This 2-Minute Test Will Reveal How Many Kids You're Destined To Have

A baby coming home completely changes the game forever, and things get even more interesting as they grow up into little people. They start developing words, personalities, and they start picking up on little things that help shape their identity. There is no definitive way to parent children, and all parents will have to do things their way and work hard to ensure that their child is happy and healthy. Kids can be quite a handful, especially when more than one is in the house. That being said, certain people are built to only have a specific number of kids.

Today, we are going to help people find out how many kids they should be planning for, by having them go through and take this quiz. In the end, they will know exactly how many children should be in the house!

Question 1

Pick a Disney Movie For The Kids

Question 2

When Does A Baby's First Word Usually Happen?

Question 3

Choose A Family Pet

Question 4

Should The Kids Tag Along On Vacation?

Question 5

Choose A Healthy Snack For The Kids

Question 6

What Music Should The Kids Listen To?

Question 7

Choose A Superhero For The Kids To Look Up To

Question 8

How Often Should Parents Meet With Their Children's Teacher?

Question 9

It's Getting Late And Dinner Needs To Be Made, What To Do?

Question 10

How Often Should The Kids Get Dessert?

Question 11

How Often Should Newborns Eat?

Question 12

Choose A Family Vehicle

Question 13

Should The Kids Play Video Games For More Than An Hour A Day?

Question 14

Choose A Pixar Movie For The Kids To Watch

Question 15

How Important Is It For Kids To Have Friends?

Question 16

At What Age Should Kids Stay Home Alone?

Question 17

Choose An Animated Movie For The Kids To Watch

Question 18

When Can The Doctors Determine If The Baby Is A Boy Or Girl?

Question 19

Choose A Breakfast For The Kids

Question 20

The Kids Want Some Entertainment For Their Birthday Party, What To Do?

Question 21

Choose An Animated Series For The Kids To Watch

Question 22

How Important Is Positive Reinforcement?

Question 23

How Many Babies Makes Up Quadruplets?

Question 24

Can The Kids Dress Up For Halloween?

Question 25

Choose A Drink For The Kids

Question 26

Children Are Typically Born With Which Eye Color?

Question 27

How Much TV Should The Kids Watch Each Day?

Question 28

Are Boys or Girls Born More Often?

Question 29

What Type Of Doctor Do Children See For Checkups?

Question 30

What Does The "C" In C-Section Stand For?

Question 31

Can Twins Have Different Fathers?

Question 32

Is It Better For Kids To Be Seen or Heard?

Question 33

Do Children Sit Up or Crawl First?

Question 34

Choose A Summer Experience For The Kids

Question 35

The Kids Broke A Lamp And Aren't Taking Responsibility , What To Do?

Question 36

Do Babies Require More Sleep Than Adults?

Question 37

Choose An Instrument For The Kids To Play

Question 38

What Are Children Born Without?

Question 39

The Kids Shoved Toys In The Toilet And Its Overflowing, What To Do?

Question 40

How Often Should Kids Eat Fast Food?

Question 41

Should Children Do Homework Before or After Watching A Movie?

Question 42

The Kids Want To Know Where Babies Come From, What To Do?

Question 43

When Can The Kids Start Having Coffee?

Question 44

How Often Should The Kids Bathe?

Question 45

How Many Trimesters Are There During Pregnancy?

Question 46

What Is An Au Pair?

Question 47

How Much Video Game Time Should The Kids Get Each Day?

Question 48

Choose A Color For A Nursery Theme

Question 49

What Can Babies Recognize About Their Mothers When They Are Born?

Question 50

What Class Can Mothers Attend Before Having The Baby?

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