If You Score Over 50% On This Pregnancy Quiz, Go Have Some Babies

Baby fever is in the air, and people are realizing that a new addition to the family would make things perfect. Of course, the people that have kids are laughing because they know just how much work is required to raise a tiny human. For all the new parents out there, they are learning things the hard way, and they are surely calling their mom and dad to ask them how in the world they did it. Raising a little one comes with a huge price tag and responsibility, but it also comes with a lifetime of incredible moments that we will carry with us forever.

Today, we want to test everyone with baby fever out there and see how much they know. If you score high enough, you know what to do...

Question 1

On average, how many months does it take for a couple to conceive?

Question 2

Which sense heightens during pregnancy?

Question 3

Where do embryos grow?

Question 4

Can twins be from different parents?

Question 5

What does a midwife do?

Question 6

What is the name of pregnancy class?

Question 7

True or False? Whenever possible, breastfeeding is recommended over giving formula.

Question 8

What day in a woman's cycle is best for conception?

Question 9

What do surrogate mothers do?

Question 10

A pregnancy has how many trimesters?

Question 11

When does a baby start to kick?

Question 12

What is it called when a baby is born bottom first?

Question 13

Do babies recognize face or voice first?

Question 14

An average pregnancy is how long?

Question 15

What helps reduce morning sickness?

Question 16

What does the "C" in "C-section" stand for?

Question 17

How many extra calories does a pregnant mom need?

Question 18

What food should pregnant women stay away from?

Question 19

Triplets consist of how many babies?

Question 20

Pregnancy tests look for what hormone?

Question 21

Recovery from labor takes how long?

Question 22

What does the baby need after feeding?

Question 23

True or False? Tall women are more likely to have twins.

Question 24

What is a false positive?

Question 25

Babies are typically born with which eye color?

Question 26

At which point in the pregnancy can a baby's gender be detected?

Question 27

What is "the mask of pregnancy"?

Question 28

What is an ectopic pregnancy?

Question 29

What should pregnant women be careful around?

Question 30

Twins that aren't identical are .... ?

Question 31

True or False? A woman's heart will grow in size during pregnancy.

Question 32

Aside from nursing, how does a mom feed an infant?

Question 33

What appears when the baby is crowning?

Question 34

Some women lose what after pregnancy?

Question 35

Can a baby’s hair change color over time?

Question 36

Trampolines: Should pregnant women bounce on them?

Question 37

Can triplets be identical?

Question 38

What is a premature baby?

Question 39

Labor typically lasts how long?

Question 40

What dilation should be reached before starting the birthing process?

Question 41

What should women avoid changing while pregnant?

Question 42

What are Braxton Hicks contractions?

Question 43

What's a common first sign of pregnancy?

Question 44

What is an epidural?

Question 45

When does implantation occur?

Question 46

When does the baby bump come along?

Question 47

What's the best way for pregnant women to sleep?

Question 48

How many babies make quadruplets?

Question 49

What cord connects mother and baby?

Question 50

Is it more common to have a boy or a girl?

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