Build The Perfect Man And We'll Reveal Your Dream Guy

Let's build the ideal dream man of our dreams and see who we all end up with! Building the perfect guy is obviously a big deal when it comes to his looks. We want our dream guy to physically appear in the exact way we desire. If our dream guy has dark hair and dark eyes, we can establish that! If he has freckles and red hair, we can establish that also!

There is so much more that we can focus on when building the perfect man though... it is not simply about his looks. We also must consider the way he acts, his personality, and much more! Does he have a good work ethic and a good sense of humor? Is he the type of guy who gives great compliments and knows how to make their partner feel special on an anniversary? Let's all try to build the perfect guy!

Question 1

Eye color?

Question 2

Hair color?

Question 3

Hair length?

Question 4

Hair texture?

Question 5

Lip size?

Question 6


Question 7

Body type?

Question 8

Nose size?

Question 9

Would he dress in any of these styles?

Question 10

Would he drive this car?

Question 11

Does he have a deep voice?

Question 12

Does he have freckles?

Question 13

Does he have tattoos?

Question 14

Does he have piercings?

Question 15

Would he dress in any of these styles?

Question 16

Would he drive this truck?

Question 17

Is he the type to dye his hair wild colors?

Question 18

Does he wear glasses?

Question 19

Describe his facial hair.

Question 20

Does he have dimples?

Question 21

Does he wear braces?

Question 22

Does he have a good sense of humor?

Question 23

Would he dress in any of these styles?

Question 24

Would he drive this car?

Question 25

Does he like to watch sports?

Question 26

Does he like outdoorsy activities?

Question 27

Which instrument can he play?

Question 28

Which of these nerdy hobbies does he enjoy?

Question 29

How late does he sleep in on the weekends?

Question 30

Is he argumentative?

Question 31

How many friends does he have?

Question 32

Is he a good driver?

Question 33

Is he a flirt?

Question 34

Does he have hobbies of his own?

Question 35

Does he give a lot of sweet compliments?

Question 36

Is he bold enough to introduce himself to a woman in public?

Question 37

Does he remember special holidays and anniversaries?

Question 38

Does he give the silent treatment when he is upset or talk things out?

Question 39

Does he spend time in the gym?

Question 40

How many kids does he want to have?

Question 41

How soon does he want to have kids?

Question 42

Which pet does he have or want?

Question 43

What is his favorite movie genre?

Question 44

What does he do for a living?

Question 45

Where would he plan a romantic vacation to?

Question 46

Does he know how to cook?

Question 47

Does he enjoy celebrating holidays?

Question 48

Does he pay attention to current events?

Question 49

Which musical genre does he listen to?

Question 50

Does he play video games?

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