Date Or Dump These Handsome Men And We'll Tell You If You're Desperate

Anyone in need of a midday pick-me-up? Well, look no further! If browsing through photos of gorgeous men sounds like a good way to spend the next 5 minutes, then this quiz is a must-take. Not only will we get to ogle some serious eye candy, but we will also be getting to the bottom of which ladies are maybe trying a little too hard out there in the dating world.

In today's quiz, we will be looking at photos of different date-worthy celebs. Everyone here will be asked which they'd date, and which they'd dump. Once all of the tough choices have been made, we will be able to rate everybody's level of desperation. Who's ready to find out what kind of vibes they're sending?

Question 1

George Clooney

Question 2

Ed Westwick

Question 3

Bradley Cooper

Question 4

Idris Elba

Question 5

Tom Hardy

Question 6

Hugh Jackman

Question 7

Rami Malek

Question 8

Austin Butler

Question 9

Dylan O'Brien

Question 10

Taylor Lautner

Question 11

David Beckham

Question 12

Brad Pitt

Question 13

Henry Cavill

Question 14

Ashton Kutcher

Question 15

Taylor Kinney

Question 16

Tom Felton

Question 17

Robert Pattinson

Question 18

KJ Apa

Question 19

Aiden Turner

Question 20

Cole Sprouse

Question 21

Matt Bomer

Question 22

Gerard Butler

Question 23

Ryan Gosling

Question 24

Henry Ewan Golding

Question 25

Jamie Dornan

Question 26

Adrian Grenier

Question 27

Jason Mamoa

Question 28

Matt Damon

Question 29

Chris Hemsworth

Question 30

John Krasinski

Question 31

Ryan Reynolds

Question 32

Leonardo DiCaprio

Question 33

Daniel Radcliffe

Question 34

Adam Driver

Question 35

Justin Timberlake

Question 36

Chris Evans

Question 37

Joe Keery

Question 38

Dwayne Johnson

Question 39

Zac Efron

Question 40

Michael B. Jordan

Question 41

Robert Sheehan

Question 42

Chris Pratt

Question 43

Jared Padalecki

Question 44

Jeremy Renner

Question 45

Channing Tatum

Question 46

Jake Gyllenhaal

Question 47

Tom Hiddleston

Question 48

Ian Somerhalder

Question 49

Milo Ventimiglia

Question 50

Jesse Eisenberg

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