Play 'Would You Rather' And We'll Reveal What Type Of Woman You Attract

Everyone seems to have their own preferences when it comes to the type of women they often seem to gravitate towards in life, whether they're meeting them through mutual friends or just finding someone that naturally catches their eye while they're out and about. Yet, just because a person tends to gravitate towards a particular type doesn't mean that the same goes for the type of women that they, themselves, attract. Some people may be most attracted to the blonde and brainy type of women but they might be sending out the vibes that only attract the quirky brunettes. It's hard to tell what type of vibes we send out but it's interesting how so much of that can be intertwined with the choices we make it life.

From the television shows that we prefer to the types of food we like to eat, it's interesting how our life choices can mold different aspects of our day-to-day lives. The women we find most attractive in Hollywood and the women in our regular lives that will find us most appealing can result in quite interesting findings. Let's take this "Would you rather" quiz to see what type of women we are likely to attract.

Question 1

Blonde or brunette?

Everyone has a preference when it comes to the hair color for a dream girl. While some people say that blondes have more fun, that doesn't mean that everyone prefers the look of a golden-haired woman. Let's see what everyone would rather in regards to hair color and get an amazing result.

Question 2

Arya or Sansa Stark?

When the Game of Thrones series first began, all of the Stark children were at their home in Winterfell. One by one, they each left to embark on their own journeys. Arya definitely didn't have an easy road ahead of her but Sansa's was no picnic as well. Out of these two characters, who had the best journey on the show?

Question 3

Joey or Chandler?

In the Friends series, it was Joey and Chandler that were actually roommates from the start of the show. This bromance was the stuff that dreams were made of and they even got matching recliners to watch their favorite shows together. With both of them being so different, it's interesting to think who would make the better friend.

Question 4

Short hair or long hair?

While some men dream of women with their long and flowing hair, others think that it's the short hairstyles that are most appealing on a woman. This short hairstyle can really allow a woman's true facial beauty to stand out and it's a no-fuss way of getting up and getting ready to start the day.

Question 5

Heath Ledger or Jared Leto?

There have been a number of actors that have portrayed The Joker over the years but it seems like Heath Ledger and Jared Leto have been the most memorable in how they have brought this supervillain to the big screen. Everyone seems to have a preference as to who portrayed him best.

Question 6

Bernadette or Amy?

In the TV series, The Big Bang Theory, not all of the women are portrayed as the beautiful blonde like Penny. Instead, there have been a number of female characters that were portrayed as just as intelligent as the male geniuses on the show. Was it Bernadette or Amy Farrah Fowler that seemed the most appealing?

Question 7

Red lipstick or no lipstick?

Red lipstick is seen as truly a bold choice for women and not every woman wants to go that bold with their lip color. Yet, it's undeniable that it's been a popular choice for a lipstick color for generations. While some women adore it, some men find it a bit off-putting.

Question 8

Chicken sandwich or beef burger?

When thinking of a burger to eat, not everyone thinks about the classic beef burger. Some people go to a fast food restaurant because they want a chicken sandwich and nothing else will do it for them. While both are pretty much considered the same in terms of a sandwich-like burger, that doesn't mean everyone considers them the same.

Question 9

Muscle car or supercar?

When it comes to choosing the perfect dream car, not everyone thinks about the same type. While some dream of a classic car that they can fix up and restore to its former glory, others think that it's the futuristic cars that are truly worth dreaming about. Is it the muscle car or supercar that really seems like the best?

Question 10

Action star or dramatic actor?

There are so many different actors in Hollywood and not all of them have the ability to jump around from one character to the next. Some actors are really pigeonholed in the roles that they're given for the big screen and they have become known for one particular type of film genre.

Question 11

Country star or rapper?

When it comes to music genres, not everyone has a clear cut favorite as to what they want to listen to on the radio. While some people would be happy only listening to pop music, there are still millions of people that prefer a more eclectic mix. Yet, that doesn't mean that they don't sometimes have a preference.

Question 12

Woody or Buzz Lightyear?

The first Toy Story film was seen as a huge success and people really loved the idea of toys coming to life, as soon as the humans would walk out of the room. There was a rivalry between Woody and Buzz Lightyear during that first film but they eventually became best friends.

Question 13

Monica or Rachel?

When the television series, Friends, first premiered, it was obvious that Monica and Rachel were going to be huge parts of the show. This was the show that made huge stars out of the actresses that portrayed these characters and everyone seemed to have their own favorite as to who was the real breakout star of the series.

Question 14

Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen?

Both Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen were huge characters in the Game of Thrones television series, with each of them having their own storyline that had people at the edge of their seats. There were some that really rooted for Jon Snow to make it to the Iron Throne, but others wanted Daenerys to finally get that role.

Question 15

Peanut butter or jelly?

The classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich is something that almost everyone in the world has had at least once in their lifetime. Yet, that doesn't mean that everyone prefers the ingredients to the same degree. While some people would be happy with a jelly sandwich and others would be happy with just a peanut butter sandwich, there is often a clear preference.

Question 16

Friends or The Big Bang Theory?

Both Friends and The Big Bang Theory were shows that were considered to be huge successes on the small screen. Each of them cultivated a giant audience and each of them were incredibly loved throughout their time on the air. While both have come to an end, it's interesting to see which show was preferred.

Question 17

French fries or onion rings?

When ordering a fast food meal, it's not just the main menu item that is worthy of considering. Sometimes, it's the side items that really complete the overall satisfaction of a meal. While each establishment has their own take on these sides, it's interesting to see whether or not someone would prefer French fries or onion rings.

Question 18

Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy?

In the world of Gotham City, people often tend to focus on the men in the storyline. From Batman to The Joker, it's not surprising that the men would have a dynamic impact. Yet, that doesn't mean that the women should be completely overlooked. Would Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy be the clear winner?

Question 19

Glasses or no glasses?

Some people think that glasses are just a utilitarian object that is either necessary or not. However, others think of glasses as a fashion element that can be added to complete a particular look. There was a time when "Geek Chic" was an actual thing and people wore glasses just to make a statement.

Question 20

Luna Lovegood or Hermione Granger?

Both Luna Lovegood and Hermione Granger were seen as incredibly intelligent in The Harry Potter film series but that doesn't mean that they had that much in common. In fact, these two characters were seen as completely different from one another. While they each had their own appeal, everyone has a distinct preference.

Question 21

High school or college?

There are some people that think back on high school as being the best four years or their lives. This was a time when kids were first starting to get their first taste of independence and the cliques were in full effect. Yet, there are other people that think that it was the college years that were truly the best.

Question 22

Camila Mendes or Lili Reinhart?

Camila Mendes an Lili Reinhart weren't that well known prior to appearing in the hit television series, Riverdale. Yet, that definitely changed once they became starring characters in the cast. People love seeing their characters interact on the small screen and there has been a huge amount of hype over these two actresses.

Question 23

Harry Potter or Twilight?

The Harry Potter film series and The Twilight film series were both hugely popular and successful book series prior to being adapted for the big screen. There were already millions of fans to the storyline and the characters so it wasn't surprising that each of these film series did incredibly well at the box office.

Question 24

Sofia Vergara or Salma Hayek?

Both Sofia Vergara and Salma Hayek are considered two of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. They both have quite a thick accent but that hasn't stopped them from having a huge amount of success in the United States. People find their accent quite appealing and it has helped to add to the roles they've portrayed.

Question 25

Emma Stone or Emma Watson?

Emma Stone is an actress that can seemingly portray any type of character that is thrown at her and she has earned the respect and accolades of the industry. Emma Watson was first introduced at a young age through her role in the Harry Potter film series but has exhibited a huge amount of potential.

Question 26

The Godfather or The Sopranos?

Both The Godfather and The Sopranos have had a huge amount of success in regards to telling a mob story. While The Sopranos was on the small screen, that didn't take away from the incredible impact the storyline and the characters have had on the general public and pop culture as a whole.

Question 27

Chris Pratt or Chris Evans?

There are a number of actors in Hollywood with the name, Chris, but not all of them have had the same opportunities on the big screen. In the case of Chris Pratt and Chris Evans, it's interesting how both of them have had the opportunity to portray a superhero on the big screen.

Question 28

Full glam or completely natural?

When it comes to makeup application, it's interesting how different people can think about it. While some men really prefer when their significant others are all glammed up to look like they belong on the red carpet, other men think that it's the natural look that is the most appealing.

Question 29

Gandalf the Grey or Gandalf the White?

In The Lord of the Rings film series, people were really taken aback when Gandalf the Grey wound up falling into the abyss. Yet, that didn't mean that the character was completely written out of the film series. Instead, he returned as Gandalf the White and many people loved him even more.

Question 30

Jessica Alba or Jessica Simpson?

Jessica Simpson and Jessica Alba have both had quite a lot of time in the limelight. While Alba is known best for her roles on the big screen, she was once a television actress and people still remember her for her early role. Jessica Simpson may be best known for being a fashion mogul but it was her singing days that people often remember best.

Question 31

Gale or Peeta?

The Hunger Games film series featured a complicated love triangle that involved Peeta and Gale. Both hailed from District 12 and both were in love with the female lead, Katniss Everdeen. While Peeta wound up getting the girl at the end, not everyone thought that he was clearly the best suitor.

Question 32

Jennifer Lawrence or Jennifer Lopez?

It's interesting how many Jennifers there are in Hollywood and with so many, it's not a surprise that people have started to compare them to one another. From Jennifer Aniston to Jennifer Garner, there are a few to choose from. For this particular question, we're asking whether it's Jennifer Lawrence or Jennifer Lopez that's the clear winner!

Question 33

X-Men or The Avengers?

With so many superhero films being released in recent years, it's hard not to compare some of the characters. While some people think that the X-Men are truly the best superheroes in the world, others think that it's The Avengers that really know how to defend the world from anything it might face.

Question 34

Comedy or Romance?

When choosing which movie to watch, everyone has a clear preference. While some people go to the movies so that they can escape from the mundane activities of day-to-day life and get a laugh or two, others want to see a great romantic film that can really pull on the heartstrings.

Question 35

Tall or short?

It's interesting how much height can make a difference when it comes to the variance between men and women. While some people really don't seem to care if their significant other is taller than them, it's actually quite important to some people. Does height make a huge difference or is there a clear preference?

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