Do You Know If These Fighting-Type Pokémon Are Real Or Fake?

The original Pokémon games featured fifteen types, each with its own pros and cons. One of these early types was the Fighting-type, which was presented as the type that was composed of the toughest attackers.

However, the early Fighting-type Pokémon suffered from extensive problems from the onset that made it hard for fans and players to really care about them. First, there were very few actual Fighting-type moves for many generations, which meant that most Fighting-type Pokémon couldn’t actually do anything versatile.

Secondly, the early games had a lot of type imbalances which made the Fighting-type almost completely useless, since it didn’t do much damage against the types in existence at the time. This was due to the fact that all Fighting-type attacks were physical, and didn’t get reworked until the fourth generation of games.

Over the years, Fighting-type Pokémon, as well as their moves, have undergone significant changes. Back in the early days of the Pokémon franchise, most Fighting-type Pokémon could be identified pretty easily: the buff, muscular human-shaped Pokémon and those that wore pieces of clothing (belts, punching gloves, etc.) were obviously fighting types.

Since then, many different type combinations have been introduced, which has made it harder to tell which Pokémon is which type. Furthermore, the development of artistic software and the ability to share ideas across the internet has led to the spread of fan-made and fake Pokémon that look so convincing that many people think they’re the real thing.

In this quiz, it’s up to you to tell which of these 35 Fighting-type Pokémon are real and which ones are fake. You’ll be given an image along with a description and it’ll be up to you to determine if the creature being shown and described is real or completely made up.

Good luck.

1Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

The supposed Fighting-type bear-like Pokémon seen here is a prime example of the phrase ‘never judge a book by its cover’. Despite looking like an oversized teddy bear that one would buy for their child, this weird creature is actually one of if not the most dangerous Pokémon in all of Alola, at least according to its Pokédex entry. In fact, it’s so dangerous that even getting a hug from it (literally, a bearhug) could cause its trainer considerable harm.

2Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

The Pokémon design in this entry is interesting because it is one of the few purported Pokémon that has a tool in its official art. This ogre-like creature is always seen holding one massive slab of concrete in each hand, suggesting that it actually uses these as weapons when fighting. Not since the first generation bird Farfetch’d has there been a Pokémon that is always seen with an item that isn’t directly attached to its own body, which makes this creature one of the most unique Fighting Pokémon in the franchise.

3Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

For many fans of Pokémon, Alakazam is the bane of all Fighting-types. The infamous Psychic-type with the long moustache has long been known for being ridiculously fast and powerful, which enabled it to destroy almost anything that stood in its path. Now, the famous Psychic has gotten a re-work for Pokémon Sun and Moon. Switching its spoons for martial arts weapons, Alolan Alakazam is a pure Fighting-type whose move-set has also undergone a radical shift. This new form has quickly established itself as one of the most dangerous new Fighting-types in the game with its impressive speed and unpredictability.

4Is this Fighting-type Pokémon real or fake?

The odd Pokémon seen here appears to be a cross between a bunch of things. Its overall body makes it look like a rabbit, and its shape would lead one to conclude that it’s supposed to be feminine. But then, you have its ‘hair’ wrapped backwards with the Pokémon equivalent of hairbands, and it looks like its legs are covered in torn black leggings. Simply put, this looks like someone drew the Pokémon equivalent of a girl you’d find at the gym, albeit with an animalistic twist.

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