Pick Your Favorite Hollywood Men And We'll Guess What Your BF Looks Like

Robert Downey Jr. is one of the handsome Hollywood mentioned on this quiz and despite his age, he is still able to keep up with the younger generation of handsome guys we see in all the best movies and TV shows! Robert Downey Jr. starred in Avengers: Endgame most recently in 2019 but before that he also starred in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and The Pick-up Artist!

Blake Shelton is another handsome man mentioned here, although he is not famous for movies! He is famous for creating some amazing music! Over the years, he has earned some great awards for himself! For example, he won the Country Music Association Award for Entertainer of the Year, Billboard Music Award for Top Country Artist, and the Academy of Country Music Award for Song of the Year! Pick or pass on Robert Downey Jr., Blake Shelton, and many other handsome Hollywood men!

Question 1

Michael Buble?

Question 2

Brody Jenner?

Question 3

Chris Evans?

Question 4

Ed Sheeran?

Question 5

Johnny Depp?

Question 6

Bruno Mars?

Question 7

Zayn Malik?

Question 8

Taylor Lautner?

Question 9

Blake Shelton?

Question 10

The Weeknd?

Question 11

Brad Pitt?

Question 12

Chris Hemsworth?

Question 13

Leonardo DiCaprio?

Question 14


Question 15

Robert Pattinson?

Question 16

Jake Gyllenhaal?

Question 17

Liam Hemsworth?

Question 18

Justin Bieber?

Question 19


Question 20

Shawn Mendes?

Question 21

Zac Efron?

Question 22

Michael B. Jordan?

Question 23

John Legend?

Question 24

Joe Jonas?

Question 25

Scott Disick?

Question 26

Harry Styles?

Question 27


Question 28

Chace Crawford?

Question 29

Benedict Cumberbatc?

Question 30

Rami Malek?

Question 31

Ryan Reynolds?

Question 32

Nick Jonas?

Question 33

Robert Downey Jr.?

Question 34

Tom Holland?

Question 35

Nick Carter?

Question 36

Keith Urban?

Question 37

Trey Songz?

Question 38

Calvin Harris?

Question 39

Keanu Reeves?

Question 40

Morris Chestnut?

Question 41

Brad Paisley?

Question 42

Ed Westwick?

Question 43

Niall Horan?

Question 44

Bryson Tiller?

Question 45

Liam Payne?

Question 46

Jensen Ackles?

Question 47

Ryan Gosling?

Question 48

Henry Cavill?

Question 49

James Franco?

Question 50

Chadwick Boseman?

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