Pretty Little Liars: Which Family Do You Belong To?

On “Pretty Little Liars”, mysteries, lies and secrets surrounded five young friends: Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, Hanna Marin and Alison DiLaurentis. After Alison went missing, the four other girls started being tormented by someone anonymously - tormented in ways involving bullying, threats and even death.

This, of course, wreaked serious havoc on all five girls and their families, and each family responded to all of this in its own way: Spencer’s parents were lawyers, so they used legal force to try and protect their daughter. Aria’s parents had just split up, so these problems seem to divide her family even more. Hanna was raised by a single mother who would have done anything for her baby girl. Emily’s dad was in the National Guard and stationed in another state, which was very hard on her family. And the DiLaurentis family thought they had lost Ali forever, but when she came back, things only got worse.

If you lived within the “Pretty Little Liars” universe, which family would you belong to, which characters would you relate to the most, and which group would you fit in well with, while under pressure and while living out life? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1

Do you like learning?

You may currently be in school, taking in information regarding math, history, science, English and beyond. Perhaps you have a job where you are constantly soaking up new ideas. You may just learn new things on your own, while reading, studying, growing and living. However you learn, do you enjoy the process?

Question 2

What do you like learning?

And when it comes to learning, which area of study appeals to you the most: Are you a person that genuinely enjoys every class and area of education? Do you prefer reading and writing? Are new trends within the world appealing to you? Or is all you need to know a secret or two?

Question 3

How do you handle stress?

Sometimes - while you are at school or at work or just living your life out - you probably feel stress. You get overwhelmed, you become tense, and it feels like you will not be able to handle everything that is on your plate. How do you react when this happens to you?

Question 4

What makes you happy?

On the other hand, there are moments in life and aspects within life that make you happy; they fill you with joy, bring a smile to your face and cause you to think that there is no trouble nor stress around you. What, of the four happy things listed here, makes you super happy?

Question 5

Who makes you happy?

The four things listed above are great, but there is also probably one special person who also brings a smile to your face. This may be a person you met and choose to spend time with, it may be a family member, or it could just be you. Who is it?

Question 6

How would people describe you?

Speaking of people, those around you probably have words that come to mind when they think of you. They know things about you and see you go about your life, which gives them clues about who you really are as a person. So which word would they pick to describe you?

Question 7

What is your family like?

Families can in all shapes and sizes, as they are made up of different types of people and of special bonds that make each unit beautiful and unique. What is yours like, though? Could it be called close, competitive, distant, broken, stylish, athletic, fun, argumentative, grateful or something else?

Question 8

How would you describe your style?

What you wear says a lot about you, as you probably choose clothing items - and other things, like accessories and home decor - that make you feel like the best you and that help shine light on the type of person you are. Which of these words best describes your style?

Question 9

How do you feel about kids?

Your parents had you, you were raised, you grew up into a real and functioning human, and at some point in time, you may bring your own tiny humans into the world, to continue the circle of life. Do you think parenthood is for you? Would you like to have kids?

Question 10

What was a rule in your house?

Kids can be great, but they definitely need rules, boundaries and guidelines, to help them learn right from wrong and how to do everything from tying their shoes to surviving in the real world. Which one of these rules was enforced in your house growing up (or was close to one of these)?

Question 11

What hobby sounds most appealing?

Just as families are unique, individuals are, too, with hobbies, quirks, traits and interests. Out of the four hobbies that are listed here - working out through a sport or exercise, painting a work of art, shopping for fun new items and vacationing to exciting new locales - which one sounds the most appealing?

Question 12

What is your dream career?

What is even more important than your hobbies, though, is how you use your interests and your strengths when it comes to making a living and within your job. There are even times when a passion can become a full-time career! What have you always wanted to be when you “grew up”?

Question 13

How do you think siblings should be?

Whether you have a sibling of your own or not, you probably have an idea about you imagine brothers and sisters (and sisters/sisters and bros/bros) getting along with each other. In your opinion, what should a sibling relationship look like?

Question 14

What would you probably get in trouble for?

In case you didn’t know, humans are not perfect, and sometimes people mess up, make mistakes, disappoint others (like family members, significant others or themselves) and get in trouble (by parents, bosses, roommates or authority figures). If you were getting in trouble for something, what would it be all over?

Question 15

What is fought about most?

This quiz is all about family, so this question is about a specific aspect within family units: fights. Unfortunately, since these units are made up of different members, families sometimes fight, disagree, argue and upset each other. Which of these four issues do you think is fought about most within families?

Question 16

How do you decorate your house?

Families and homes can be synonymous, and within homes, people display treasures, store memories and utilize items that tell what they do, what they like and what they value. Which of these four types of styles best describes how you decorate your space and/or how your family decorates its house?

Question 17

What kind of car do you drive?

Earlier, it was discussed that you may go to school every day or that you make be a full-time employee. Therefore, you probably have a vehicle of some sort - or you have a type of dream car that you would love to use to get from place to place. What is it?

Question 18

Where should your family vacation?

Pretend for a second that you and your family get to go on a dream vacation! You will all pack up and head out for some quality time, during which you may explore new cities, eat tasty foods, check out iconic sights and/or just relax together. Which would you go?

Question 19

What is a tradition in your family?

As mentioned, families are special, unique and beautiful in different ways. For instance, your family probably has some traditions - things you all do together, maybe during certain times of the year or perhaps even each week or each day. Which of these is like a tradition you have with your family?

Question 20

Who cooks in your home?

Some of your family traditions may be centered around meals/food, since people already have to eat anyway and since foods can bring people together in really amazing ways. When it comes to the regular meals in your house, who is usually the one who is doing all of the cooking?

Question 21

Do you tell your family everything?

On “Pretty Little Liars”, the main characters kept a lot of secrets. They didn’t always tell their parents where they were, who they were with, what was going on or how much they really knew. For the most part, do you tell your family members everything about your life?

Question 22

Do they tell you everything?

On the flip side, in regards to your family members talking to you, do you think they tell you everything? Do they keep a lot from you? Is it to protect you? Or are they open with you - maybe telling you too much? Pick which one best fits for you. too.

Question 23

What do you share with your family?

Regardless of the secrets, the arguments and the differences, families are bonded together, and many of them share many things, from clothes and traits to homes and traditions. Of the four things that can be shared and that are listed here, what do you and your family members share the most of?

Question 24

What word best describes your family?

A great deal of details have been covered here, getting to know all about you, your family and your life. Now, if you had to narrow down your relationship with your family members in one word, though, which word would best describe the group, as a whole, overall, altogether?

Question 25

How do you imagine a perfect family?

Along the same lines, you will now select which word or phrase best describes the “perfect” family - the word or phrase that summarizes exactly how you think a family and all of its members should be. Which word - of the four that are listed - best describes all of that for you?

Question 26

How should a father figure be?

Specifically, when looking at the father or at the father figure in a family, how do you think he should be? Do you think a dad should focus mainly on being tough? Poured completely into work? Not around at all? Or doing all he can for the family, no matter what?

Question 27

How should a mother/mother figure be?

And what about a mother or a mother figure? In your opinion, do you think this person of the family should be powerful? Should she be very sweet and caring? Do you picture her like a best friend? Or should she be more like the face of the family, doing things in public/for the world or community?

Question 28

What fun thing does your family do?

When you and your family members get together and are hanging out, what fun thing do you do together? What activity do you partake in, to bond and to escape from reality as a cohesive unit? Select one of these four fun options that could work/does work for your family.

Question 29

What not-so-fun thing does your family do?

On the other hand, there are probably other necessary tasks, boring activities or slightly awkward things that must be done at times (usually out of love). Out of the four listed here, which not-so-fun thing does your family do together, or which one of these have you endured with your family?

Question 30

Which father is the best?

Okay, you are almost done, but first, you have to tell us which dad from “Pretty Little Liars” you think is the best father/father figure and which one you would prefer having for yourself, if you lived within this fictional universe: Peter Hastings, Byron Montgomery, Tom Marin or Kenneth DiLaurentis?

Question 31

Which mother is the best?

Now, before you answer the last few questions, you have to tell us which mom from “Pretty Little Liars” you think is the best mother/mother figure and which one you would prefer having for yourself, if you lived within this fictional universe: Veronica Hastings, Ella Montgomery, Ashley Marin or Jessica DiLaurentis?

Question 32

Which sibling is the best?

And if you were in the world of “Pretty Little Liars”, which sibling would you want to have as your own? Which one is your favorite on the show? Which of these four characters do you think is a decent human being and a not-so-bad brother or sister - at least compared to the others?

Question 33

Which PLL is the best?

Only a few more questions are left before you find out which family from “Pretty Little Liars” you would belong to, but first, tell us which liar is the best out of Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin and Alison DiLaurentis. You can only pick one, and you have to pick one of these!

Question 34

Which family would you want to be part of?

As mentioned, there were several families that were featured on this thrilling TV show. Which fictional family unit would you choose to be part of if you were on the show PLL? Do you want to be a successful Hastings, a creative Montgomery, a stylish Marin or a secretive DiLaurentis?

Question 35

Which family is most like yours?

And, last but not least, of the same four families mentioned in the previous question - out of the Hastings family, the Montgomery family, the Marin family and the DiLaurentis family - which is the most like your own (whether that be a good thing or a bad one!)? Pick one to get your results!

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