Date Or Dump These Starlets And We'll Tell You How Thirsty You Are

Anyone up for a little dating and dumping? While these things usually take quite a bit of effort and commitment, today we have created a way for everyone to get their fill, without really having to do anything! That's right, today we will be dating some of Hollywood's finest, and maybe even dumping a few as well.

In this quiz, we will be browsing through photos of different gorgeous celebs. Everybody here is going to get to pick some to date and some to dump. Should anyone be feeling a little extra adventurous, feel free to select "date" for all of them! Once we know how everybody feels about these babes, we will be able to reveal just how thirsty everyone truly is!

Question 1

Lea Michele

Question 2

Jenna Fischer

Question 3

Dakota Johnson

Question 4

Jessica Alba

Question 5

Emma Roberts

Question 6

Angelina Jolie

Question 7

Emily Blunt

Question 8

Zoey Deutch

Question 9

Jennifer Garner

Question 10

Lindsay Lohan

Question 11

Gwyneth Paltrow

Question 12

Bella Thorne

Question 13


Question 14

Kate Upton

Question 15

Jaimie Alexander

Question 16

Hayden Panettiere

Question 17

Camila Mendes

Question 18

Rachel McAdams

Question 19

Megan Fox

Question 20

Kaley Cuoco

Question 21

Mila Kunis

Question 22

Emily Ratajkowski

Question 23

Amanda Seyfried

Question 24

Sophie Turner

Question 25

Jennifer Aniston

Question 26

Taylor Swift

Question 27

Sofía Vergara

Question 28

Kate Hudson

Question 29

Anna Kendrick

Question 30

Emma Stone

Question 31

Anne Hathaway

Question 32

Brittany Snow

Question 33

Hailee Steinfeld

Question 34

Scarlett Johansson

Question 35

Lady Gaga

Question 36

Katherine Heigl

Question 37

Blake Lively

Question 38

Emilia Clarke

Question 39

Kate Mara

Question 40

Eva Longoria

Question 41

Amber Heard

Question 42

Jennifer Lawrence

Question 43

Taylor Schilling

Question 44

Kristen Bell

Question 45

Bryce Dallas Howard

Question 46

Margot Robbie

Question 47

Salma Hayek

Question 48

Jennifer Lopez

Question 49

Drew Barrymore

Question 50

Kate Beckinsale

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