Play 'Hot Or Not' And We'll Reveal What Type Of Man Would Reject You

Nobody ever said that finding the right man was going to be easy. However, nobody ever said that we couldn't have a little fun along the way either! Not only will we be looking at some handsome contenders in this quiz, but we will also be revealing what kind of man everyone should be steering clear of. We each have our own taste in men, so that means they each have their own taste as well.

Today we will be looking at some serious eye candy. Everyone here will get the chance to voice their opinion on each guy. Once that's done, we will figure out what kind of man would probably look the other way. There are tons of fish in the sea, so no hard feeling in this one!

Question 1

Ryan Gosling

Question 2

Charlie Hunnam

Question 3

Scott Eastwood

Question 4

Bradley Cooper

Question 5

Gerard Butler

Question 6

Joe Jonas

Question 7

Matt Bomer

Question 8

Tom Hardy

Question 9

Nick Jonas

Question 10

Will Smith

Question 11

Patrick Dempsey

Question 12

Brad Pitt

Question 13

Enrique Iglesias

Question 14

Jake Gyllenhaal

Question 15

Louis Tomlinson

Question 16

Taylor Kinney

Question 17

Matthew McConaughey

Question 18

Ryan Reynolds

Question 19

Kit Harington

Question 20

Austin Butler

Question 21

Cole Sprouse

Question 22

Idris Elba

Question 23

Leonardo DiCaprio

Question 24

Shawn Mendes

Question 25

Joe Manganiello

Question 26

John Mayer

Question 27

Justin Bieber

Question 28

Ashton Kutcher

Question 29

Chris Hemsworth

Question 30

Hugh Jackman

Question 31

Justin Timberlake

Question 32

Robert Pattinson

Question 33

Chris Pratt

Question 34

Jamie Dornan

Question 35

Jason Derulo

Question 36

Ansel Elgort

Question 37

Chris Evans

Question 38

Henry Cavill

Question 39

John Krasinski

Question 40

Norman Reedus

Question 41

Zac Efron

Question 42

Alexander Skarsgård

Question 43

Armie Hammer

Question 44


Question 45

Adam Driver

Question 46

Channing Tatum

Question 47

Harry Styles

Question 48

Joe Keery

Question 49

Milo Ventimiglia

Question 50

Tom Hiddleston

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