Take The Pregnancy Quiz To Find Out If You're Ready For Motherhood

Pregnancy is one of the most amazing things any woman can experience. Imagine having to grow another human inside your flesh and blood. Mothers always talk about the connection they form with the baby they have yet to see and touch. Love is already building, existing and growing along with the beautiful baby. Pregnancy is pretty amusing in itself because as they say it, "No pregnancy is the same." Every experience is different but there are a lot of solid facts that every soon-to-be mom should be prepared for.

Being a mother makes women the heroes of the new generation of good people. It is motherhood and pregnancy that makes women special. This unique stage in every woman's life will change almost everything completely. There are plenty of things to do, to buy, to prepare, and to pay when a little one is coming to the family. Women should be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared for this 9-month journey because it will surely be a tough one. There are plenty of dos and don'ts that we need to follow for the sake of the baby's well-being. Do you think you are ready for motherhood? Are you truly ready to be pregnant? Answer this quiz to know if you are 100% ready for life with kids!

Question 1

How early can a baby's heartbeat be detected?

Mother and fathers are always excited to hear that small first heartbeat that confirms the baby is alive and well inside the tummy. At the early stages of pregnancy, the heartbeat is not easily detected using a Doppler monitor. But an ultrasound can definitely confirm a heartbeat. The moment we hear the small beating sound is like heaven that went down on us. It is definitely a priceless moment. Given this, how early do think can a baby's heartbeat be detected?

Question 2

True or False: Morning sickness ONLY happens in the morning?

A lot of pregnant women often complain about nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and vomiting. Some cannot even do anything all day and are advised to rest until the sickness goes away. It is extremely difficult to puke anything we eat. The tummy seems to be at war with any food aside from water. This seems exaggerated but it is true. Most complained about morning sickness. They hate mornings and hate doing anything at all. But is morning sickness ONLY happening in the morning?

Question 3

When does a baby start urinating inside the womb?

You may seem surprised to know that babies urinate inside the placenta. Well, that is true. As much as how disgusting it seems to be, babies even drink their pee and then pee again. It is like a cycle while inside the tummy. They swim in their pee too (obviously)! When they start urinating inside the womb, it signals that their kidneys are already well functioning and it starts processing the fetal blood flow. So when do babies usually start urinating inside the womb?

Question 4

What do you call the swelling that pregnant women experience?

Aside from morning sickness, pregnant women also suffer from swelling in their hands, feet, legs, and ankles. Swelling can occur at any point during the pregnancy. It really not a cause for concern but better have your doctor check it to be sure. The swelling is oftentimes caused by fluid retention in those areas. Fluid retention is actually important because it softens and allows the body to expand while the baby is growing. What do you call this swelling that pregnant women experience?

Question 5

True or False: A woman can only get pregnant by having sex during ovulation

One of the natural contraceptive methods includes the calendar method. In this method, women are taught to study their menstrual cycle and estimate the probable days of their fertility where they are to refrain from having sexual intercourse to avoid pregnancy. However, this method is also used by couples who are trying to conceive and tries their best to have sexual intercourse during this time. A lot of women are dependent on this method but is this really reliable? Do you think women can only get pregnant during their fertility days?

Question 6

When will a baby have all his or her fingerprints?

Fingerprints are used in identifying a person. It forms a unique curve, loops, ridges, and arches in the fingers, toes, and palms of fetuses while in the womb. The ridge pattern is the first identifying mark on a fetus' skin. The ridges will then form arches, loops and whorls with unique patterns in between that are seen on the fingertips, palms, and soles that help us grasp things tightly without slipping. When do you think babies have all their unique fingerprints?

Question 7

What doctor specializes in women and their reproductive health?

Doctors have chosen their specialization field during their training. Each part of the body of concern requires a different kind of doctor so that the concern would be given focus and attention. For women and pregnant women, there are doctors who specialize in female health, reproductive health, pregnancy, labor, and birth. They will ensure that moms-to-be will have a healthy pregnancy and the baby will grow well inside the womb. Do you know what doctor specializes in women and their reproductive health?

Question 8

When is the earliest time that a doctor can confirm a baby's gender?

One of the most exciting moments of pregnancy is the gender reveal moment. Parents would have to wait for weeks in agony before they finally know if they are having a girl or a boy. Some even prepare surprise gender reveal parties to celebrate the exciting news with family and friends. Plus, they would have to postpone shopping for baby items until they know the baby's gender. For excited parents, when is the earliest time that a doctor can confirm a baby's gender through ultrasound?

Question 9

What is the dark line forming on the abdomen of pregnant women?

There are plenty of pregnant women who experienced forming a dark line from the navel to the pubic bone. It even goes as high as the middle of the rib cage. If you aren't pregnant, there is actually a white line in the same area and it becomes darker as female hormones fluctuate during pregnancy. It doesn't really ring any concern and is pretty common among mothers. It does pass after childbirth without any needed treatment. What do you call this dark line?

Question 10

What is the cheese-like utero coating developed by babies?

During birth, babies are covered in cheese-like utero coating. This coating is a protective layer that babies form inside the womb. Its primary function is protecting the delicate skin of babies from the acidic environment of the amniotic fluid. It acts as a moisturizer to keep the baby's skin healthy. Furthermore, it acts as a natural lubricate that lets the baby slide smoothly and easily during childbirth. What do you call this thin white, cheese-like layer of coating that protects the baby's skin?

Question 11

What is the purpose of a mucus plug?

The mucus plug is one famous sign that a mother is nearing childbirth. It varies in color from clear, pink, brown to reddish brown. A few hours or days once the mucus plug comes out, the mother is likely to deliver the baby because the cervix is already dilated. But the mucus plus is more than just an indication of labor or childbirth. It has an important function and purpose that protects the fetus, uterus and placenta. What do you think is the primary purpose of a mucus plug?

Question 12

When do babies usually start getting their teeth?

Babies are the only creatures that are so cute even without a tooth. Their soft little babies are ticklish and feel nothing at all. When babies are teething, they show signs like increase production of saliva, wanting to bite everything they touch, gums are swelling or softer. Some do not show any signs at all and a tooth just come out of the blue. Plus, babies get easily irritated during teething stage. What month do babies usually have their teeth?

Question 13

What is the amniotic fluid mostly made of?

Amniotic fluid is important in the development and health of fetuses. It is a clear, yellowish fluid that forms as soon as 12 days from conception. The amniotic fluid contains hormones, nutrients, and antibodies. It is also a soft cushion that protects the baby from bumps or injury. The amniotic fluid is responsible for protecting the baby, maintaining temperature, fetal development, antibacterial, and umbilical cord support. It tells a lot about the health and development of babies. But what mostly comprises the amniotic fluid?

Question 14

What hormone is a pregnant woman's natural sedative?

Female hormones change drastically especially during pregnancy. Hormones are responsible for almost everything like vomiting, nausea, fatigue, increased libido, darkened belly line, growing hair, oily face or acne, enlarged breasts, and even mood swings. Hormones are signaling molecules produced by the glands that are transported through the blood in different organs of the body. One hormone is responsible for thickening uterine tissue lining. During pregnancy, there are high amounts of this certain hormone in the body causing tiredness or fatigue. What do you call this natural sedative hormone?

Question 15

True or False: A woman's heart grows bigger during pregnancy?

Figuratively, a mothers love grows bigger as she feels the baby growing inside of her. Physically, a mothers heart pumps more blood and performs double the work to support her and the developing fetus. The heart pumps twice as much blood as it used to and increases the cardiac output to keep up with the supply and demand. With the uterus being the shining star during pregnancy, it puts a lot of stress on the heart. Given all these facts about a mothers heart, do you think it actually grows bigger during pregnancy?

Question 16

Why is the breast growing bigger during pregnancy?

At the beginning of pregnancy, women experience soreness and tenderness of their breasts. It is due to increased hormone level that passes through the blood that causes changes in the breast tissue. You will significantly see a change in the size of your breast at around 6-8 weeks of pregnancy. You will also notice some bumps forming in the areola and veins and pigments under the skin of the breasts. To sooth the painful breast, it is suggested to use a wireless soft bra. Why do you think there is an increased hormone level resulting in bigger breasts?

Question 17

Can babies distinguish their mother's voice?

Babies and mothers have this unique bond. Mother already shows affection to the baby even while inside the womb and she falls in love even more as soon as she sees the baby. The little ones also seem to know that they want mommy immediately. Researchers did their best to study fetal development and their connection to their mothers. Babies already hear the sound of their mother's voice as soon as their ears are fully developed. Do you think they can distinguish their mother's voice from other sounds?

Question 18

What helps your baby grow inside the womb?

During birth, mothers form a new organ in the uterus that protects their developing baby. This new organ is responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients to the baby. It even removes toxic waste products from the blood of the baby. The umbilical cord arises from this new organ connecting it to the baby. It also promotes the formation of hormones that are responsible for supporting the pregnancy. The organ is formed from combined maternal and fetal tissue. What do you call this organ?

Question 19

True or False: Sex is okay for pregnant women (with no pregnancy complications)?

The number one concern of men with a pregnant wife is if they can continue to have sex. Sex is essential in every relationship. But a lot of people are afraid of what might happen if they perform the act while the woman is pregnant. Fathers have unproven beliefs that they might hurt the baby. some think they might hurt their wife, and some even believe that the baby knows they are doing the act. Do you think it is safe for women with normal pregnancy (no complications) to have sex?

Question 20

Identify which color of vaginal discharge is considered safe?

For women in general, vaginal discharge is an important sign of their reproductive health. Pregnant women need extra attention because they are more prone to infections. Ob/Gyns advice their patients to always observe their vaginal discharge if it seems to be normal or bordering weird so it can be tested and treated if needed. They are also taught the having a normal discharge is normal because it is the body's natural way of cleansing. What do you think is the safe color of a vaginal discharge?

Question 21

Myth or Fact: Pregnant women can workout too!

Some body-conscious or health-conscious women ask their doctors if they can continue to workout during their pregnancy. It can be extremely difficult to withdraw from these regular exercise habits if you are used to doing it. Exercise does bring good health to any person. But is it safe for pregnant women? Pregnant women are known to have softer bones and resistance because their bodies are preparing for childbirth. Do you think a pregnant woman can continue to workout throughout their trimester?

Question 22

Which type of exercise is NOT safe during pregnancy?

Provided that your doctors granted you approval to perform workouts, it is safe for pregnant women to exercise. Of course, you should avoid strenuous activities to prevent fatigue and stress on the baby and yourself. During pregnancy and childbirth, the abdominal muscles separate because of the pressure the uterus puts on it. There are recommended workouts and exercises to avoid during pregnancy. Be sure to talk to an expert before performing one. Which type of exercise is NOT safe during pregnancy?

Question 23

How do doctors estimate your due date?

It is very important for parents to know the estimated due date of their baby so they can plan and prepare everything before he or she is born. One of the biggest misconceptions is calculating the baby's due date. A lot of mothers and even fathers make mistakes in estimating due dates. Doctors are ready to rescue and explain it to the coupe. It has to be based on a certain date following the woman's cycle. How do doctors estimate the baby's due date correctly?

Question 24

When will your baby reach complete term?

It is extremely important for babies to reach full term before they are born. During the last month of pregnancy, the lung is still not fully developed. This is the reason why it is essential for babies to complete their term inside the womb. Premature babies always show a similar condition of a weak respiratory system that they carry into adulthood. Plus, we do not want to see our babies in neonatal intensive care units. When do you think babies reach complete term to be ready for delivery?

Question 25

What is the size of a fully dilated cervix?

The cervix is the opening of the uterus. During labor, the cervix softens and thins out to prepare for the delivery of the baby. It is very important for the cervix to full dilate so the baby can smoothly slide through the birth canal. Doctors always check the cervix of pregnant women to identify if they are experiencing pre-term labor or nearing the big day. A change in the dilated size of the cervix could mean the baby is coming real soon. Would you know what is the size of a fully dilated cervix?

Question 26

Myth or Fact: Contractions ONLY happen before and during labor?

You may not know everything about pregnancy but you will never forget a contraction when you feel one. There are different types of contractions but they are all uncomfortable and a painful. This is the sign that the body is pushing the baby down the birth canal. During labor, contraction is timed and it gets more frequent as the cervix comes to full dilation. A lot of moms think that contractions ONLY happen during active labor. Do you think that is a Myth or Fact?

Question 27

True or False: Nipple stimulation can induce labor?

The idea of inducing labors is to make the whole process faster and somehow easier for the mother. Labor is extremely painful and no one wants to stay long in labor because it is exhausting. The new practice uses a synthetic and injectable form of oxytocin, a hormone that induces labor naturally. But some people like to try all natural labor inducing paths before using synthetics. Of course, the body should be prepared for labor before trying anything. Do you actually think nipple stimulation can induce labor?

Question 28

What is the normal weight of newborns delivered at full term?

A baby born at complete term should fall under the normal weight range. This is a good indication that a baby is healthy and ready to be taken home. Low birth weight is oftentimes due to less time in the uterus to develop and grow., but other concerns can cause low birth weight on babies. If babies have low birth weight, they are admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit until they are well enough to leave the hospital. What is the normal weight range of newborns?

Question 29

What is the distinct term for the first poop of babies?

Newborns poop like all the time. Newborn babies need a lot of diapers, about 10-12 pieces per day during their first month. The first poop of newborns is colored very dark green to black. It is composed of the materials the baby ingested during their time in the uterus. Basically, it is made of intestinal epithelial cells, lanugo, mucus, amniotic fluid, bile, and water. Some babies poop before they are delivered which doctors are trying to watch out for. What do you call a baby's first poop?

Question 30

Compare childbirth in terms of broken bones: How painful would it be?

Mothers are real heroes. Scientists and doctors agree that childbirth is one of the most painful experience a person can ever feel. Researchers even conducted a study that concluded childbirth to be as painful as 57 del (unit) of pain. That is like bones being fractured all at the same time. And mothers walk happily and loved once their little ones are born. Can you compare childbirth pain in terms of how many borns are fractured at the same time?

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