Choose The Stronger Superhero And We'll Guess How Old You Are

Comic book characters are so inspirational in so many ways! They save the day in every situation in the movies we watch and in the comic books we read. Heroes and heroines from the world of Marvel and DC are always going to have a huge impact on the world!

The question we have today is... which hero is stronger than the rest of the heroes? Is Captain America stronger than Iron Man? Is Thor stronger than Hulk? Pitting these epic heroes against each other to compare strengths will help us try to guess just how old everyone is. It is possible to be a fan of comic book heroes and heroines at ANY age. People love comic book heroes at age sixteen and they love them until they grow old! Some people even start loving comic books when they are children! Compare the strengths of all these characters now!

Question 1

Thor v. Hulk

Question 2

Invisible Woman v. Black Widow

Question 3

Black Panther v. Iron Man

Question 4

Wonder Woman v. Supergirl

Question 5

Ant-Man v. Black Panther

Question 6

Spider-Man v. Hulk

Question 7

Hulk v. Iron Man

Question 8

Wanda Maximoff v. Gamora

Question 9

Spider-Man v. Thor

Question 10

Star-Lord v. Black Panther

Question 11

Black Widow v. The Wasp

Question 12

Captain America v. Iron Man

Question 13

Ant-Man v. Spider-Man

Question 14

Mantis v. Captain Marvel

Question 15

Superman v. Batman

Question 16

Ant-Man v. Iron Man

Question 17

Mantis v. Invisible Woman

Question 18

The Flash v. Superman

Question 19

Ant-Man v. Thor

Question 20

Captain Marvel v. Invisible Woman

Question 21

Batman v. Aquaman

Question 22

Spider-Man v. Captain America

Question 23

Star-Lord v. Ant-Man

Question 24

The Flash v. Green Lantern

Question 25

Spider-Man v. Iron Man

Question 26

Captain America v. Black Panther

Question 27

Thor v. Black Panther

Question 28

Invisible Woman v. Gamora

Question 29

Superman v. Aquaman

Question 30

Captain Marvel v. Black Widow

Question 31

The Flash v. Aquaman

Question 32

Wanda Maximoff v. Black Widow

Question 33

Captain America v. Hulk

Question 34

Mantis v. Nakia

Question 35

Spider-Man v. Black Panther

Question 36

Star-Lord v. Hulk

Question 37

Captain Marvel v. Gamora

Question 38

Superman v. Green Lantern

Question 39

Captain America v. Thor

Question 40

Wanda Maximoff v. Nakia

Question 41

Thor v. Iron Man

Question 42

Ant-Man v. Captain America

Question 43

Black Panther v. Hulk

Question 44

Nakia v. Gamora

Question 45

Batman v. Green Lantern

Question 46

The Flash v. Batman

Question 47

Star-Lord v. Iron Man

Question 48

Wanda Maximoff v. The Wasp

Question 49

Ant-Man v. Hulk

Question 50

Star-Lord v. Thor

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