Think You Remember Pokemon The First Movie? Then Score At Least 70% On This Quiz!

It's hard to believe that Pokémon has now been around in some form since all the way back in 1996. First appearing as dual games on Nintendo's Gameboy, Pokémon Red & Blue (or Green if you lived in Japan) kicked off what would become one of the biggest franchises the world has ever seen.

After the games became such a success, they spawned a series of manga books, which in turn inspired an anime show, which in turn then inspired a series of movies. We've gotten toys, trading cards, and titles that feature different gameplay than the RPG series, like "Pokémon Snap" and "Pokémon Stadium."

It seems like the world of Pokémon will never stop expanding, with the current total of the little monsters reaching over 800. It has spanned across generations, with kids today still discovering it for the first time while adults can look back with fondness at their memories of the original 151.

For many, Pokémon will never again reach the level of hype provided by the first games and the earlier seasons of the show. It was a worldwide phenomenon, and when the first feature length film was released on the big screen, it became an event that every fan had to experience. So how well do you remember Pokémon: The First Movie? Take this quiz and find out.

Question 1

Who is the villain of "Pokémon: The First Movie?"

The plot of the Pokémon show revolved around Ash Ketchum, a young boy going on an adventure to become the best Pokémon trainer of all time. Each episode would focus on a different story, often introducing new Pokémon to viewers. But the movie focused on a different type of adventure. Ash and his friends Brock and Misty were invited to an island by a mysterious host. This host also invited other trainers and planned to steal their Pokémon for unknown reasons. Who was this villain?

Question 2

Who's that Pokémon?

The good people at Nintendo must have been hard at work developing new Pokémon by the time this movie was released. Not only did 2nd generation Pokémon debut in this movie and the short that appeared before it, but one had also already been seen in the show. This adorable egg Pokémon is carried around by Misty. And though it isn't very good at fighting, it has shown that it can be quite powerful. This is one of the only Pokémon that isn't stolen by Mewtwo for cloning, as Misty is quick to hide it in her bag. What is its name?

Question 3

Who gets turned to stone?

During the climax of the movie, it's an all out war. All of the Pokémon are fighting cloned versions of themselves. Even Mew shows up to fight Mewtwo. The only Pokémon who choose not to fight are Ash's Pikachu, who refuses to fight another version of himself, and Meowth, who reflects on the violent outcome with his clone. But during this great battle, Mew and Mewtwo both shoot giant psychic beams at each other. Someone is caught in the middle and gets turned to stone. Who is it?

Question 4

What was the name of the short that premiered before the movie?

As the movie was going to be a bit darker and more serious than the show, it made total sense to show a lighthearted animated short film before the feature film. This short focused more on the Pokémon than the humans. Ash, Misty, and Brock leave their Pokémon at a theme park specifically designed for them. But it isn't long before they run into a group of bullies that they start competing against. It all works out in the end as they make friends with the other Pokémon. What is the name of this short?

Question 5

Which Pokémon from the 2nd generation makes their debut in the short?

As previously stated, the plot of the short shown before "Pokémon: The First Movie" revolves around Ash's Pokémon butting heads with Pokémon that like to bully at a theme park. Two of the members of this group were Cubone and Raichu, but the other two were actually making their anime debut as they were part of the second generation of Pokémon. One was the adorable water-mouse Pokémon Marill, who would grow in popularity thanks to the anime and his minor inclusion in "Super Smash Bros." Who was the other one?

Question 6

What is the subtitle of this movie?

Sometimes, when creating a franchise, a studio will just number each entry. But other times, they'll give it a subtitle. Star Wars has been doing it for years, and these subtitles give the audience a little taste of what's to come in the movie. Many movies set in the "Pokémon" universe have also done this. And while this movie is called "Pokémon: The First Movie," it even has a second subtitle. Fun fact: this subtitle is also the title of the manga adaptation of this movie. What was it?

Question 7

What is different about the clone of Meowth?

The first clones shown in the movie (other than Mewtwo, of course) are Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur. They look similar to what they're supposed to look like, except that they are striped. As the trainers start to lose their Pokémon to Mewtwo, who clones them, the clones begin to look more similar to their real counterparts. Meowth from Team Rocket is also cloned, though accidentally as he is not captured by Mewtwo. But there's something different about his clone. What is it?

Question 8

What part of Mew is used to clone her?

Just like every sci-fi movie that features a powerful being or world-ending event, "Pokémon: The First Movie" begins with scientists experimenting with something they shouldn't. Mew, the rarest and supposedly most powerful Pokémon in all of existence, is cloned by doctors hired by Giovanni, the man behind Team Rocket. The process is a success, but it isn't long before the clone turns on his makers, setting the film's plot in motion. But what is the small bit of Mew the scientists used to clone her?

Question 9

What is the name of the doctor who clones Mew?

Ash and his friends have this guy to thank for creating Mewtwo and almost destroying the world. But he's not such a bad guy. He only wanted to discover and experiment, like all scientists do. Giovanni, on the other hand, is one bad dude. He's the leader of Team Rocket and funded this good doctor's research so that he could create a clone of Mew and use that clone for his own personal gain. Unfortunately for the doctor, he was successful. And he paid the ultimate price. What was his name?

Question 10

How does Giovanni offer to "help" Mewtwo?

The villains of Pokémon are Team Rocket, who, in the show, are often personified by the bumbling trio of Jesse, James, and Meowth. The leader of Team Rocket, however, is anything but bumbling. His name is Giovanni, and he is cold and calculating. He funds the research of scientists to clone Mew, and when Mewtwo destroys the laboratory and the scientists in it, he watches. He takes advantage of Mewtwo in this time and offers to help him hone his powers using special technology. What does he give Mewtwo to help him with his powers?

Question 11

Which episode of "Pokémon" does this movie cross over with?

While this movie ends without having a lasting effect on the plot of the show, it did tie into it in a pretty cool way. Ash's rival Gary travels to Viridian City to battle Giovanni for the Earth Badge. Yes, the leader of Team Rocket is also a gym leader. In a completely unfair move, Giovanni sets the ridiculously powerful Mewtwo on Gary's Pokémon, who are in turn absolutely decimated. This scene was also shown in the movie briefly when telling Mewtwo's origin story. Which episode was it that tied in with the movie?

Question 12

Which Pokémon from the 2nd generation makes their debut in this movie?

While most of the Pokémon seen in this movie came from the original 151, there was one who wasn't included in the first generation. At the beginning of the movie, Ash is challenged by a wandering trainer named Raymond. The two battle it out over the movie's opening credits. And while Raymond has some pretty powerful Pokémon like Machamp and Golem, the one he begins the battle with isn't part of the original 151 at all. It's part of the next generation. Which of these Pokémon is it?

Question 13

Which Pokémon does Mewtwo use to deliver his invitations?

As stated earlier, Mewtwo sends invitations to multiple Pokémon trainers asking them to meet him on his island. As any trainer worth their salt would jump at an opportunity to prove themselves, this invitation attracts all manner of trainers. To keep his identity a mystery, Mewtwo uses a certain Pokémon to deliver his invitations to the trainers. This Pokémon shows up at the beginning of the movie just as Ash is winning a Pokémon battle. Which of these Pokémon is it?

Question 14

Who is Mewtwo using as his puppet?

One of the true marks of villainy is brainwashing. We've seen it in countless works of fiction: if you want someone to comply, just hijack their brain. And since Mewtwo is a psychic Pokémon, he probably doesn't even have to try that hard to get a person to do what he wants. Take this woman, for example. She is used as the hologram projected by the invitation to bring people to Mewtwo's island. She also serves as their greeter once they get there. She remembers who she is later in the movie. Who is she?

Question 15

What is the name of Mewtwo's island?

Receiving an invitation from a mysterious character asking you to come to an even more mysterious island must be incredibly enticing. This island is actually where Mewtwo was born, or rather, created. He destroyed the lab and everyone in it during the prologue of the movie, but returned their to rebuild his own fortress. It's on this island that most of the movie takes place, but Mewtwo doesn't make it easy to get to. To weed out any weak trainers, he creates a storm making it harder to get to. What is the name of this island?

Question 16

What is Mewtwo's grand plan?

Mewtwo is one unhappy Pokémon. He was cloned from Mew and resents it. But more importantly, the whole purpose he was created for was to be used by humans to defeat other Pokémon. And once he realized this, his burning hatred for humans exploded. Literally. He even hates any Pokémon that aren't wild, as they choose to serve their masters whom he hates so much. Once the trainers start arriving at his island, he challenges them all to battle. What is his main goal?

Question 17

Who is the last Pokémon to be captured by Mewtwo?

Once Mewtwo quickly wins his battle, he sends out his psychically controlled pokeballs (or clone balls, if you will) to capture the Pokémon of his guests. Try as they might, the trainers and Pokémon are helpless against Mewtwo's tech. They try fighting them, running away, and Ash even tries putting some of his back into their Pokeballs, but it doesn't work. There's one Pokémon who is able to evade them for a time, and is the last one standing. Unfortunately, it draws all of the attention. Which Pokémon is the last to get captured?

Question 18

How are Team Rocket disguised to fool Ash and his friends?

Team Rocket has been a staple of the series as far back as the very first set of games. The members we spend most of the time with on the TV show are more for comedic relief than anything. Jesse, James, and Meowth are constantly trying to steal Ash's Pikachu, and more often than not their plans include ridiculous costumes to hide their true identity. When they find out about Mewtwo's invitation, they follow the same formula and offer Ash and his friends safe passage through the storm with their boat. What are they dressed as?

Question 19

What is this trainer's name?

Ash, Misty, and Brock aren't the only trainers to accept Mewtwo's invitation to his island. But they are some of the only ones who manage to make it through the storm. Still, they're not alone. Several other trainers make it to the island with the help of their Pokémon. One of them was this hot-headed trainer. Once Mewtwo revealed himself, this young man was the first to speak out against him, saying that a Pokémon can't be a trainer. But he would learn how wrong he was. What is his name?

Question 20

What is this trainer's name?

This trainer showed no fear when a storm stood in her way from reaching Mewtwo's island. All she had to do was hop on the back of her trusty Dewgong and head out to sea. Though she probably grew to regret that decision later in the movie. She was one of the trainers who accepted Mewtwo's challenge and battled before her Pokémon were taken away from her. While this movie was her first appearance, she did show up again in "Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!" What is her name?

Question 21

Which Pokémon battle their clone versions first?

Before Mewtwo takes it upon himself to relieve all of the present trainers of their Pokémon, he gives them one shot to prove that their bond is more powerful than he and his clones. Three of the trainers face off against three of Mewtwo's Pokémon. Ash, along with a couple new allies, believe themselves up to the challenge. Unfortunately, the battle doesn't go in their favor and Mewtwo ends up stealing their Pokémon. Which of these pokemon fight cloned versions of themselves first?

Question 22

What is this trainer's name?

While everyone else that made it to Mewtwo's island decided to brave the treacherous seas, this young trainer chose to fly. He was able to make it through the storm by riding on his Pidgeot's back, which had to be easier than travelling on the water, right? Still, just like his fellow trainers, he was no match for Mewtwo's wrath and his Pokémon were all stolen to be cloned. He, along with another trainer in this movie, cameoed in "Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!" Can you remember his name?

Question 23

How are the cloned Pokémon stored?

When the trainers unfortunately lose their battle with Mewtwo, which is also unfortunately the one chance they're given, Mewtwo sends out a fleet of pokeballs that he control with his psychic powers to capture the Pokémon. This is devastating to the trainers, most of all Ash, who stops at nothing to keep his Pikachu safe. But Pikachu is captured like the rest of them, and with Ash hanging on to the pokeball, he is taken to a secret lab in the fortress. Here, Ash sees how the cloned Pokémon are stored. How are they stored?

Question 24

Which of these Pokémon did not appear in the movie?

Even though this movie came out during the initial Pokémon hype train, 151 Pokémon would still be a bit too much to cram into an 80-minute feature. That unfortunately meant that some Pokémon didn't get to make it on to the big screen. The movie still did its best to include as many as possible, whether they be cloned or original, part of the climax or just seen off to the side in earlier scenes. But which of these Pokémon is never seen in the movie?

Question 25

Which of these pop stars was not featured on the soundtrack?

There used to be a time where having a modern pop soundtrack for your movie was a really big deal. Today, most popular movie soundtracks rely on older music, such as "Guardians of the Galaxy," or indie music rather than what's trending. Either that, or they are highlighted by a fantastic original score. "Pokémon: The First Movie" had a soundtrack filled to the brim with the hottest pop stars of 1998. But which of these pop stars was not on it?

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