Play Would You Rather Walking Dead Edition To See Who'd Survive

Who else watches TWD and thinks about whether or not they would be able to survive in the world the show is set in? With all those zombies roaming the Earth, we have to admit that it wouldn't be easy. Rick Grimes and his crew of survivors have spent several seasons making all the spooky issues they deal with, from zombies to other survivors, just look so easy! Even though the show can get pretty suspenseful and we definitely worry about what's going to happen next to our favorite characters, many of them pull through in the end and we haven't needed to say goodbye to too many of the characters we've loved on the series.

Watching all those characters make their way through the zombie-infested world just starts to look so simple after a while. Whenever they find themselves in trouble, we're totally sitting back with our popcorn thinking about how we would be able to handle it and get out of that situation totally safe and untouched. Who else loves to watch the show and imagine how long they could last in a world full of zombies like TWD is?

Play this game to find out who would survive in the TWD world!

Question 1

Pick one to be guaranteed to have: a good group of survivors or a safe place to live?

Let's be honest, in the world of TWD, nothing is really guaranteed. Although we can hope to be exploring the world with good survivors or have a good, safe place to live, we can't exactly guarantee that we're going to have anything. That's just part of what comes with being surrounded by all these zombies all the time, unfortunately! Both of these things would be nice, but if you could only choose between being guaranteed a good group of survivors or a safe place to live, which would you pick?

Question 2

Be trapped in a mall or be trapped in an airport?

Being somewhere safe when the zombies come is definitely important. Everyone wants to make sure that they're in a place that offers them security in the form of shelter as well as having food, clothing, and clean water. Places like airports or malls definitely offer those although they each have their benefits. An airport would have more open space and places like benches to sleep on while a mall would have a larger variety of stores to find supplies in.

Question 3

Be friends with Lizzie or Carl?

Even though most of the characters on TWD are adults, there are still a few younger characters that have been on the show for varying lengths of time at different points in the series. Two prominent younger characters that have been on the series at different times are Lizzie and Carl. Carl was a character who we all saw growing up throughout the series as the son of the main character, Rick Grimes. Meanwhile, Lizzie was one of the two daughters of one of the survivors who Rick met.

Question 4

Have unlimited food or have unlimited water?

After the zombies come, having the necessities in life like water and food is something really important! Going without either of them would definitely make it hard to try to find safety and focus on avoiding zombies. Food and water are something that is definitely a focus of TWD as part of something that the survivors are trying to find as they try to deal with the zombies that have taken over the world. Would you rather have an unlimited supply of food or water?

Question 5

Have a zombie as protection or have a human as protection?

Having someone at your side to protect you from any potential issues that may arise is definitely something that would be helpful in a zombie situation like the one the survivors on TWD face. That way, they could deal with any potentially risky situations that might come up while you're on the search for somewhere safe to stay. If you could choose between having a human as your own personal bodyguard or having a zombie follow you for protection, which one would you choose?

Question 6

Be super fast or be super quiet?

Being able to make your way around the world with the zombies roaming around the way they do in TWD must be pretty spooky! It's not easy to get around without potentially having a zombie hear or see you which is definitely not something that anyone living in a world like this would want. Being able to move silently would be amazing because no one would be able to hear you! Having super speed would also be pretty useful since you would be able to get to new, safe places super fast.

Question 7

Team up with other survivors or explore the world alone?

When it comes to the world of TWD, it's important to have people that you trust by your side. For some people, that might mean not having anyone. Even though that option would get pretty lonely, at least the person would be able to ensure that they wouldn't be with any survivors that they weren't able to trust and they would be able to go anywhere they want without worrying about other people. Would you choose to team up with other survivors or make your way through the world alone?

Question 8

Bring back Glenn or bring back Beth?

As TWD has gone on, we've started to really like a lot of characters on the show. Unfortunately for us, we've also lost a lot of characters that we really loved. It's always sad to lose a character on the show and we totally wish we could bring back all the ones that we've lost and really miss! The show is just totally not the same without some of these characters that are no longer part of the series, as anyone who loved these characters will definitely agree. Of these two characters, who would you bring back?

Question 9

Deal with fast zombies or deal with slow zombies?

In different works of zombie fiction like TV shows and movies, there are a lot of differences in the zombies that appear. Although they usually have a lot of similarities, there are still a lot of things that can vary from show to show or movie to movie. One thing that is different in different zombie movies and shows is the fact that the zombies often move at different speeds, which can make how people deal with them a lot different! In some movies and shows, zombies are slow while they're fast in others.

Question 10

Face off against zombies or face off against The Whisperers?

In TWD, there are a lot of villains that aren't just the zombies. Even though the zombies that roam the Earth are definitely a spooky part of the series, anyone familiar with the show will definitely be aware of the fact that the zombies are not the most spooky and dangerous part of the series for the humans that the series follows. One other type of villain that was introduced somewhat recently is The Whisperers. The Whisperers is a group of survivors that disguise themselves as zombies.

Question 11

Drive or walk?

When it comes to getting around the world after the zombies take over, you've got a few options. Two options are walking around the world or driving around the world if you're able to find a car and some fuel for the car. Walking may take longer and make you tired faster, but it's a lot quieter and you won't be restricted to just traveling on the roads. Meanwhile, driving is faster but you can only drive on roads and you'll definitely be attracting some unwanted attention.

Question 12

Never need to sleep again or never need to eat again?

To be honest, this would be a pretty good ability even if we weren't in the TWD world. Although not having to worry about things like sleeping or eating would be awesome in the TWD universe where we're surrounded by zombies all the time and definitely have better things to be worrying about, it would also be nice just in our everyday lives. Having to stop what we're doing to sleep at night or because we're hungry and need to make some dinner can take up a lot of valuable time!

Question 13

Play the TWD game or read the comics?

Even though the TWD TV series is massively popular now, many fans will remember the fact that it was actually based on a series of comics! There are a lot of things that have changed from the comics to the TV series but fans who have read the comics and watched the show will know that quite a few things have stayed somewhat the same. Along with the series being inspired by comics, the TV show has inspired a video game. Would you rather play the game or read the comics?

Question 14

Join Negan or join The Governor?

Even though a lot of the focus of TWD is on the zombies, that doesn't mean there aren't still some seriously spooky human villains too. Two of these villains that have appeared during different points of the series are Negan, one of the most recent villains who was portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and The Governor, a villain that was introduced in the third season of TWD and was portrayed by David Morrissey. If you had to join one of these villains, whose team would you be on?

Question 15

Have a group where everyone is equal or a group with a leader who makes the decisions?

Choosing to face the zombie-infested world with a group of other survivors is definitely a good idea. It's like the old saying goes, there's strength in numbers! Having a group of survivors means there are more people to help fend off zombies should they attack and different people have different skills that may come in handy. In a group, people need to decide whether there's going to be one person who makes all the decisions or if everyone is going to have an equal say in how things go.

Question 16

Be a ghost or be a zombie?

Even though zombies are the only supernatural creatures in TWD, there are still a lot of other supernatural creatures in other TV shows and movies. Another type of supernatural creature that appears in different movies and TV shows is a ghost. Similarly to a zombie, a ghost is a creature that comes into existence after a person loses their life and they return as a ghost, whereas in TWD they return as a zombie. Which of these supernatural creatures would you rather be?

Question 17

Be friends with Carol or be friends with Michonne?

Even though all the characters on TWD are just fictional and we can't actually be friends with them in real life, we can totally dream! There are some characters on TWD that we definitely wish were real people so we could befriend them. Preferably, we would befriend them in a setting that's slightly less zombie-filled so we could be their friends without worrying about having to avoid zombies all the time. If you could be friends with Carol or Michonne, which of these characters would you choose?

Question 18

Carry around a first aid kit or carry around food?

When it comes to living in the TWD world with all the zombies around, carrying around things can be important. There are definitely a lot of things that a person will need in order to make their survival in the TWD world easier, but it can also get really heavy and tiring to have to carry a lot of stuff on your back. First aid supplies and food are both essentials, but at the same time, they're things that can potentially be left back at camp and not carried around while exploring. Will you carry a first aid kit or food with you?

Question 19

Be alone or be part of an unskilled group?

When it comes to surviving in a group in the zombie apocalypse, it's important to make sure that you pick a good group of people if you choose to explore the world in a group. Different people have different skills like first aid, hunting, or sewing which can help with different parts of surviving in the world. Being with a group that doesn't have important survival skills can really hinder your time in the world with zombies everywhere! Would you rather travel alone or be part of a group with minimal skills?

Question 20

Spend the apocalypse in the city or in the woods?

Choosing the right place to spend the zombie apocalypse is important to survival. There are definitely pros and cons to different locations. In the city, there are more people which can be pretty risky for a survivor because it means more competition for the resources and also potentially means more zombies but it means more options for shelter and places to find food. Meanwhile, being out in the woods means it's a lot more secluded and away from people and zombies, but harder to find shelter and food.

Question 21

Team up with Rick or Daryl?

Rick and Daryl are two of TWD's main characters that have been a part of the series since the very beginning. Although a lot of characters have come and gone after only a short stint on TWD, even some of them that are close to Rick and Daryl themselves, these two characters managed to last a really long time in the zombie apocalypse! Being able to team up with either of these survivors would be totally awesome, right? Which of them would you choose to travel and battle zombies with?

Question 22

Be the first to become a zombie or the last to become a zombie?

As TWD has shown us, most people eventually become zombies. No matter how much we might like a survivor, the odds that people are going to be able to last forever in a situation like this is just not that great. We can hope that we would make it through the zombie apocalypse for a long time, but we're likely going to become zombies eventually. If you had to choose between being the very first person on Earth to become a zombie or the very last one to become a zombie, what would you pick?

Question 23

Bring back The Governor or bring back Shane?

Unfortunately, as we all know, bringing back characters that we've lost on our favorite TV shows is just not possible. And in the world of TWD, we probably wouldn't want them to come back anyway since it's likely that we would see them as zombies. Yikes! Shane and The Governor are two characters that we lost fairly early in the series, meaning that a lot has happened since we lost them. If you could bring back one of these early characters, which one would you pick?

Question 24

Pick a zombie apocalypse sidekick:

Having a best friend or family member at your side when you were out in the world after the zombies took over would be great, right? But what would be even better? Having your favorite celebrity or favorite fictional character with you instead! There are so many singers, actors and actresses, and other celebrities that would be awesome to have at your side to face the zombies. And there are a lot of totally awesome fictional characters, including some from TWD, who would be super great too.

Question 25

Hide in an attic or hide in a basement?

Finding a house to stay in to hide out from the zombies and have somewhere safe to stay is definitely key in the TWD world. Having a house gives you somewhere to sleep, somewhere to just sit down and relax your body after spending a long day out wandering around in the world and avoiding zombies, and it can even be a good hiding space in case you ever need it. Would you rather set up a hiding space in an attic or down in a basement?

Question 26

Try to find a cure or just focus on survival?

The beginning of TWD focuses on the characters on their journey to Atlanta as they try to get to the lab where they believe a cure is being worked on. A cure for whatever is causing people to become zombies would definitely be the focus of many people in a situation like what's going on in the TWD world. But for other people, just trying to survive and letting other people work on finding the cure is definitely more ideal. Would you go looking for a cure or just try to focus on survival?

Question 27

Be able to listen to music or be able to watch movies?

Being stuck in a world overrun with zombies would definitely get pretty boring after a while, right? Having no electricity to play video games or watch movies or even listen to music would get so dull after a while! Even though a lot of time would be dedicated to trying to avoid zombies, there would still probably be a decent amount of downtime. Being able to do something fun would make it a lot less difficult to deal with. Would you rather be able to listen to music or watch movies?

Question 28

Farm or forage for food?

Getting food is an important part of survival. Considering the fact that there are so many zombies everywhere in the world of TWD, it's important for any survivors in this world to be cautious about where they get their food. One method is to find somewhere safe to live and try to farm in a garden outside in order to avoid having to leave too much. Another method is slightly more daring but takes a lot less patience and involves heading out to forage for food in other places.

Question 29

Battle against the zombies or hide from the zombies?

This question is definitely one that's majorly tricky. Considering there are so many zombies in the TWD world, it's definitely hard to completely avoid all of them as you're traveling around in this world. But, there's definitely a difference between trying to avoid every single zombie and just trying to avoid most of them. Some people would prefer to battle every zombie they see while others would prefer a more stealthy approach to survival that involves not coming into contact with them unless necessary.

Question 30

Face off against a zombie or a human?

Although people who aren't big fans of TWD will probably think that the zombies in the series are the spookiest part, anyone familiar with the series will know that the zombies are definitely spooky but that the humans in the series can be an even bigger problem at times! The zombies may be dangerous and tough to handle, but the other humans that the survivors in the series find themselves encountering are definitely no joke either. Would you rather find yourself face to face against a zombie or another human?

Question 31

Stay in one place or travel around?

There are a lot of important decisions to make when it comes to trying to survive in a world full of zombies. One of them is the decision to either travel around or stay in one place. Traveling around is a potentially good idea because it means you could meet other survivors and find supplies but staying in one place means having a stable place to live and you won't be tired from constantly going from place to place. In the TWD world, would you rather travel around or stay in one place?

Question 32

Survive alongside a best friend or a family member?

Although facing the zombies alone is definitely an option for the bravest survivors out there, many people would probably prefer to have someone close to them. Luckily, the survivors in TWD have become really close friends and some of them are even with family members so they're definitely not alone out there in a world full of zombies. If you were in the TWD world, would you choose a best friend or a family member to be by your side while you faced the zombies?

Question 33

Bring back Sasha or bring back Hershel?

Choosing a character to bring back after we've met and lost so many that we loved throughout the course of TWD is definitely not easy! Hershel Greene was introduced early on in the series and was the father of Beth and Maggie. Sasha Williams was a character that was introduced in the third season. Although both of these characters were great and huge parts of Rick's group of survivors, we did have to say goodbye to them at different points in the series.

Question 34

Be part of TWD or part of FTWD?

We all love TWD and seeing what life is like after the zombies took over while Rick and his group of survivors try to survive the problems that arise, right? Because we love TWD so much, we were definitely excited when the prequel series, FTWD, premiered and we got to see what life was like before the zombies took over the Earth and the way the world changed as the virus took over. Would you rather be in the world of TWD or in the world of the prequel series, FTWD?

Question 35

Have super strength or super speed?

Having superpowers would make the TWD world so much different. It would definitely make it better for the survivors because they would be able to use them in order to make dealing with zombies and exploring the world a lot easier. There are a lot of different superpowers but two that would be particularly helpful in the TWD world would be the ability to be super strong or the ability to be super fast. Of these two abilities, which one would you rather be equipped with?

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