Take This 3-Minute Test To Find Out How Many Kids You're Destined To Have

Alright everyone, time to see how many kids are on the way! In today's quiz, we are going to be asking all kinds of pregnancy and parenting questions. We will be covering many different aspects, and everyone here just has to answer each question as best they can. There are truly no wrong answers, since everyone has their own approach when it comes to raising a child.

Once everyone has picked an answer for each question, we will let them know how many kids they can expect in their future. Even if we are nowhere near ready to have kids, this 3-minute test is still going to be all kinds of fun. Plus, we have included a ton of baby pics, so there is that to look forward to as well!

Question 1

Playing music for the baby during pregnancy?

Here is something that some parents choose to do for their babies during pregnancy. While some may consider it to be silly or perhaps feel like the baby won't understand it anyway, others may like the idea of their baby getting a taste for certain kinds of music early on in life.

Question 2

Bedtime stories for the kids?

Considering how much work goes into raising a child and keeping a household running, we won't pretend like it's all that easy to just sit back and read a bedtime story every night. However, we are asking who here would enjoy the practice and go about reading one when the time is in fact there?

Question 3

Screen time for the kids?

Now here is a question that has become very relevant in recent years. It seems like even during class time, many teachers have started looking for ways to introduce screens. What about at home though? Will the kids be allowed to watch a bit of TV or play on the computer?

Question 4

Throw a baby shower?

To throw a baby shower, or to not throw a baby shower? This is a question most mothers have to answer after the first few months of pregnancy have gone by. A baby shower is certainly a great way to stock up on baby items, but not everyone may be comfortable with that amount attention.

Question 5

Throw a gender reveal party?

Here is a trend that has recently become all the rage. For those who were uncomfortable with the baby shower idea, we can't imagine a second party during pregnancy would be ideal. However, many expecting parents do seem to like the idea of announcing the gender in front of friends and family.

Question 6

Pick a gender reveal method

For those who are interested in having a gender reveal party, the next question would have to be what kind of reveal? We have left an option to avoid the announcement all together, but we have also listed a few fun ideas that some parents have chosen for their gender reveals.

Question 7

Cell phones before the age of 16?

Deciding at what age a child should get a cell phone, is not exactly an easy thing to do. While we want to make sure they are safe and that we can reach them, it can also be a bit extravagant to have a child using their own iPhone. Should we get them one before 16, or only after?

Question 8

An occasional cup of coffee during pregnancy?

Here is a question many have debated over in the past. While some parents believe that a small amount of anything couldn't possibly harm the baby, there are some who tend to think the exact opposite. Which side of the fence does everyone here fall to? Small cups of coffee, or none at all?

Question 9

Pick a kids movie

Here we are looking at a selection of more recent animated films. While these may not have been the movies we all watched on VHS, anyone expecting kids in the near future, should be prepared to watch some of these a whole lot. Which of these movies does everyone like best?

Question 10

Candy for the kids?

It is true that candy is usually made with kids in mind, but it is not all parents who actually allow their kids to indulge in the stuff. Many prefer to only have their kids eating healthy snacks. How does everyone here feel? Is a bit of candy okay from time to time?

Question 11

Pick an after-school activity

Obviously, this one may come down to which activity the kid actually wants to participate in. However, for this question, let's pretend that kids always want to listen to their parents and take their advice. Which of these after-school programs would we want to enroll our child in? Pick one!

Question 12

Baking with the kids?

Here is a common activity for parents to do with their children. That being said, if the parent in question activiley dislikes baking, we can see why they would choose a different hobby to partake in with their kid. How does everyone here feel about baking sessions with the little ones?

Question 13

Give an allowance to the kids?

This question may vary depending on whether or not we got allowances when we were kids. An allowance is a set amount of money given to the child regularly. While this idea may sound good to some, others may prefer handing out cash as it is needed, instead of on a regular basis.

Question 14

Pick a kid-friendly breakfast

As important as breakfast is to a growing child, we would not say that it is the easiest meal to get them to eat everyday. Some parents may find it easier to persuade them into eating, if the cereal on the table happens to contain tiny marshmallows. Then again, some parents don't want their kids anywhere near sugar.

Question 15

Should babies be taken on planes?

Before having kids of our own, we may automatically want to say babies should never be on a plane. However, when the kid is actually our own, we may have a bit of sympathy for the struggle. If we are determined to take a trip with our kid, what other choice would we have , right?

Question 16

Hiring a nanny for the kids?

For this question, let's pretend that money is no object. While some parents may welcome any kind of help they can get, others may not like the idea of their child bonding with a different person. With money not being an issue, everyone is free to answer this one however they please!

Question 17

Trip to Disney before the age of 13?

Bringing a kid to Disney can be a very magical experience. However, we want to make sure we bring them at the right age, to ensure they remember every single bit of the magic! Who thinks before the age of 13 is perfect, and who thinks after 13 would be best?

Question 18

Take a pregnancy yoga class?

For the women who attend yoga classes regularly, this might be an easy one to answer. Why not continue with the hobby, especially if it can be adjusted to accommodate the belly, right? For the women who have never attempted yoga though, trying it out for the first time while pregnant, may not be their idea of a good time.

Question 19

Bringing kids to the zoo?

Hear us out on this one. We know kids generally love animals, so we get why some parents would enjoy bringing them to the zoo. That being said, the entire zoo industry has its own hefty issues, so we can see why some parents may not want to support it.

Question 20

Private school or public school?

In this question, we are taking money and location factors off the table. We want everyone to pick the school system they would choose for their child, regardless of price and transport. Would we want our kids in the same kind of school we went to ourselves, or would we pick the opposite?

Question 21

Buy them a car for their 16th birthday?

Just how big are we going to go when the time comes to celebrate our kid's 16th birthday? It is certainly a big milestone, though some parents might feel like a car may be a bit too excessive for a 16 year old. We do know however, that some parents think it is the best possible gift for the occasion.

Question 22

Pick a kids show

Losing control over the television remote is just one of the things we are going to have to come to terms with when raising a child. If we are going to be stuck watching their shows, we may as well familiarize ourselves with the options, right? Which kids show is best?

Question 23

Family photoshoots?

Arranging for a family photoshoot is no small undertaking. Ensuring everyone is available and dressed properly for the occasion, is actually tougher than it may sound. That being said, even if it was as easy as just showing up, we are thinking not every family would be super into the idea anyway.

Question 24

Pick a classic kids movie

Here we are looking at a few classic kids movies. Each one of them is filled with its own kind of lessons and magic. Out of these four films, which would everyone say is their own personal favorite? Better yet, which one would everyone prefer to have their kid watching on repeat?

Question 25

Over-the-top birthday parties?

In this question, we want to know everyone's approach to kids birthday parties. We will be pretending that cost is no issue, but would that automatically incline everyone to throw the biggest bash possible for their young one? Maybe some parents would still prefer a more intimate celebration with just some friends and family?

Question 26

Hosting sleepovers?

Here is a question we are bound to be asked by our kid eventually, so we may as well figure out our answer now! Some parents love the idea of hosting sleepovers at their house, but we are sure everyone remembers having a friend or two whose parents did not like the idea at all.

Question 27

Breastmilk or formula?

We know sometimes this decision is not exactly in our control, but let's just pretend that it is for a moment. Some moms who are totally capable of breastfeeding naturally, still choose not to. It is totally a personal preference. How does everyone here feel about it? Ar we going breastmilk or formula?

Question 28

Be a stay-at-home mom or a working mom?

In today world, being a stay-at-home mom is not always as managalable as it once was. However, we know for a fact that some moms would want to work regardless of their money situation. Some people happen to enjoy their profession, though we know some would love the opportunity to stay home with their kids instead.

Question 29

Have a professional pregnancy photoshoot?

Someone who is always happy to be in front of a camera, may jump at the chance to have a professionally done pregnancy photoshoot. That being said, anyone who tends to be a bit camera shy, may not like the idea of being photographed in their biggest state. How does everyone here feel?

Question 30

Pick a color for the nursery

We know that the whole "pink and blue" thing has gotten a lot of flack recently. While some parents are trying to go with gender neutral colors as much as possible, we don't see anything wrong keeping to the classics either! Which color would everyone here choose for their nursery?

Question 31

Pick a kid-friendly weekend activity

Once the school week has finished, we are going to need to have a few fun things lined up to keep the kids busy over the weekend. While we may not need to fill every single weekend with something, there certainly will be a few. Which of these activities sounds the most fun?

Question 32

Trick-or-treating with the kids?

Let's talk Halloween. While some parents get really into the occasion, others tend to not be so crazy about it. Even though we are sure everyone would want their kid to enjoy the day, would we actually be willing to go trick-or-treating with them, or would we allow someone else to take on the responsibility?

Question 33

Family pets?

Having a pet in the house is definitely not for everyone. Kids are already a big responsibility, and caring for a puppy or a kitten is certainly a lot of work as well. That being said, we have all seen the adorable videos of a baby bonding with their pet. Thoughts?

Question 34

Will the kids wear name-brand clothing?

Some parents may think that there is just no point in dressing their constantly growing child in something expensive. However, some parents may happen to be really into fashion. If this were the case, why wouldn't they take pride in dressing their kid in the hippest clothing around? What do we think?

Question 35

Pick a kids snack

Alright, time to look at a few kid-friendly snacks. Our grocery list is certainly something that will change once kids are in the house. Since we are going to be shopping for all kinds of snacks, we may as well pick out one we wouldn't mind munching on ourselves! Thoughts?

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