Pick Your Favorite Men And We'll Reveal If You're Meant To Be With Archie Or Jughead

Riverdale fans know that Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones are two of the coolest guys ever. Archie Andrews is a redheaded character portrayed by the very handsome KJ Apa. Jughead Jones is another awesome character from the show portrayed by Cole Sprouse. Both of these actors are handsome and incredible! They bring the characters they play to life in the most amazing ways!

Time to play "pick or pass" with all the other handsome and famous young men we recognize! Some of the men mentioned here are VERY hot! For example, there is Liam Payne, Justin Bieber, and Zac Efron to consider. All three of these young men are easy on the eyes. They all either make great music or appear in great movies. Either way, it is hard to pass up the chance with any of these fellows! Pick or pass on these three handsome guys and plenty more!

Question 1

Liam Hemsworth?

Question 2

Zayn Malik?

Question 3

Joe Jonas?

Question 4

Alex Pettyfer?

Question 5

Josh Hutcherson?

Question 6

Ansel Elgort?

Question 7

Ed Westwick?

Question 8

Alessandro Borghi?

Question 9

Taylor Lautner?

Question 10

Alexander Ludwig?

Question 11

Keith Powers?

Question 12

Tyler Posey?

Question 13

Chace Crawford?

Question 14

David Kross?

Question 15

Penn Badgley?

Question 16

Aaron Taylor-Johnson?

Question 17

Dylan O'Brien?

Question 18

Joe Keery?

Question 19

Zac Efron?

Question 20

Colton Haynes?

Question 21

Ryan Potter?

Question 22

Nick Jonas?

Question 23

Robert Pattinson?

Question 24

Harry Styles?

Question 25

Tom Holland?

Question 26

Cody Christian?

Question 27

Will Poulter?

Question 28

Timothée Chalamet?

Question 29

Jack Reynor?

Question 30

Michael B. Jordan?

Question 31

Niall Horan?

Question 32

Dev Patel?

Question 33

Justin Bieber?

Question 34

Shawn Mendes?

Question 35

Adam Levine?

Question 36

Justin Timberlake?

Question 37

Nick Robinson?

Question 38

Luke Benward?

Question 39

Avan Jogia?

Question 40

John Boyega?

Question 41

Cameron Monaghan?

Question 42

Louis Tomlinson?

Question 43

Austin Butler?

Question 44

Kevin Jonas?

Question 45

Robbie Amell?

Question 46

Enrique Iglesias?

Question 47

Chris Hemsworth?

Question 48

Jared Leto?

Question 49

Liam Payne?

Question 50

Kit Harington?

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