Play 'Who'd You Rather' With These Men And We'll Guess Your Age

Our favorite game of “Who’d you rather?” includes one hundred of the hottest men to walk on the planet in 2019. In a perfect world, we would be able to enjoy romantic dates with every one of them. Sadly, the world is far from perfect and we will likely never meet any of them. However, if you could choose which handsome, smart, attractive, and talented celebrities you could spend time with, who would you choose? Do you prefer the tall, dark, and handsome types, or the fair prince on a white horse?

Whoever you’d rather enjoy romantic activities with, we’re sure you have great taste. But we think we can guess how old you are, based on who you choose. Who do you want to go on an exciting motorcycle adventure with? Who’d you rather enjoy an ice cream and evening stroll with? Make your choice and find out!

Question 1

Adam Levine or Justin Timberlake?

Question 2

Donald Glover or Michael B. Jordan?

Question 3

Joe Manganiello or Chris Hemsworth?

Question 4

Chris Pratt or Chris Evans?

Question 5

John Stamos or Brad Pitt?

Question 6

Jake Gyllenhaal or John Krasinski

Question 7

KJ Apa or Cole Sprouse?

Question 8

Paul Wesley or Ian Somerhalder?

Question 9

Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds?

Question 10

Shawn Mendes or Harry Styles?

Question 11

Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson?

Question 12

Tom Holland or Noah Centineo?

Question 13

Zac Efron or Nick Jonas?

Question 14

David Beckham or Idris Elba?

Question 15

Matthew Bomer or Henry Cavill?

Question 16

Jude Law or Bradley Cooper?

Question 17

Johnny Depp or Robert Downey, Jr.?

Question 18

Hugh Jackman or George Clooney?

Question 19

Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady?

Question 20

Colton Haynes or Channing Tatum?

Question 21

Mark Wahlberg or Matt Damon?

Question 22

Eddie Redmayne or Michael Fassbender?

Question 23

Christian Bale or Matthew McConaughey?

Question 24

Chris Pine or Scott Eastwood?

Question 25

Rami Malek or Zayn Malik?

Question 26

Ian Harding or Matt Lanter?

Question 27

Patrick Dempsey or Eric Dane?

Question 28

Denzel Washington or Will Smith?

Question 29

James Franco or Steven R. McQueen?

Question 30

Robbie Jones or Cleo Anthony?

Question 31

Ben Robson or Charlie Hunnam?

Question 32

Alex Pettyfer or Lucky Blue Smith?

Question 33

Keanu Reeves or Paul Rudd?

Question 34

Ewan McGregor or Tom Hiddleston?

Question 35

Shemar Moore or Jesse Williams?

Question 36

John Mulaney or Grant Gustin?

Question 37

Daniel Radcliffe or Elijah Wood?

Question 38

Scott Foley or Kellan Lutz?

Question 39

Mark Consuelos or Enrique Iglesias?

Question 40

Chadwick Boseman or Blair Underwood?

Question 41

Liam Hemsworth or Leonardo DiCaprio?

Question 42

Matthew Daddario or Ezra Miller?

Question 43

Kit Harington or Richard Madden?

Question 44

Tyler Hoechlin or Burak Ozcivit?

Question 45

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau or Jason Momoa?

Question 46

Hill Harper or Morris Chestnut?

Question 47

Liam Garrigan or Chris Wood?

Question 48

Armie Hammer or Alexander Skarsgard?

Question 49

Tom Felton or Tom Hardy?

Question 50

David Gandy or Cheyenne Jackson?

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