Pick Your Favorite Photos Of Chris Hemsworth And We'll Guess Your Age

The top actors in the world all have a unique way of appearing in the biggest pictures to hit theaters. They do this by being talented in front of the camera and maintaining a healthy personal life off of it. The media has a tendency to fall in love with certain performers, and this can go a long way in someone rising to the top and remaining there for quite some time. As it stands now, there are few people in the business that are as loved and as successful as Chris Hemsworth.

Best known for playing Thor in the MCU, Chris Hemsworth is someone that skyrocketed to the top. He had a small role in Star Trek before turning into a household name in the MCU. As the franchise has moved along, he has made Thor a lovable character that was recently granted the first 4th installment in MCU history. Hemsworth, aside from being talented and lovable, is known for being one of the most handsome leading men in recent memory, and he has no shortage of incredible photos for people to feast their eyes on.

Today, we are going to have people pick their favorite photos of the handsome Hemsworth, and in the end, we will guess their age!

Question 1

Working Those Arms

Question 2

Relaxing For A While

Question 3

Serious Model

Question 4

Ready For The Camera

Question 5

Big Comfy Coat

Question 6

Making It Work

Question 7

This Year's Model

Question 8


Question 9

Oh, hello!

Question 10

Smoldering Superhero

Question 11

Iron Paradise

Question 12

An Apple A Day

Question 13

World Class

Question 14

Simple White Tee

Question 15

Anchors, Aweigh

Question 16

Selfie Style

Question 17

Long Hair, Don't Care

Question 18

Making It Look Easy

Question 19

Road Trip

Question 20

City Views

Question 21

Headline News

Question 22

That Smile

Question 23

Off To The Side

Question 24

Vanity Fair

Question 25

Just One Look

Question 26

Why So Serious?

Question 27

The Great Outdoors

Question 28

Leather Jacket Life

Question 29

Late Night

Question 30

Sprawled Out

Question 31

Surf's Up

Question 32

Younger Days

Question 33


Question 34

Lounging Around

Question 35

A Shade Darker

Question 36

God Of Thunder

Question 37

Museum Life

Question 38

Back On Set

Question 39

A Classic Man

Question 40


Question 41

Suited Up

Question 42

Take A Load Off

Question 43

Showing Off Some Chest

Question 44


Question 45

Premiere Night

Question 46

Showing Some Muscle

Question 47

The Suite Life

Question 48

Representing Australia

Question 49

Future's So Bright

Question 50

Black And White

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