Pick Which Man Is Hotter And We'll Guess Your Sign

Hot guys are everywhere for us to admire! In movies, we are able to admire guys like Ryan Reynolds from The Proposal, Zac Efron from High School Musical, Channing Tatum from 21 Jump Street, Chris Pine from Star Trek, and Liam Hemsworth from The Hunger Games.

In TV shows, we have guys like Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes, Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries, Chord Overstreet from Glee, Chad Michael Murray from One Tree Hill, and Jared Padalecki from Supernatural. In the world of music, we have singers like Zayn Malik who performs "Pillowtalk", Justin Bieber who performs "Love Yourself", "Justin Timberlake who performs "Cry Me A River", The Weeknd who performs "I Feel It Coming", and Adam Levine who performs "No One Else Like You". There are also plenty of other hot guys to admire in reality TV or in the world of modeling. Pick or pass on these handsome fellows and we will guess everyone's sign!

Question 1

Tom Hardy or Jamie Dornan?

Question 2

Theo James or Matt Damon?

Question 3

Anthony Joshua or Ryan Gosling?

Question 4

Harry Styles or Henry Cavill?

Question 5

Jason Statham or David Gandy?

Question 6

Kit Harington or Zayn Malik?

Question 7

Ryan Reynolds or Aidan Turner?

Question 8

Justin Timberlake or Alexander Skarsgård?

Question 9

David Beckham or Sam Claflin?

Question 10

Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch?

Question 11

John Boyega or Zac Efron?

Question 12

Dev Patel or Jake Gyllenhaal?

Question 13

Ansel Elgort or Lucky Blue Smith?

Question 14

Bradley Cooper or Liam Payne?

Question 15

Michael Fassbender or Cole Sprouse?

Question 16

Michael B. Jordan or Adam Driver?

Question 17

Jason Momoa or Wentworth Miller?

Question 18

Robert Pattinson or Drake?

Question 19

Orlando Bloom or Jack O'Connell?

Question 20

Tom Welling or Gary Barlow?

Question 21

Leonardo DiCaprio or Matthew McConaughey?

Question 22

Justin Bieber or Riz Ahmed?

Question 23

Brooklyn Beckham or Tom Hughes?

Question 24

Bill Skarsgård or Joe Jonas?

Question 25

Cristiano Ronaldo or Colin Morgan?

Question 26

Ian Somerhalder or Dane DeHaan?

Question 27

Idris Elba or Chris Hemsworth?

Question 28

Channing Tatum or Joe Sugg?

Question 29

Chris Evans or Enrique Iglesias?

Question 30

Karl Glusman or K.J. Apa?

Question 31

Chris Pratt or Daniel Radcliffe?

Question 32

Eddie Redmayne or James McAvoy?

Question 33

Taron Egerton or Sebastian Stan?

Question 34

Colin O'Donoghue or Tom Cruise?

Question 35

Niall Horan or Tom Felton?

Question 36

Charlie Hunnam or Matt Bomer?

Question 37

Dacre Montgomery or Tyler Hoechlin?

Question 38

Joe Keery or Anthony Mackie?

Question 39

James Franco or The Weeknd?

Question 40

Cillian Murphy or Matt Smith?

Question 41

Christian Bale or Scott Eastwood?

Question 42

Jordan Barrett or ASAP Rocky?

Question 43

Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt?

Question 44

Tom Holland or Will Smith?

Question 45

Jared Leto or Anwar Hadid?

Question 46

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau or Miles Teller?

Question 47

Chris Pine or Louis Tomlinson?

Question 48

Richard Armitage or Shawn Mendes?

Question 49

Craig David or John Krasinski?

Question 50

Sam Heughan or Taylor Kinney?

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