Pick Your Favorite Women And We'll Guess Your Birth Month

What month was everyone born in? Some people are born in the summertime during the months of June, July, and August! Summertime is the best because kids get a break from school and the sun is brightly shining! Other people are born in the winter during the months of December, January, and February. Depending on where people are located on the globe, winter might be filled with snow and rain!

Let's try to guess which month of the year everyone is born in based on their preferences for pretty Hollywood women. Who would people pick between two gorgeous babes like Blake Lively or Eva Mendes? Blake Lively is married to Ryan Reynolds and Eva Mendes is married to Ryan Gosling and that is why these two women are often compared to each other! Who would everyone choose between Selena Gomez or Emily Ratajkowski? They are both young, stunning, and talented in the world of acting!

Question 1

Keira Knightley or Natalie Portman?

Question 2

Jennifer Garner or Kate Hudson?

Question 3

Zoe Saldana or Kerry Washington?

Question 4

Margot Robbie or Megan Fox?

Question 5

Elizabeth Olsen or Anne Hathaway?

Question 6

Blake Lively or Eva Mendes?

Question 7

Jessica Alba or Kate Beckinsale?

Question 8

Cobie Smulders or Jessica Biel?

Question 9

Emilia Clarke or Zendaya?

Question 10

Gal Gadot or Emily Blunt?

Question 11

Bar Refaeli or Adriana Lima?

Question 12

Julianne Hough or Kristen Bell?

Question 13

Cara Delevingne or Ashley Benson?

Question 14

Mila Kunis or Emma Stone?

Question 15

Bella Thorne or Victoria Justice?

Question 16

Kristen Stewart or Taylor Swift?

Question 17

Rachel McAdams or Jenna Dewan?

Question 18

Shakira or Beyonce?

Question 19

Scarlett Johansson or Carrie Underwood?

Question 20

Katy Perry or Kim Kardashian?

Question 21

Alexandra Daddario or Amanda Seyfried?

Question 22

Rihanna or Alicia Keys?

Question 23

Emma Watson or Jennifer Lawrence?

Question 24

Selena Gomez or Emily Ratajkowski?

Question 25

Olivia Wilde or Penélope Cruz?

Question 26

Gabrielle Union or Lauren London?

Question 27

Salma Hayek or Sofia Vergara?

Question 28

Kate Upton or Hayden Panettiere?

Question 29

Lily Collins or Lucy Hale?

Question 30

Mariah Carey or Jennifer Lopez?

Question 31

Nicki Minaj or Cardi B?

Question 32

Kylie Jenner or Ariana Grande?

Question 33

Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner?

Question 34

Isla Fisher or Rachel Weisz?

Question 35

Demi Lovato or Iggy Azalea?

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