg and cheese roll-ups

Question 31

This Panda Express box

Question 32

This cheesy, beefy sandwich

Question 33

These fried dumplings

Question 34

This deep-fried ball of ice cream

Question 35

This deep-fried Mars Bar pancake

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