Play "Hit It Or Quit It" With These Blondes And See Who You Get Stuck On An Island With

There is a famous phrase that says blondes have more fun! If this is true, it makes a lot of sense! The blondes we know and love today are usually always seen with bright and glowing smiles across their faces! Blonde starlets always stand out no matter where they go or what they do and that is because blonde hair is hard to ignore!

Taylor Schilling is an example of a gorgeous blonde that we recognize from her time spent acting on the hit Netflix original TV show Orange Is the New Black from 2013 to 2019. The show went on for several great seasons with her in the leading role. Without Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman, that show simply would not have been as wonderful! In the world of music, Gwen Stefani is a very popular blonde beauty that a lot of us have major respect for. She has been releasing music for decades! Play "Hit It Or Quit It" with Taylor, Gwen, and many more!

Question 1

Kate Upton?

Question 2

Margot Robbie?

Question 3

Hailey Bieber?

Question 4

Taylor Schilling?

Question 5

Scarlett Johansson?

Question 6

Dove Cameron?

Question 7

Taylor Momsen?

Question 8

Gigi Hadid?

Question 9

Kaley Cuoco?

Question 10

AnnaSophia Robb?

Question 11

Amber Heard?

Question 12

Katrina Bowden?

Question 13

Hayden Panettiere?

Question 14

Iggy Azalea?

Question 15

Kristen Bell?

Question 16

Brittany Snow?

Question 17

Kirsten Dunst?

Question 18

Paris Hilton?

Question 19

AnnaLynne McCord?

Question 20

Cameron Diaz?

Question 21

Taylor Swift?

Question 22

Reese Witherspoon?

Question 23

Charlize Theron?

Question 24

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley?

Question 25

Miley Cyrus?

Question 26

Gabriella Wilde?

Question 27

Gwyneth Paltrow?

Question 28

Katy Perry?

Question 29

Christina Aguilera?

Question 30

January Jones?

Question 31

Jennifer Lawrence?

Question 32

Ashley Tisdale?

Question 33

Dianna Agron?

Question 34

Rita Ora?

Question 35

Elisha Cuthbert?

Question 36

Gwen Stefani?

Question 37

Nicky Whelan?

Question 38

Blake Lively?

Question 39

Rachel McAdams?

Question 40

Hilary Duff?

Question 41

Amanda Seyfried?

Question 42

Emily Osment?

Question 43

Kate Hudson?

Question 44

Beth Behrs?

Question 45

Nicole Kidman?

Question 46

Brooklyn Decker?

Question 47

Ashley Benson?

Question 48

Laura Vandervoort?

Question 49

Sarah Michelle Gellar?

Question 50

Natalie Dormer?

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