Build The Perfect Man And We'll Reveal What Your Future BF WIll Look Like

If every person could build their perfect boyfriend in an instant, every person probably would! Imagine being able to pick every feature and character trait in the person we end up romantically dating. That would be really cool... if it were possible to do in real life!

Even though it is not possible to build a perfect boyfriend in real life, we can still do our best to try and build the perfect boyfriend with a quiz like this one! Let's decide what hair color, eye color, and facial shape we want for our ideal match. Do we want him to have blonde hair, red hair, brown hair, or black hair? Do we want him to have blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes, or hazel eyes? Do we want him to have a square-shaped face or an oval-shaped face? Build the perfect boyfriend to see how your future boyfriend will look!

Question 1

Eye color?

Question 2

Hair color?

Question 3

Hair style?

Question 4

Hair texture?

Question 5

Lip size?

Question 6


Question 7

Body type?

Question 8

Facial hair?

Question 9

Face shape?

Question 10

Does he have freckles?

Question 11

Does he have tattoos?

Question 12

Does he have piercings?

Question 13

Does he have a deep voice?

Question 14

Does he wear glasses?

Question 15

Does he have dimples?

Question 16

Is he flirty?

Question 17

Does he wear braces?

Question 18

Does he have a good sense of humor?

Question 19

Does he prioritize job responsibilities?

Question 20

Does he love to snuggle?

Question 21

Does he watch sports?

Question 22

Does he play sports?

Question 23

Does he care about formal education?

Question 24

Does he play an instrument?

Question 25

Does he know how to cook great meals?

Question 26

Does he know how to bake tasty desserts?

Question 27

Does he have a lot of followers on social media?

Question 28

Does he like to party?

Question 29

Does he love watching romance movies?

Question 30

Is he shy?

Question 31

Is he a good listener?

Question 32

Does he play video games?

Question 33

Is he a good driver?

Question 34

Does he like outdoorsy activities?

Question 35

Does he have hobbies of his own?

Question 36

Is he good at giving compliments?

Question 37

Does he care about current events in the government?

Question 38

Does he like to play fight?

Question 39

Does he spend time in the gym?

Question 40

How many kids does he want to have?

Question 41

How soon does he want to have kids?

Question 42

Describe his fashion sense!

Question 43

What does he do for a living?

Question 44

What kind of music does he listen to?

Question 45

Does he always open up about what's on his mind?

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