Play 'Would You Rather' And We'll Reveal Which US City Everyone Belongs In

The United States of America is a vast, impressive nation. It's a melting pot of culture, food, music and more variations of people than we can even begin listing. It's no revelation that due to its sheer size, the US has its fair share of problems, which are often catapulted by the media into the stratosphere. However, take them with a grain of salt. Today, we're going to focus on some of the world-famous cities that the US proudly boasts. From the Big Apple, the city that never sleep on the East Coast, to the hub of country music in Nashville, Tennessee, all the way to Tinseltown in Hollywood on the West Coast, this country has no shortage of wonderful, dynamic cities.

The reality is that, as people, we're born into one place, and based of the decisions of our parents, that's where we'll likely stay until we spread our wings and explore new horizons. Nature lovers wouldn't fare so well in Chicago, while city slickers would struggle in the vast expanses of the Midwest. So for all the people who have just been walking down the street, questioning if this place is the right one for them, we're here to help!

Question 1

Choose an ideal Sunday afternoon activity

Ah, Sundays. The final opportunity of freedom before the ominous nine to five work week kicks back into gear. Are you a homebody who refuses to leave the warmth and comfort of your bed, or are you keen to explore the city, splurge some cash, and jam out to the latest tunes at an underground music venue? Perhaps spending some time under the sun with the cool ocean breeze flowing through your hair is what is most appealing. Or maybe, on the flip side, being outside is a tedious chore, and you're convinced that every Sunday should be spent in front of the TV with Baxter and a pint of ice cream.

Question 2

Choose a transport method for life

Imagine waking up one day, opening the curtains, adjusting your eyes to the bright daylight, and then realising that every single car and train on earth has vanished. Poof. Into thin air. Sucked into the vortex of nothingness. We'll keep a few cabs around though, for the purpose of this question. So, with only four methods of transport available, which one are you going to choose? Oh, and the floor is lava, so don't even think about walking unless you want to turn into a bubbling puddle.

Question 3

If there was only one food left on earth

We all love to eat. There's no doubt in our minds that we all, really, really love to eat. But in a world where we could only nibble on the same dish for eternity, now that could get old and stale (pun intended) very quickly. Do we prioritise nutrition? Well even if the answer is yes to that, too bad, because a zombie apocalypse wiped out all the green vegetables, leaving us only with pizza, coffee and a magical deep-frier. Choose wisely, your stomach is relying on you to make the right decision.

Question 4

Choose an ideal first date

You've locked eyes on the subway. It's love at first sight. Well, at least for you it is. Your palms start to sweat and and your heart begins to beat just a little bit faster. Who is this person? Are they... the one? Well, they certainly could be. But don't mess up that chance by choosing a ridiculous idea for a first date. Is dinner and a movie too cliché? Is a sunset stroll along the boardwalk too cheese? We'll let you be the judge on that one.

Question 5

Choose a zombie survival technique

Uh oh. We've really gone and messed up our planet now. They warned us that if we didn't change our habits that all would go awry, and now it truly has. The zombies are coming and they're hunting in packs. They smell terrible and their vocabulary is in line with that of an infant grasshopper. Unfortunately you left the zombie-eliminator-3000 at your parents' holiday home, so you're really stuck in the mud this time. A hideout might be necessary, but where would be best? Or do you take a more unique approach and try to befriend them?

Question 6

If there was only one pair of socks to wear forever

We have to make an incredible amount of seriously difficult decisions in our lives. From which apartment to rent, to the name of our first son or daughter, and the type or car we'll be driving every single day. Alas, no decision is quite as important as the one we make every morning. And no, we're not referring to how to cook your eggs (because that's another debate entirely). Whether it's lefty or righty first, when we put on socks in the morning, it creates a chain reaction of events that could influence the fate of the world!

Question 7

Choose a breakfast food

This one's pretty simple. Or is it? The type of food we have for breakfast can make or break a day. While a greasy, fried serving of bacon, sausage and eggs will taste amazing at the time, we can't promise that you'll be feeling bright and dandy an hour later. The experts say it's the most important meal of the day, and depending on where we will be living, the culture can seriously impact the options. Or, you could be one of those people who skips breakfast entirely, or sleeps in until 3pm, just in time for afternoon tea.

Question 8

Choose a music genre

We're pretty confident in saying that in a room of 100 people, 99 of them sing in the shower. A great deal less would admit it though. Uncle Jerry bellows out Avril Lavigne and grandma Betty can rap every word from Eminem's Lose Yourself. So it's safe to say that everyone has their own taste in music. Likewise, every city in the US has its own vibes in the music industry. America is a melting pot of musical flavours, totally unlike many other places around the world, and each city has its own rhythm.

Question 9

Choose a movie to watch on repeat

If there's anything better than loafing on the sofa with an oversized bowl of popcorn, streaming a re-run of a classic, then we haven't heard about it. Are the beach bods of Baywatch's lifeguards going to sway you? Or is the go-go-go action of Spider-Man, swinging from building to building by web more up your alley? Perhaps you're in the mood for a Tarantino thriller, or a good old sparkly vampire flick. Don't forget, this isn't just a solitary 2-hour viewing. This is the same movie, again, and again, and again, so choose carefully

Question 10

Pick an animal for permanent companionship

As the saying goes, dogs are man's best friend. But, that's not entirely true depending on who you ask. There are a truckload of cat people across this big planet of ours, and we can all but guarantee that people keep some extremely peculiar animals as pets, with names that we probably haven't heard of. An ocelot? Now, the city in which someone lives can have a huge impact on which pets you can or cannot own. Good luck fitting a horse into a studio apartment - perhaps stick to a hamster in that case.

Question 11

Give one animal the power to speak english

"Good Morning, pal. Want a cup of coffee", says the zebra in your living room. We're going to play the role of wizard in this case. A talking tiger would be a pretty sweet party trick, but what if it becomes bossy and obnoxious? At least it's easy to place a hamster in its wheel if it's recounting the same story for the hundredth time. Keep in mind that just because the animal can speak English, it doesn't mean that it has to be nice.

Question 12

Pick an ideal place to live

Is the idea of a big backyard with room for a swimming pool and a tennis court what motivates you the most? Or is the centrality and convenience of living in a big city-centre apartment building with the greasy pizza place on the corner a little more enticing? Maybe the pressure of maintaining your own place is too much, and as one of the lazy folk, splurging on a fancy hotel suite where the bed is made and the room is cleaned for you is the way to go. It will cost you a pretty penny, however.

Question 13

Pick a place to hide the evidence

Oh no... what have you done? And just because they ate the last slice of pizza. Well, it's too late now. The deed is done and now it's time to dispose of the evidence. We're not scientists, so anything reminiscent of Walter White's bathtub antics are incredibly unrealistic. We have to stick to something simple. Do we let the waves wash it away, or simply cover it up under a tarp and hope that nature does its thing and that nobody stumbles across it?

Question 14

Pick the ideal breed of dog

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Big ones, little ones, fluffy ones, smooth ones, and everything in between. Some dogs need a lot more space to run around and play, particularly the more active breeds like Border Collies and Golden Retrievers. By contrast, some breeds are more suitable to smaller places and apartments, like the squishy-faced pug and the Shih Tzu Oh, and don't even think about getting a Husky unless you plan on running around for hours a day.

Question 15

Choose an ideal way to spend the summer

There's nothing quite like the freedom of a no-commitment summer. The opportunities are endless, and everyone's generally in a happy-go-lucky mood thanks to the sunshine and warmth, with ear to ear grins, an ice cream and a cold drink. With all this free time, do you decide to learn a new skill and jam out some tunes on the six-string, or do you take the opportunity to get fit by riding around on a bike all summer? Or, do you just say 'screw it, let's party', and take your friends to every available bar in town six of seven nights a week?

Question 16

Choose what to buy with a million dollars

One day when walking down the street, you tripped over a bag on the sidewalk, which you assumed was full of recycled paper. Hold up! That's cash! Congratulations! You can't find the owner, so it's all yours to spend. Unfortunately this currency is only valid for one of the three options below, but hey, can't complain. Yes, we're talking every type of bagel, and sure, the paintbrushes can be included in the art studio. We'll even pay for the gas for the Toyota Prius (ha). So, what are you going to choose?

Question 17

Choose a celeb to be a dinner date

If all goes well with Adam Levine, perhaps he'll be able to serenade you as the night winds up with a rendition of "She Will Be Loved". The Maroon 5 lead singer would certainly have some interesting stories to tell. Likewise with Courtney Love, who, with a net worth of an impressive $150 million, would be rude not to pay for dinner. Jimmy Kimmel talks and asks questions for a living, so there's no chance that there'll be an awkward silence as you dip the bread into your pumpkin soup. No matter who you choose, it's going to be one heck of an eventful evening.

Question 18

Choose a celeb to make you breakfast after the date

So the date went well. That's great. You've set foot into the celeb circle and there's no going back. Hopefully there will be a second date, but it's too early to tell. Either way, they're offering to make you breakfast so the signs are looking good. You can bet that, considering how much money these people are all worth, that this won't just be some Frosted Flakes and home-brand orange juice. Expect some ultra fancy cuisine. Apart from the food though, consider who you'd like to be read the newspaper by, and who could whip up the best cup of coffee.

Question 19

Choose a celeb that's hubby material

There's no doubt that Leo is a heartthrob and a half, especially back in his golden days of Titanic and Catch Me If You Can. Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons would be able to fire off jokes left right and centre, so there'd always be laughter in the house, you can guarantee that. As for Dan Bilzerian, well let's just say that life would not be boring in the slightest. Crazy party antics and excessive spending is what this internet sensation is all about, but the question is, would you be able to keep up?

Question 20

Choose a celeb to be serenaded to sleep by

We know what to expect with Jason Derulo and Keith Urban, so it really depends what kind of music tickles your fancy. Jason Derulo, or by full name, Jason Joel Desrouleaux, is a hip-hop / pop artist, while Keith Urban is a country music legend. The kicker here is, Charlie Sheen is full of surprises. Sure, he's played a few jingles in Two and a Half Men, but we really wouldn't know what to expect in this situation, which is half of the fun. Perhaps he'd be so unimpressive that it would be comedic, or perhaps it'd just be sad.

Question 21

Choose an outfit to impress a date

All the ground work has been laid and, after countless attempts at smooth conversation and subtle glances across the coffee chop floor, you finally got their number. They'd love to go to dinner with you! Okay, now the pressure's on. First impressions are everything in modern society, so within the first ten seconds of seeing you, he/she'll have already made up their mind if there's going to be a second date. Do you dress fancily to impress, or do you go casually, because that's just your personality. Well, whatever outfit you're sporting, we hope they like it!

Question 22

Choose an outfit to meet the parents

The first date went well. The conversation was smooth and the banter was flowing. The second date was even better, as you each got a little out of your comfort zone. Fast-track two month and fifteen dates later, and it's time to meet the parents! Which impression do you want to give off? Are you a gym junkie and want to highlight your toned body and healthy lifestyle? Or are you going to rock up in something a little less intimidating, such as overalls or a cute sweater? First impressions are everything, so the wrong choice could lead to some awkward conversations.

Question 23

Pick a superhero to be a personal bodyguard

Life is full of surprises and we never quite know what's around the next corner. We mean that literally, because for all you know, around the corner is a pack of wild tigers who haven't eaten since Tuesday. It's probably wise to get some protection from all the risks (and all the notorious villains, of course). Superman lays all his cards on the table - we know what we're going to get. He does wear his underwear on the outside, however. Star-Lord is a bit of a joker and seems less reliable, but can still do the job. Then we have the late Stan Lee, the mastermind behind countless superheroes. Who do you choose?

Question 24

Pick a superhero to be a personal driver

We're pretty fed up with sitting in traffic. The same ads play on repeat, drilling themselves into our subconscious, until suddenly, we've just bought a timeshare in Aruba. So, enough with that - let's get oursleves a personal driver and actually be able to relax on the road. Aquaman may end up driving the car into the ocean, so be careful with him, and Spider-Man probably wouldn't be too happy to drive considering that he can move around quicker by web. Truthfully, we're not even sure if Baby Groot is old enough to legally drive or can reach the pedals.

Question 25

Live on a farm or in a penthouse?

The early morning rises, just before the sun comes up isn't everyone's cup of tea. But on a farm, that's usually common practice to maximise the hours of daylight. The open expanses and fresh air, plus the sounds of nature certainly draw in a particular kind of person. On the flip side, the views from a penthouse suite can be pretty darn spectacular. Let's just hope that there's an elevator, otherwise every day will be leg day. Or, we can forego these options altogether and find a sweet crib next to the ocean (with a hefty price tag, most likely).

Question 26

Choose only one dessert for eternity

So many cities around the US are associated with various foods, and we like to focus on the sweet stuff. While our dentists might not be too happy about this scenario, we're going to have to choose one (yes, we understand this a probably the toughest decision you'll ever make) sweet treat to eat for the rest of your life. Obviously, health-wise, none of these choices are going to be revolutionary, but we're all about the taste. Ice cream and cheesecake can have bits of fruit spread throughout, so if you're looking for a way to justify the nutrition of this predicament, there it is.

Question 27

Salad or chocolate for a late night snack?

It's late. Like, past midnight late. The supermakets are closed and all the Uber Eats drivers have called it quits for the night. The pantry is as baron as the Wild West and all that's left in the fridge is a salad and a stash of chocolate. Do you take the health-conscious route and nibble on some lettuce and cucumber like a rabbit, or do you elect for the mountain of calories in the chocolate bar. It's okay, you'll go to the gym tomorrow morning, or so you tell yourself. This isn't a life-changing decision, but, actually, it is.

Question 28

The ideal partner can...

There are so many desirable traits in a potential partner. The obvious ones - which you'll find repeated on every cheesy Valentines' Day card - are caring, polite, supportive, loving, kind, and all that hopeful cliché jazz. But there are so many more intricacies and talents that aren't often prioritised. If you're a coffee snob, then having someone confuse a flat white with a latté could make or break a relationship. For the social butterflies, a knack of throwing a sick party is a talent that would certainly be appreciated. Or, if fitness is an obsession, having a partner who lives a similar lifestyle can help you achieve your mutual goals.

Question 29

Choose a party trick

Not everyone wants to be the life of the party, but it can be mighty entertaining once in a while to be the centre of attention. Having a party trick can be especially helpful in new circles, trying to break into that elite popular clique, or trying to impress the boss at the work Christmas party. There's a lot of pressure on the DJ, but a good one is definitely well-liked by pretty much everyone at the party. Whistling can grab everyone's attention in an instant, and to have vocal cords of gold would make you a karaoke legend.

Question 30

Pick a name for a first boy

According to Bounty, the most popular 10 baby boy names in the USA, as of 2018 were; Oliver, Harry, Jack, George, Noah, Charlie, Jacob, Alfie, Freddie and Oscar. Choosing a name is tough, and unless the boy, when growing up wants to sign a whole lot of annoying paperwork, it's for life. So, steering away from the mainstream monikers, which label are we going to stick on our first son's forehead? There's a vast variety of cultures across the US, and the wild differences in names in different regions reflects this.

Question 31

Pick a name for a pet dragon

Thinking about getting a new pet? We can help with that. Dogs are too mainstream. Cats? Those fluffy sleepers are way overdone. Hamsters? We've heard that they smell like roses, if you know what we mean. Birds? Yeah, they're fine, we guess, but they can only fly for themselves, and definitely don't breathe enough fire. Insert, dragon. These wicked fire-breathing aerialists can carry humans on their back and would be a seriously good creature to have in your corner in a fight. Plus we'd be saying thousands of dollars on fuel. The most import question is, what to call it?

Question 32

Pick a name for a first girl

As we've already touched on, names are for life. You pick one and pretty much have to stick with it. It's not passed around like breadsticks at a dinner party - it's yours to keep and yours alone. Each region across the US varies in popularity of different names, and the accent of that region can make a name sound different too, for better or for worse. So, you've hypothetically just had a baby girl - in which case, hypothetical congratulations! Now, the tough question: which label are we going to stick on to her forehead?

Question 33

Pick a secret agent name

The name's Bond, James Bond. Actually no, it's Syde, Ocean Syde. Scratch that, let's go with Diamonds, Dazzle Diamonds. Perhaps one day we'll all be secret spies, hunting down the bad guys of the world and looking pretty darn awesome while doing it. Everyone knows that a secret agent is only as successful as they are cool, and to get that cool-factor in the high range requires a head-turning name. One that echoes down the hallways and makes everyone's ears spike up when they hear it. At the end of the day, the wrong spy name probably means we'll end up at the bottom of a river.

Question 34

Pick an ideal vacation spot

Cuba is a land full of culture, colour and some seriously sweet vintage cars. It's situated in the northern Caribbean and is a popular destination for all-inclusive resorts. Tokyo is a bustling metropolis, with bright lights in every direction and the busiest intersection in the world. There's no shortage of things to do or see in the Japanese capital. Meanwhile, the Australian Outback is the polar opposite. With vast plains as far as the eye can see, the only companionship you'll find it there are poisonous animals and a blindingly scorching sun. But if nature is what you're after, the Outback can't be beaten.

Question 35

Choose a place to retire

Vancouver is the film hub of Canada, surrounded by picturesque mountains and lovely nature. Plus, everyone knows how nice the people are up there, so retiring in Canuck country wouldn't be too bad. Berlin is full of art, hipsters and culture. There's never a shortage of quirky things to do in Germany's capital, and the people are seriously unique. Ibiza, Spain is the destination to choose if you haven't got the party bug quite out of your system. Even at the ripe old age of retirements, there's nothing wrong with letting loose on the dance floor and breaking out the Moonwalk.

Question 36

Pick an ideal honeymoon destination

The marriage is over! Finally, we can stop worrying about where great aunt Janette needs to sit and what shade of pastel pink the napkins need to be. It was a success, nobody was left at the alter, and everyone had a great time. But now, the real fun begins on the honeymoon! Is lying on the sand near the beach to thing to do? Or are we leaning more towards a couples retreat in the vast plains of nature, staying in a rustic ranch? Or, for the more adventurous types who love to explore new cultures, do we go to Hong Kong?

Question 37

Pick a getaway destination for a crazy weekend

It's time to let your hair down, shine your dancing shoes and give yourself the much-needed break that you deserve. The weekly grind is a tough one, so we all need to take a couple of days here and their to unleash the inner party animal. Do we go North and shovel down a couple of poutines? Or do we jet across the Atlantic and hit up Holland's party capital? That's easier said that done actually, with so many of us overworked and overstressed to the point that we don't have a spare minute to just breath and smell the flowers.

Question 38

Pick a hair color

It's time to make a drastic change. You're fed up with same old, boring routine, grinding away like clockwork and eating the same 2-minute corner store noodles each night. So you walk to the supermarket and stare blankly at the shelves of assorted beauty products. Should we go blonde this time or brunette? Too bad, they're both sold out. With only three choices left, it's going to have to be either something wildly adventurous, or plain classic and simple. How are you feeling today? Don't worry, it's not permanent, but it won't fade away for a few weeks, that's for sure!

Question 39

Choose a strange cup to drink from forever

We're made of water, that's just a fact. According to ThoughtCo, "The amount of water in the human body ranges from 50-75%. The average adult human body is 50-65% water, averaging around 57-60%." So, the point is that as humans, we need to be drinking frequently. But we rarely put much thought into the device in which we drink. Red solo cups are far too mainstream these days, and glasses and mugs are typical. Let's go for something a little more wacky. Gone are the days of the plastic water bottle - we're getting adventurous!

Question 40

Pick a city in Australia to have a holiday house in

The Land Down Under one of the most unique places in the world. It's full of native animals, most of which could probably put you to sleep with a single bite/sting, but it's a place of great beauty without a doubt. Melbourne is the culture hub. It's hipster-central, with coffee in all colours, smashed avocado that will cost more than a mortgage on a house, and a wildly dynamic night life. Sydney is the go-to for pristine beaches and cliche tourist photos, but it won't be cheap. And of course, kangaroos run rampant throughout the country, but you'd be hard pressed to find them in a city.

Question 41

Choose a first item to have on a deserted island

Uh oh, you've really put yourself into a pickle now. The plan went down, and miraculously, you were the only one to make it out in one piece. Which is your item of choice? A camera is vital to stay in the social media game, because even though you're stranded on an island, the likes and follows are still crucial. A good pair of shoes seems like the boring choice, but when we consider that there are probably fresh-eating piranhas and spider crabs roaming the sand, they might in fact be the smart choice. The boat, of course, is the easy way out.

Question 42

Choose a second item to have on a deserted island

Great, we've chosen our first item. Now, it's time for number two. Being outside all day is going to take its toll on the eyes, so a pair of high-quality sunglasses will go a long way. Of course, fashion stops for no one, so they'd need to be only the fanciest of Gucci or Louis Vuitton styles. If you spend every minute of every day thinking about food, then perhaps a fishing line might be the clever choice, but nobody is guaranteeing that you'll actually catch anything. However, if the thought of any pre-coffee activity intimidates you, then an endless supply of the good stuff might be the best option.

Question 43

Be the luckiest person in the world or be able to breathe underwater?

Life is a game of chance, and every single possibility could have so easily been something completely different. Perhaps if you strutted around in that other pair of shoes today, a fancy businessman would have offered you a high-paying job. Or perhaps if you turned right instead of left at that last intersection, you would have stumbled into the path of the love of your life, then lived happily ever after and grow old together. On the other hand, to breath underwater would definitely be a pretty impressive party trick, and c'mon, who wouldn't want to be able to swim with dolphins 24/7?

Question 44

Choose something to give up forever

According to Statista, "The number of smartphone users is forecast to grow from 2.1 billion in 2016 to around 2.5 billion in 2019." Now, we're no math geniuses, but that is an incredibly high percentage of the population. It's almost impossible to give up on technology in the modern era, with our phones essentially an extension of our arms. Likewise with cars, on which humans are extremely reliant. Particularly in the USA, where public transit systems don't quite compare to the intricate clockwork systems of Asia and Europe. Then we have the mainstream values, which may just be too stale and repetitive for the hipsters among us.

Question 45

Pick a type of bag to carry forever

Phone, keys, wallet and a fresh stick of gum for after dinner. Arguably, those are the essentials to always carry on you in this day and age. Throw in a portable charger for the millennials as well. Unfortunately most pants sacrifice pockets for fashion, so it's often a struggle to carry all those necessities without a bag. So, in a world where the majority of bags, backpacks and handbags have been eliminated, which one would you choose? Gucci screams 'luxury', while the briefcase is associated with status. The recycled bags option is certainly the eco-friendly one, but its practicality is questionable.

Question 46

Choose a final meal

Food. We need it to live, plain and simple. Over the course of our lives, (with an age of 80, for example), we'll eat three meals a day, every day in a week, every week in a year, for 80 years. Buckle up, math geeks, because that's a whopping 87,360 meals in our lifetime. From cheesy dishes like burgers and pizza, to a low-calorie salad or a juicy medium-rare steak, the options out there are truly endless. But if we only had one more meal to enjoy, one that we'd have to savour for the rest of eternity, which would it be?

Question 47

Pick a cartoon character to come to life

Batman, or Bruce Wayne, as known in the regular society, fights crime with his array of creative gadgets and defends the city of Gotham will all his power. Homer Simpson, on the other hand, is a beloved goofball, known for chowing down donuts, drinking Duff, and falling asleep at his desk at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant (which, let's be honest, he is WAY under qualified for). To bring either of these characters into the real world would certainly turn heads. If you appreciate a joke, Homer looms as the top choice, but as a personal bodyguard, you can't hire much better quality than Batman.

Question 48

Live under a bridge or up in a tree?

Oops, you've gone and accidentally sold your house to the mob in exchange for some magic beans. Without a beanstalk to a magical land in the sky, you're forced to find somewhere on Earth to use as a resting place. Do you take the bridge option, befriending the local trolls who, you'd hope, are much more friendly than fairytales indicate? Or do you head to the treetops, with a vantage point and view of the entire city? Keep in mind that you'll be sharing with some birds, who in nesting season can be pretty aggressive, especially those Australian magpies.

Question 49

Run a marathon or be stuck in traffic for 24 hours?

Have you ever met a person on this planet who has enjoyed being stuck in traffic, between an 18-wheeler on one side and an obnoxious pickup truck blasting music on the other? Yeah, we didn't think so. There's almost nothing worse that being in rush hour, grid-lock, bumper to bumper traffic, and that's something we can all agree on. But running a marathon... that's WAY harder than most people imagine. Heck, running for the 11.59pm bus puts me out of breath. So add another 20 miles to that and that's just not an enticing prospect in the slightest. Which will you choose?

Question 50

Eat deep fried crickets or add them to a salad?

In case you've never tried crickets, which, let's be honest, is most of the population, Mark Wiens from Migrationology had this to say: "Normal sized crickets, as opposed to their steroid pumped up counterparts, are small and innocent looking without being ferocious. They are about the same size as silk worms, 1 – 2 centimeters in length. How Does It Taste: Crickets indeed have a rather strong bug flavor. Imagine what a bug might taste like, and that’s exactly how a cricket tastes. Crickets also give a slight dryness to the mouth, almost like a sip of dry wine." Well, in this scenario, we have to eat them one way or another.

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