Choose The Best Pop Stars And We'll Guess Your Age

Pop stars are a big part of popular culture in this day and age. With such readily available content through various means, like streaming services, video websites, or even the radio, their songs and performances are accessed like never before. Various pop stars create different types of music, but it all revolves around the idea of a pop genre, even if the sounds are completely different from one artist to the next.

Pop music tends to put people in a good mood! It is easy to sing along and dance to, and is the perfect type of music to play in the summertime. The kinds of pop music people prefer will tell a lot about their personality. This is also related to the pop stars people enjoy, typically people will like groups of pop stars that make similar sounding music!

After choosing some favorite pop stars, we will try and guess everyone's age!

Question 1

Shawn Mendes:

Question 2

Jennifer Lopez:

Question 3


Question 4

Dua Lipa:

Question 5

Calvin Harris:

Question 6

Bruno Mars:

Question 7

Blake Shelton:

Question 8


Question 9

Demi Lovato:

Question 10


Question 11

Michael Buble:

Question 12

Nick Jonas:

Question 13

Camila Cabello:

Question 14

Charlie Puth:

Question 15


Question 16

Bob Dylan:

Question 17

Britney Spears:

Question 18


Question 19


Question 20


Question 21

Adam Levine:

Question 22

Ariana Grande:

Question 23

Justin Timberlake:

Question 24

Ed Sheeran:

Question 25

Brendan Urie:

Question 26


Question 27

Harry Styles:

Question 28


Question 29

The Weeknd:

Question 30

Post Malone:

Question 31

Selena Gomez:

Question 32

Katy Perry:

Question 33

Billie Eilish:

Question 34

Sam Smith:

Question 35

Bebe Rexha:

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