Do You Know If These Fighting-Type Pokémon Are Real Or Fake?

The original Pokémon games featured fifteen types, each with its own pros and cons. One of these early types was the Fighting-type, which was presented as the type that was composed of the toughest attackers.

However, the early Fighting-type Pokémon suffered from extensive problems from the onset that made it hard for fans and players to really care about them. First, there were very few actual Fighting-type moves for many generations, which meant that most Fighting-type Pokémon couldn’t actually do anything versatile.

Secondly, the early games had a lot of type imbalances which made the Fighting-type almost completely useless, since it didn’t do much damage against the types in existence at the time. This was due to the fact that all Fighting-type attacks were physical, and didn’t get reworked until the fourth generation of games.

Over the years, Fighting-type Pokémon, as well as their moves, have undergone significant changes. Back in the early days of the Pokémon franchise, most Fighting-type Pokémon could be identified pretty easily: the buff, muscular human-shaped Pokémon and those that wore pieces of clothing (belts, punching gloves, etc.) were obviously fighting types.

Since then, many different type combinations have been introduced, which has made it harder to tell which Pokémon is which type. Furthermore, the development of artistic software and the ability to share ideas across the internet has led to the spread of fan-made and fake Pokémon that look so convincing that many people think they’re the real thing.

In this quiz, it’s up to you to tell which of these 35 Fighting-type Pokémon are real and which ones are fake. You’ll be given an image along with a description and it’ll be up to you to determine if the creature being shown and described is real or completely made up.

Good luck.

1Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

The supposed Fighting-type bear-like Pokémon seen here is a prime example of the phrase ‘never judge a book by its cover’. Despite looking like an oversized teddy bear that one would buy for their child, this weird creature is actually one of if not the most dangerous Pokémon in all of Alola, at least according to its Pokédex entry. In fact, it’s so dangerous that even getting a hug from it (literally, a bearhug) could cause its trainer considerable harm.

2Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

The Pokémon design in this entry is interesting because it is one of the few purported Pokémon that has a tool in its official art. This ogre-like creature is always seen holding one massive slab of concrete in each hand, suggesting that it actually uses these as weapons when fighting. Not since the first generation bird Farfetch’d has there been a Pokémon that is always seen with an item that isn’t directly attached to its own body, which makes this creature one of the most unique Fighting Pokémon in the franchise.

3Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

For many fans of Pokémon, Alakazam is the bane of all Fighting-types. The infamous Psychic-type with the long moustache has long been known for being ridiculously fast and powerful, which enabled it to destroy almost anything that stood in its path. Now, the famous Psychic has gotten a re-work for Pokémon Sun and Moon. Switching its spoons for martial arts weapons, Alolan Alakazam is a pure Fighting-type whose move-set has also undergone a radical shift. This new form has quickly established itself as one of the most dangerous new Fighting-types in the game with its impressive speed and unpredictability.

4Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

The odd Pokémon seen here appears to be a cross between a bunch of things. Its overall body makes it look like a rabbit, and its shape would lead one to conclude that it’s supposed to be feminine. But then, you have its ‘hair’ wrapped backwards with the Pokémon equivalent of hairbands, and it looks like its legs are covered in torn black leggings. Simply put, this looks like someone drew the Pokémon equivalent of a girl you’d find at the gym, albeit with an animalistic twist.

5Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

For many people, Primeape was the first Fighting-type they were exposed to, as it was one of the first ones found in the games and one of the first Fighting-types seen in the TV series that Ash caught (and later released). The aggressive pig/monkey thing has, like many of its first generation brethren, undergone a massive transformation thanks to prevalence of Alolan forms. Alolan Primeape has the combination of Fighting and Steel types, which makes it immune to Poison-type attacks. At the same time, though, it’s also now weak to Fire-type attacks, which doesn’t do it any favors since it doesn’t have very good Special Defense.

6Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

A lot of Pokémon are based on either real-life animals or exaggerations of different kinds of people found around the world. The one seen here, called Hariyama, was originally a Pokémon version of a far sumo wrestler. To give that same Pokémon some much-needed variety, it was bestowed with an Alolan form. This new version of the same Pokémon has a secondary Grass-typing to go with its new look (it has shifted from a far sumo wrestler to a slightly lighter tropical dancer), which gives it much more usefulness in a competitive setting.

7Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

The creatures in the newest Pokémon games called the Ultra Beasts are some of the most bizarre creatures ever proposed by anyone, whether fans or official designers for Game Freak. They appear to be combinations of different animal parts, far more than most Pokémon, which tend to resemble real-life animals. The Fighting-type Ultra Beast seen here has the muscular torso of a powerlifter on steroids while also possessing the head and proboscis of an overgrown mosquito. Clearly someone was way out there when they came up with this design.

8Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

For many years, Pokémon have been drawn in ways that give them some sort of connection to a real-world concept. One such a concept is pro wrestling, which is in some cases as niche a subject as Pokémon itself. This supposed Fighting-type Pokémon is based on the idea of a lucha libre wrestler, complete with tassel-like wings à la ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage and a head shaped like a luchadore’s mask. Given how kitschy both Pokémon and wrestling really are, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Pokémon decided to ‘reference’ that interesting form of sports/artistic athleticism.

9Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

One of the most recent Pokémon to be released was Marshadow, a Ghost/Fighting-type. Released as an event-only Pokémon, Marshadow’s first form was described as its ‘incomplete form’, and that, like many of its predecessors, it had a secondary form that could only be unlocked after the player had acquired or accomplished something. In Marshadow’s case, the player needs to obtain an item called the ‘pendant of Requiem’ and make Marshadow hold it. Once that happens, Marshadow will transform into its ‘complete form’, seen here.

10Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

Back in the second generation of games, Pokémon underwent a massive change in the game’s type balancing. Two new types were introduced: Dark and Steel types, both of which were done to balance out the previously-overpowered Psychic-type. At the same time, Bug types were slowly getting re-balanced as well, as they were notoriously weak and unreliable. One of the few Bug-types to gain any success in those early days was Heracross, which was a Bug/Fighting-type. It was very popular due its type combination and stats, and then got even more dangerous when its mega-evolution – seen here – was added.

11Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

Machamp was one of the most powerful Fighting-types for many years. Possessing strong Attack, good HP and decent defenses, it was a great choice for many trainers for several generations. Lately, however, its usefulness has declined due to the game becoming far more balanced and stronger Fighting-types being added. Luckily for fans of this Pokémon, there’s hope for it as it now has a mega-evolution. Not only does Mega-Machamp gain a new pair of arms, but it also gains even more Attack power and an enormous boost in its Speed, making it far more dangerous than it ever was before.

12Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

At first glance, any Pokémon that has a type combination of Poison and Fighting – like Toxicroak here – would look like an awful choice, given its quadruple weakness to Psychic-type attacks. However, Mega-Toxicroak has a trick up its sleeve that disregards this glaring weakness: its unique ability, ‘Contemplation’. This new ability halves damage specifically from Pokémon whose own type have an advantage over it. In this case, all attacks from Psychic-type Pokémon will do much less damage than they would otherwise.

13Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

The three starters of the sixth generation of Pokémon games – X & Y – had their final forms all follow the standard choice for most fantasy RPGs: a warrior, a fast attacker, and a mage. Chesnaught, the Grass/Fighting starter, was obviously presented as the physical fighter. But few people anticipated that it would become so popular as to require a mega-evolution in those games’ immediate sequels. It’s thanks to that popularity explosion that the new Mega-Chesnaught is now one of the best and most dangerous physically-defensive Pokémon in the entire game.

14Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

Lucario was an early favorite among Pokémon fans when Diamond & Pearl were released. It’s Fighting/Steel type combination, wide variety of moves, and generally badass look made its popularity grow immensely. It has since appeared in numerous spin-off games and has been a frequent sight in Pokémon media in general. As if Lucario wasn’t awesome enough, someone decided to come up with a different design for it. This new Lucario form is its proposed Mega-Evolution, which makes is said to be obtainable in Pokémon X & Y.

15Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

There are only two Pokémon that are rumored to mega-evolve into two different forms, both of them being Pokémon from the original generation. The first is Charizard, which has two distinct forms which have different type combinations. The second is Mewtwo, the original legendary that was stronger than anything else. Apparently, someone thought that Mewtwo wasn’t strong enough, and proposed a mega-evolution for it. This form grants Mewtwo a secondary Fighting type and boosts its Attack stat to incredible levels that make it possible for Mewtwo to destroy entire teams singlehandedly.

16Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

Poliwrath has always been a Pokémon that lacked that special something to help it stand out in a crowd. Its stats are balanced and its Water/Fighting type makes it versatile. But being balanced hasn’t led to good things for this original Pokémon. As a result, a mega-evolution was proposed for it when X & Y were first announced. This mega-evolution is unique in that it doesn’t boost either its Attack or Special Stat. Instead, both of its Defenses get the boosts, turning it into a surprisingly-formidable tank.

17Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

If there was ever a word that could be used to describe the newest batch of Pokémon, it would be ‘lopsided’. The majority of the new Pokémon found in the newest game are relatively ‘one-dimensional’, in that they could only serve one purpose. Among those that fit into this category is the one seen here, which is apparently a pure Fighting-type. Surprisingly, it’s relatively fast for an Alolan Pokémon, as the creature designers made most of the new creatures slow. Since Speed is arguably the most important stat in the game, this makes any fast Pokémon much more useful than a slower one.

18Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

This strange-looking thing looks like it was an amateurish attempt to create something that looked like a cross between a Pokémon and an anorexic model. From the author’s description, this thing is apparently supposed to be extremely powerful and versatile as both a physical and special attacker. At the same time, it’s believed to be the perfect definition of a glass cannon: strong offensively, but incredibly frail. That might explain the design: something that can dish out a lot of damage while being almost completely incapable of withstanding any damage itself.

19Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

In Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, there is a daily feature that allows you to visit a ‘roaming island’ that changes position every day. Each time the island resets, the Pokémon that can be found there and the items that can be unlocked also change. As of the most recent update to that game, another additional feature was added. If you complete a special puzzle, you’ll be able to unlock a feature that allows ultra-rare items to appear on this island once a week. One of those is the rare item ‘Scraftonite’, which is needed for Scrafty to transform into its mega-evolution seen here.

20Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

The creature design seen here is a bit of a confusing one, since the purported Fighting-type Pokémon here wears clothes. There have been a few examples of Pokémon wearing clothes, which indicates that these creatures are smart enough to dress themselves. At the same time, the general concept of Pokémon is that their intelligence is below that of a human. This begs the question: are the Pokémon that wear clothes some kind of human-Pokémon hybrid? If so, that would be a very disconcerting concept for some of the franchise’s target audience.

21Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

When it comes to creating memorable Pokémon, whether you’re part of Game Freak itself or a fan trying to show off your own creativity, coming up with a winning combination is extremely hard. You need to come up with the right design, give it realistic stats and moves, and then give it a name that makes sense. For the Fighting-type seen here, it passes in most categories, but fails completely in the name department. It takes the prize for ‘laziest name award’ as its English name is literally a corruption of the word ‘throw’.

22Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

Eastern cultures have a very strong fascination with monkeys. They’ve been presented as deities and symbols of warrior spirit for centuries, and many different fighting styles in different disciplines have monkey-related names. Game Freak took that idea and ran with it when they created this Pokémon, which debuted in Sun and Moon. Although its stats aren’t the best, it is unique in that it’s the first-ever Ground/Fighting type, which makes it immune to Electric attacks. This is critical for quick Fighting-types, as paralysis is a major problem for them.

23Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

The Pokémon Gallade can be considered the yin to Gardevoir’s yang. While the latter is Special Attack-focused and has an obviously feminine appearance, this one is more geared towards physical combat and masculinity. These traits become more pronounced when both of them mega-evolve. Mega-Gardevoir looks like it’s wearing one of those enormously-wide Victorian dresses, while Mega-Gallade goes from having a big sword arm to having a big sword arm and a heroic cape to further sell its look as a fighter.

24Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

Another example of ‘not judging a book by its cover’, the creature shown here is described by its original artist as being an incredibly dangerous Water/Fighting type Pokémon. Like many other ‘side legendaries’ – that is, legendary Pokémon that don’t necessarily play a part in a game’s main story – it has a second form that it can transform into once a certain criterion is met. In this case, it has to learn a specific move before it can transform and become an even more dangerous Fighting-type.

25Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

One of the many Pokémon released in the fifth generation was a pure Fighting-type called Mienshao, which had its design based on classic martial arts of east Asia. But that wasn’t enough for this lightning-fast sweeper, as it was one of several Fighting-types to be given a new mega-evolution in Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. The new Mega-Mienshao gets a major boost to speed and to both defenses, which allows it to last much longer in battle once it mega-evolves.

26Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

Back in Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire, two completely unrelated Pokémon were introduced: Zangoose and Seviper. They were both described as having longstanding blood feud with each other, which made interactions between them far more interesting. Game Freak has reintroduced that concept with this Fighting-type Pokémon, named ‘Eluchadon’. This Pokémon is described as having an intense and bitter rivalry with a similar Pokémon, Hawlucha, and this is even played up in the game in a small side cinematic whereby the player will witness two trainers trying to restrain these two Pokémon as they seek to defeat each other.

27Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

Game Freak deserves credit for taking a more realistic approach with their latest games as they mention real-world concepts that are important to biology. One such a concept is the idea of invasive species and how they threaten local ecosystems. That theme is introduced with Alolan Teddiursa and Alolan Ursaring, another set of bear-like Pokémon. It’s explained that this family were introduced by mistake to Alola, and somehow managed to thrive on one of the islands. Over time, they developed a secondary Fighting-type, and eventually became something of an alpha species. This led to them coming into conflict with another Pokémon species with a similar type combination and design, which makes for a very interesting sub-plot for the game.

28Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

When Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire was announced, a poll was released to determine which Pokémon from the original Ruby & Sapphire would get a mega-evolution. At first, many people weren’t sure if this poll was real or not, yet they voted anyway. During the first month of votes, this Pokémon got a majority of votes, which led to artwork being released showing the new Mega-Breloom. The artwork also included intricate details about both its state and where its mega stone could be found, leading many to conclude this was a very real poll indeed.

29Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

Snorlax has long been known as the embodiment of sloth: it’s an enormous mass that just eats and sleeps all day. Yet oddly, when it does bother fighting, it can actually be powerful. Apparently, someone in Game Freak thought it would be funny to give Snorlax a different form, and someone higher up than that person gave the OK. Thus, Alolan Snorlax came to be. Being a pure Fighting-type instead of a pure Norma-type, Alolan Snorlax is almost identical to its counterpart in almost every way. The only major changes are its type, the slight changes to its design, and that its new ability is Vital Spirit, which prevents sleep altogether.

30Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

Nidoking was one of the best Pokémon to have in the earlier generations of games. It was highly versatile in terms of the moves it could learn, and its stats were balanced enough that it could thrive either as a physical or special attacker. Now, with Alolan forms being all the rage, Nidoking was one of the earliest ones to be given a new form. It exchanges its Poison type for a Fighting type, while also retaining its secondary Ground-type. While this makes it better from an attacking perspective, it’s also harmful defensively because now it’s susceptible to being poisoned.

31Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

For many years, creating proper type combinations for starters has proven itself a problem for Game Freak. For three consecutive generations, the Fire-type starter had a secondary Fighting-type, which also includes this one. Based on a combination of characters from Chinese and Hindu epics, this Fighting-type is alleged to be incredibly fast and highly versatile. This is unlike both its third generation predecessor and fifth generation successor, both of which are known to be far more limited in terms of what they can do and what one can expect from either of them.

32Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

Despite being one of the oldest and most well-known Pokémon types, there has never been a pure Fighting-type legendary Pokémon. The closest to that are the handful of dual-types that are both Fighting-type and have a secondary typing as well. One of the legendaries from the fifth generation was the one whose mega-evolution can be seen here. That Pokémon has the combination of Grass and Fighting-types, and was especially good at absorbing damage. Now, with a mega-evolution and increased stats, this new form is quite possibly the strongest Fighting-type in the entire game.

33Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

Hitmonchan was one of the first Fighting-types ever seen. It’s obvious design and enormous boxing gloves made it clear this thing was meant to destroy its opponents with its physical strikes. However, Hitmonchan wouldn’t actually get to use most of those signature punching moves until more or less a decade after it was released, as some of the best ‘punching’ moves were special instead of physical attacks. But that wasn’t the only problem of Hitmonchan’s that was rectified recently; it was also given a mega-evolution that not only changes its look, but also makes it significantly stronger and faster as well.

34Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

Being a Pokémon with only one type isn’t usually a good thing, especially when you’re built for attacking, like Kingler is. The original crab was always built to do damage, but struggled for a long time to actually do so. This was because Water-type attacks were all Special up until Diamond & Pearl and its Special Attack stat is awful. Luckily, not only did that game mechanic switch, but so did Kingler’s typing thanks to an Alolan form. While original Kingler is still a pure Water-type, its Alolan cousin is Water/Fighting, which opens a whole new realm of possibilities for the original crab.

35Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

The original Pokémon games featured two signature Fighting-type Pokémon that most people remember quite fondly: Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee. These two Fighting-types were based on Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, respectively, and were a simple duo based on punching and kicking. Yet for some reason, someone thought that it was a good idea to add a third entry to this set. That third Fighting-type, seen here, seems to be focused on spinning and the capoeira fighting style. So in a nutshell, you have a puncher, a kicker and spinner; one of these things just doesn’t belong here.

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