If You Can Name These Famous Cartoon Characters You Had A Great Childhood

Cartoons have been around for ages, and over the years they’ve proven that they’re for not only children, but for adults as well. Many classic cartoons, like the Looney Tunes bunch, and even modern marvels like Adventure Time have been enjoyed by every single generation, and it speaks volumes about the creators and their respective creations. It’s hard to imagine childhood life without Saturday morning cartoons (or any morning for that matter).

Many kids remember watching rag-tag animals, bright and bold superheroes, and even talking babies. Those shows helped to inform children on normative behavior, and the difference between being morally right and morally wrong. That’s a tough subject to tackle when you’re dealing with children in the height of their premature development stages. But there are hundreds of cartoons that could very well stack up against some of the greatest scripted television shows when it comes to impressive character development and overall writing.

So it’s no wonder that even as children get older, they long for the time when they were able to just eat a bowl of cereal, and squat down in front of the television to see a multitude of animated characters joking, messing around, and just having a good time. Test your cartoon knowledge, and see if you remember these famous characters.

1Who Is This Rascally Rabbit?

There are few characters in the history of animation (the great Mickey Mouse withstanding) that can measure up to the popularity of this animated pioneer. Not only does this character manage to bring ample amounts of sass to the table in every episode, but he manages to teach kids about an important life tool, wit. Being able to think things through and be ahead of the curve is quintessential if you’re going to strive in life, and this little troublemaker was always several steps ahead of his counterparts. Sometimes it pays off to be a rascal.

2Who Is This Noble Adventurer?

Adventure Time is a once in a lifetime cartoon program. You’d be hard pressed to find someone that isn’t captivated by the magic, humor, and self-referential humor that this program brings to the table. I’ve personally met an equal amount of adults that enjoy this show, sometimes even more than the children that watch it. It’s big, bold storytelling that is hard to produce on television, the only show with an equal scope that comes to mind is perhaps Game of Thrones. But when it comes to children, they don’t have too many options, but this adventure tale has them more than covered.

3Can You Name This Evil Little Monster?

Many people would put South Park on an equal pedestal with the likes of The Simpsons, King of the Hill, and Family Guy when it comes to adult entertainment, and they’re not necessarily wrong. This show reigns supreme when it comes to parody of pop-culture. No other show has been able to turn out episodes weekly that deal with new issues in a timely and clever manner with the same consistency of South Park. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are literal entertainment wizards, and this little potty-mouthed crusader might be their greatest creation yet.

4Who Is This Dim-Witted Yellow Father?

Matt Groening owns the world of adult animated television. Whether or not you tend to prefer South Park or Family Guy to this famous long-running show, it still stands as the trailblazer for all future (adult-centered) animated entertainment. And a lot of the show’s charm comes from its central father figure, this donut-loving blue collar worker has been making audiences laugh for nearly 30 years now. And it’s all but guaranteed that one of these days we’ll see him on the big screen again, because The Simpsons Movie was a riot.

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