Choose The Hotter Actor And We'll Guess How Old You Are

Handsome actors are a major reason why we even choose to watch movies and TV shows these days! Without these handsome faces to look at, all would be lost! Bradley Cooper is one of the major actors we know and love. He stole all of our hearts when he appeared alongside Lady Gaga in the movie A Star Is Born. Before that movie was released, he stole our hearts alongside Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook.

Another big actor that shines amongst the rest is Ian Somerhalder. He appeared in The Vampire Diaries for several amazing seasons alongside Nina Dobrev. The character he played was a vampire named Damon Salvatore. He did such an excellent job pulling off this role. In fact, he is one of the most popular characters from that entire show series! Choose between these handsome actors now and we'll guess everyone's age based on their preferences.

Question 1

Chris Hemsworth or Jason Momoa?

Question 2

Christian Bale or Tom Hardy?

Question 3

Taylor Lautner or Ed Westwick?

Question 4

Hugh Jackman or Ryan Reynolds?

Question 5

Chace Crawford or Robert Downey Jr.?

Question 6

Matt Damon or Brad Pitt?

Question 7

Ian Somerhalder or Chace Crawford?

Question 8

Josh Hutcherson or Theo James?

Question 9

Bradley Cooper or Chris Pratt?

Question 10

Tom Hardy or Chris Hemsworth?

Question 11

Chris Evans or Gerard Butler?

Question 12

Theo James or Liam Hemsworth?

Question 13

Shia LaBeouf or Zac Efron?

Question 14

Brad Pitt or Ryan Gosling?

Question 15

Ryan Reynolds or Christian Bale?

Question 16

Tom Holland or Taylor Lautner?

Question 17

Chris Pratt or Matt Damon?

Question 18

James Franco or Jensen Ackles?

Question 19

Ed Westwick or Shia LaBeouf?

Question 20

Tom Hiddleston or Sebastian Stan?

Question 21

Nick Jonas or Tom Hiddleston?

Question 22

Bradley Cooper or Lance Gross?

Question 23

Dylan O'Brien or Nick Jonas?

Question 24

Benedict Cumberbatch or Dylan O'Brien?

Question 25

Ryan Gosling or Hugh Jackman?

Question 26

Luke Evans or Jamie Dornan?

Question 27

Robert Downey Jr. or Penn Badgley?

Question 28

Gerard Butler or Bradley Cooper?

Question 29

Henry Cavill or Anthony Mackie?

Question 30

Robert Pattinson or Tom Holland?

Question 31

Dylan Sprouse or Ross Lynch?

Question 32

Liam Hemsworth or Chris Evans?

Question 33

Michael B. Jordan or Paul Rudd?

Question 34

Cole Sprouse or Benedict Cumberbatch?

Question 35

KJ Apa or Chris Pine?

Question 36

Dave Franco or Matthew McConaughey?

Question 37

Chris Pine or Jake Gyllenhaal?

Question 38

Paul Rudd or Sam Heughan?

Question 39

Keanu Reeves or Michael B. Jordan?

Question 40

Johnny Depp or Tom Cruise?

Question 41

Chadwick Boseman or Dave Franco?

Question 42

Sebastian Stan or Ian Somerhalder?

Question 43

Matthew McConaughey or Henry Cavill?

Question 44

Ross Lynch or Noah Centineo?

Question 45

Michael Ealy or Orlando Bloom?

Question 46

Jamie Dornan or Elijah Wood?

Question 47

Jensen Ackles or Chadwick Boseman?

Question 48

Orlando Bloom or Morris Chestnut?

Question 49

Noah Centineo or Cole Sprouse?

Question 50

Leonardo DiCaprio or James Franco?

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