Play 'Would You Rather' And We'll Describe Your Ideal Woman

Whether we know it or not, we all have a type. Some of us are on the lookout for certain physical features such as blonde hair, a tiny nose, and prominent cheekbones. Others are searching for someone who will make them laugh no matter what or someone who will make them feel whole.

Obviously, knowing exactly what it is that we are looking for is tricky. Sure, we could sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil in our hands and write down the physical attributes and the qualities that we expect our soulmate to have. But who has time for that, right? And even if we do complete the task of penning down our thoughts, how are we to know the "type" that our highlighted characteristics translate to?

Still, having an idea (even if it is vague) of what we're looking for in a woman is pretty beneficial. That way, we can stop wasting our time on women that disappoint us and start focusing on women that we know will make us pretty darn happy in all areas of our life.

The below quiz is somewhat tough. At times both options (i.e., both answers) might seem tempting. Choosing just one is necessary if we are to match everyone with their ideal woman!

Question 1

Tall or short?

Some men prefer girls that are tall whereas others always go for girls that are short. Of course, your own height will probably influence the way that you answer this question. If you are tall you are probably more open to dating women that are also tall. On the other hand, if you are on the shorter side you are probably naturally attracted to girls that are somewhat shorter too. So, which is it going to be: tall or short?

Question 2

Blonde or brunette?

Most men don't really care whether a girl is blonde or brunette, especially seeing how most girls dye their hair anyways (meaning that their appearance can change on a regular basis). Nonetheless, some men do have a type. In general, blondes are seen as way more fun and open whereas brunettes are seen as more mature and reliable. That might be the reason why blondes get more attention (although that is not always the case of course). Who are you more attracted to, blondes or brunettes?

Question 3

Blue eyes or green eyes?

They say that a person's eyes are a window into their soul. When we really like someone we can't help but notice their eyes, and especially their color. Brown eyes are without a doubt the most common whereas according to Owlcation, green eyes are the rarest. Blue eyes are neither common nor rare. In general though, most of us are drawn either to blue and green eyes the most (but that is not to say that brown eyes are not stunning too).

Question 4

Mature or childish?

This one seems like a no-brainer, right? After all, who wants to go out with someone who is childish? Don't be too hasty though. While maturity is all well and good, some people are actually too mature. Sure, they might be reliable, logical, and down to earth. But only too often they don't know how, or have forgotten how, to have fun. Childish people, on the other hand, are still kids at heart. They might be unreasonable and immature at times but at least they know (most of the time) not to take the world too seriously.

Question 5

Long hair or short hair?

Women love to experiment with their hair. Altering your hair is one of the easiest ways to change your appearance. As such, it only makes sense that women spend not only tonnes of money but also countless hours changing up their hair. Sometimes they do so by coloring it, other times they do it by cutting it (or alternatively, if they are patient, by growing it out). In general, it seems like most men prefer women with long hair but there is no denying that some women look phenomenal with short hair.

Question 6

Oval face or square face?

We might not realize it but we all have different face shapes. For example, some people have oval faces (think Jessica Alba, who is pictured above) whereas others have square faces. Neither face shape is better than the other although oval face shapes are deemed the most desirable (because they are the most versatile). We doubt that you care as to what face shape your perfect girlfriend has (as long as it is a nice face) but nonetheless for the purpose of this quiz you must take your pick!

Question 7

Big nose or small nose?

The shape and size of our nose either makes us more attractive or less attractive (or, as some might say, more interesting-looking). If you could choose the size of your girlfriend's nose, would you opt for a big nose or a small nose? The answer that you go for will depend totally on your own personality and your own aesthetic values. Keep in mind that while small noses usually look cuter than big noses, big noses look way more regal.

Question 8

Prefers books or movies?

Would you rather that your girlfriend was really into literature and reading or really into movies? The option that you choose will depend on your own preferred hobby. If you are someone who loves to read you will probably want to go out with someone who is also partial to books. That way, you can spend hours browsing in bookshops together and pleasant afternoons reading in the park. On the other hand, if you love going to the movies you will without a doubt want a girlfriend who is a film junkie.

Question 9

Athletic or full-figured?

Everyone has a different body shape. Some people are more athletic whereas others are full-figured. Would you rather that your girlfriend was sporty-looking or shapely? If you are really into working out and lifting you might want to go with the first option (i.e., athletic) because that's the body shape that you are probably attracted to. If on the other hand, you don't like to exercise yourself, you are probably more into full-figured women. Of course, the opposite is also possible!

Question 10

Prefers Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad?

Pretty much every couple spends at least a couple of hours a week binge-watching TV shows. What can we say: lounging on the sofa and watching fictional characters take on the world is pretty entertaining, not to mention relaxing. But don't get too excited when you find someone who loves getting lost in fictional worlds as much as you do. You still need to find out their taste in TV. For example, would your ideal woman prefer to watch Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad?

Question 11

Thin eyebrows or thick eyebrows?

Would you rather that your ideal woman had thin eyebrows or thick eyebrows? Thin eyebrows are certainly more feminine. However, nowadays thick eyebrows are all the rage (and they can look truly amazing, just look at the model Cara Delevingne). There are, of course, downsides to both thin eyebrows and thick eyebrows. Sometimes thin eyebrows are actually too thin and look weird (or worse yet, non-existent). However, thick eyebrows can look messy and masculine. Plus, they require plenty of attention and grooming.

Question 12

Straight hair or curly hair?

Which would you rather be your ideal woman's natural hair texture: straight or curly? Most women dream of straight hair for it is much easier to take care of. On the other hand, straight hair can at times look bland and boring (or indeed even greasy). Curly hair is much harder to maintain but can look super cool, depending on the curls as well as on the woman's face shape. In general, women with straight hair spend hours curling it and women with curly hair spend hours straightening it. Yes, it makes no sense to us either.

Question 13

Long nails or short nails?

When men let their nails grow long they look messy and gross. When women do it, however, it is pretty impressive. After all, growing your nails long is not that easy, even if it might seem like it is. Oftentimes, one of the nails breaks which means that you have to cut all the other nails too or else look unkempt. And it's not like women grow their nails and call it a day either. They also shape them and paint them. Of course, short nails also look nice.

Question 14

Piercings or tattoos?

Maybe you want your girlfriend to have both piercing and tattoos. Or maybe you want her to have neither piercings nor tattoos. However, for the purpose of this quiz, you must choose one. What is it going to be: piercings or tattoos? Piercings are less permanent than tattoos. After all, you can take the earring out and no one will even know that you have a piercing. Tattoos, on the other hand, are harder to hide, not to mention, harder to get rid of for good.

Question 15

Only child or oldest child?

Would you rather that your ideal woman was an only child or the oldest child? Only children can be pretty spoiled. You see: most of them get a lot of attention while they are growing up (from their parents and their grandparents). At the same time, only children are pretty mature and self-sufficient. They know how to be alone and they do not require the company of others to make them happy. Oldest children are also pretty mature. Chances are, they had to look after their younger siblings at one point or another in their lives. However, they might not be able to shake this feeling of responsibility later on in life. Expect lots of attention from them (which could be both good and bad, depending on how independent you are).

Question 16

Likes pop or hip hop?

As pretty much everyone is well aware, pop and hip hop are two different genres of music. Pop music is usually very catchy and is well-liked by a mainstream audience. Interestingly enough, it often contains elements of hip hop (or dance or rock music). Most songs that we hear on the radio are pop songs. Think Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande. Hip hop music, on the other hand, tends to have rapping in it. Think of artists such as Eminem. Which genre of music would your ideal woman prefer?

Question 17

Funny or easy-going?

In most cases, both funny and easy-going people are a pleasure to be around. Funny people are those who can make us laugh no matter what. They always know what to say and their timing is pretty perfect too. We like them because they lighten up the mood. Easy-going people are cool too though. They are the ones who don't mind whether they end up eating a burger or a pizza and they are the ones who are up for pretty much anything (even cross country road trips at a moment's notice). Which is the better trait to have?

Question 18

Honest or loyal?

Honesty and loyalty are two amazing traits. In an ideal world, your perfect woman would possess both of them. However, for the purpose of this quiz you have to choose just one quality. Which is it going to be: honesty or loyalty? Honest people always say it how it is. In other words, they always tell you the truth, no matter what. Loyal people on the other hand always stay by your side, even when they know that you are wrong.

Question 19

Prefers home-cooked meals or take-out?

Would your ideal woman prefer to stay at home and cook for you or would she rather go out for a meal (or alternatively, order takeaway)? Most men prefer women that cook. After all, the phrase "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" did not come out of nowhere. It's pretty awesome to have a partner that can whip up delicious meals at a moment's notice. That being said, some women detest spending time in the kitchen.

Question 20

Tan or pale?

Everyone's skin color is different. Some people are very tan and some people are very pale. Tan people might be tan naturally. Or they might spend a lot of time outside (or alternatively, at a tanning salon). Pale people, on the other hand, tend to spend a lot of time inside or else they slather themselves in sun cream before they venture outside. Would you rather your ideal woman was very tan or very pale? Go ahead and make your selection!

Question 21

Dimples or freckles?

Some people have neither dimples nor freckles. Others have dimples but not freckles. Others still have plenty of freckles but no dimples. And then there are those who have both dimples and freckles. You might want your ideal woman to have neither. Or you might want her to have both. Unfortunately, those are not the options available on this quiz. Rather, you must choose one: either dimples or freckles. Freckles are usually visible on those with a fair complexion. They are certainly not as rare as dimples (which make people look very cute!)

Question 22

Wears lots of makeup or none at all?

Some women wear a lot of makeup. Others wear a little bit of makeup. And then there are those who wear no makeup at all. Ideally, you'd probably want your girlfriend to wear a moderate amount of makeup. Nonetheless, for the purpose of this quiz, you must choose either the option "wears lots of makeup" or the option "wears none at all". Just because a woman wears a lot of makeup doesn't mean that she looks like a clown (if she knows what she's doing). And just because a girl wears no makeup does not mean that she doesn't care about her appearance.

Question 23

Prefers parties or adventures?

Would you rather that your ideal woman preferred parties to adventures or the other way around? The way that you answer this question will depend on your own personality and your own preferences. For example, if you love parties you will without a doubt want a girl who also loves to party. If, on the other hand, you prefer going on adventures, you will probably want your girlfriend to be just as adventurous and spontaneous as you (seeing how people that are hungover are usually in no mood to explore the wilderness).

Question 24

Casual style or elegant style?

The way that we dress says a lot about us as individuals. Our sense of style might not change the shape of our face or the shape of our body. However, if we know how to dress nicely (in other words, if we know what suits us) we can look much better than if we just dressed in tracksuit bottoms and baggy sweatshirts. Everyone has a different sense of style. For example, some women prefer to dress in casual clothing whereas others are partial to clothes that are somewhat more elegant. What would your ideal woman wear?

Question 25

Extrovert or introvert?

The world is divided into two distinct groups of people: extroverts and introverts. Extroverts love people. In fact, they need them to recharge. If they spend too much time alone they feel sad and unmotivated. That's why they feel right at home at parties and other large gatherings. On the other hand, introverts love spending time on their own. They're not averse to meeting their friends for coffee or dinner (indeed, they actually enjoy it) but they are by no means social butterflies.

Question 26

Prefers The Dark Knight or Mean Girls?

Both The Dark Knight and Mean Girls are pretty iconic movies. The Dark Knight is a superhero film that centers on Batman. As such, it comes as no surprise that most men rank it as one of their favorite films. Of course, quite a few women like it too. Mean Girls, on the other hand, is a teen drama film that most girls have a soft spot for. Most men believe that it's a chick flick and refuse to watch it. Those who have put their prejudices aside however found it to be an enjoyable movie.

Question 27

Heels or flats?

There's something about heels that makes every woman look that much better. Why? Because heels change the way that a woman walks, thus making her more feminine and in turn, more attractive. Of course, heels, especially if they are high, are also super uncomfortable. You've probably heard women complain about their sore feet and you might have even seen them change their shoes halfway through the day. If you don't want a woman to whinge about her feet it might be a good idea to go with the second option (i.e., flats).

Question 28

Older or younger?

Some men prefer older women. Others are attracted to those that are somewhat younger than them. Both groups have their advantages and disadvantages. Older women are more mature. If you are lucky, they might teach you a thing or two. They won't just agree with everything you say either. And they probably won't lie to impress you. On the other hand, they might be less willing to compromise. Younger women are less set in their ways and are often more fun. On the other hand, they can be a little boring and immature.

Question 29

Prefers the outdoors or the indoors?

If you are someone who loves to spend most of his time outside then you will probably want a girl who is also partial to the outside world. That way, you can go on hiking trips and try out different sports (such as surfing or rock climbing) together. If, on the other hand, you are someone who likes to spend most of his time indoors (gaming or reading or watching movies) you will probably want a girl who is happy to lead a sedentary life too.

Question 30

Better speaker or better listener?

Would you rather that your ideal woman was a better speaker or a better listener? As an amazing speaker, she would impress you with her well-thought-out speeches. She'd fill any silences at dinner parties and she might even one day end up giving a TED talk. As an amazing listener, however, she would listen to you and all of your problems. She'd be the one person that you could talk to without being interrupted. She'd probably be well-liked among your friends too for everyone loves a good listener.

Question 31

Indecisive or controlling?

In an ideal world, your girlfriend would be neither indecisive nor controlling. Of course, this is a "Would You Rather" quiz, so we must ask you to make a choice. Would you rather that your ideal woman was indecisive or controlling? Generally everyone thinks that indecisive people are nicer to hang around with because they never protest and always go along with every decision that you make. That's not always good though and their lack of ability to decide between a taco and fish and chips can be infuriating. At the same time, no one wants to go out with a control freak.

Question 32

Assertive or passive?

Would you rather that your ideal woman was assertive or passive? The way that you choose to answer this question will say a lot about you as a person so really think this one over! Assertive people have confident and forceful personalities. They are not at all afraid to say what is on their mind. At times, they can be a little too much though. Passive people are more accepting of "faith". In other words, they accept whatever happens without actively responding or resisting (i.e., they go with the flow).

Question 33

Dances or plays a musical instrument?

We all have hidden talents. For example, some people are amazing dancers whereas others are excellent at playing musical instruments. If you could choose, would you rather that your girlfriend was an amazing dancer or that she could play a musical instrument? As a dancer, she could stun you with her moves at parties and other events. As someone who plays a musical instrument, she could liven up any awkward social gathering or perhaps even make it as a musician.

Question 34

Dry sense of humor or corny sense of humor?

Most people will probably agree that having a good sense of humor is pretty important. You would not want to be going out with someone who can't see the funny side of life! But which is better: a dry sense of humor or a corny sense of humor? When people with a dry sense of humor tell a joke, it is not always obviously funny mostly because they don't show any emotion. People with a corny sense of humor, on the other hand, tell jokes that are either unsophisticated or old.

Question 35

Artistic or logical?

Would you rather that your ideal woman was artistic or logical? Neither is better than the other so think hard before you go ahead and make a selection. Artistic people love to paint, write, and engage in other creative endeavors. They are always working on new and exciting projects. Logical people, on the other hand, are not very crafty. You won't find them making cute scrapbooks or knitting a crochet blanket. However, you will see them succeeding in life in other ways.

Question 36

Piercing eyes or perfect smile?

If you could choose both piercing eyes and a perfect smile you'd probably do that, right? Unfortunately, that is not an option so you much decide between the two. So, which is more important to you: piercing eyes or a perfect smile? People with piercing eyes tend to have vibrant and sharp eye colors and shapes. Oftentimes, it feels as if they are looking right through you (almost as if they know what you're thinking). A perfect smile on the other hand can make everyone feel at ease. No one can resist a beautiful smile!

Question 37

Dog person or cat person?

Would you rather that your partner was a dog person or a cat person? The answer to this question is likely to depend on your own preference. In other words, if you love dogs you are more than likely to choose the first option (i.e., dog person). If, on the other hand, you are partial to cats, you will probably want to go with the second option (i.e., cat person). If you don't care much for either... the answer that you choose doesn't really matter.

Question 38

Always late or melodramatic?

No one is perfect. We all have bad qualities. For example, some people are always late, no matter what. They are the ones who miss dinner reservations and barely make it to their flights. We spend hours of our life waiting around for them, hoping that they show up. Other people are melodramatic. Life is one big soap opera with them. We never know what they'll pull off next or how they'll react to seemingly innocent news. Granted, at least life is never boring around these individuals.

Question 39

High-maintenance or low-maintenance?

High-maintenance women need a lot of attention. Prepare to shower them with compliments and generally pay them a lot of attention (fail to do so and you will regret it). Low-maintenance women are independent. They don't require much attention at all. When you look at it like that, it seems like low-maintenance women are much better, right? There's certainly less pressure to please them. But then again, there are plenty of men who like women that need that little bit of extra attention.

Question 40

Flirty or serious?

Would you rather that your girlfriend was flirty or serious? Flirty women are much more playful and fun than serious women. However, they can rarely control their flirty nature and as such end up leading on a lot of men (which could very well cause you to feel jealous and might even lead to some serious arguments). Serious women are pretty straightforward. They mean what they say which can be pretty nice. You see: you never have to second-guess them.

Question 41

Very neat or very messy?

Neat freaks are annoying. But so are people who are super messy. Ideally, you want someone who is in between. Someone who is clean but at the same time someone who does not get too upset when things get chaotic and messy. Alas, since you're taking this quiz you must choose either one or the other. So which is it going to be? Someone who is very neat (think of someone who folds their socks) or someone who is very messy (someone who rolls their clothes into a ball and stuffs it into the closet)?

Question 42

Bangs or highlights?

Men can spend years rocking the same haircut without getting tired of it. After all, why fix something that doesn't need to be fixed, right? Women are not like that at all. They love to change things up. Which is why they are forever doing something with their hair. If they're not straightening it or curling it, they are trying out new hairstyles. And if they are not putting up their hair in strange hairdos, they are getting it cut or getting it dyed.

Question 43

Modern or old-fashioned?

Which do you prefer: women that are ultra-modern or women that are old-fashioned? Modern women are confident and outspoken. They know that they can do anything that they want in the world and they refuse to stick to conventional gender roles. For example, a modern woman might refuse to quit work to look after a child. An old-fashioned woman, on the other hand, is all about traditional values. She likes it when a man pays for dinner and she sees nothing wrong in quitting work to look after her family. Neither is better than the other, it's just a matter of personal choice.

Question 44

Fiery or mellow?

A fiery woman is passionate and quick-tempered. One minute she is in a good mood and is agreeing with whatever it is that you are saying. The next minute she is screaming at you for no apparent reason. Five minutes later she is cuddling with you and apologizing for losing her temper. It's a roller coaster: nerve-racking but also never boring. A mellow woman is someone who is easy-going and good-natured. She is unlikely to snap at you and is generally calmer than a fiery woman.

Question 45

Coffee lover or tea drinker?

Would you rather that your ideal woman was a coffee lover or a tea drinker? If you are someone who can't live a day without coffee, you will doubtlessly choose the first option (i.e., coffee lover). That way, you'll have someone to keep you company as you guzzle down your fifth cup of coffee of the day! However, if you are someone who prefers tea to coffee, you will probably want a girl who is also partial to this delicious (and beneficial) beverage.

Question 46

Into jogging or yoga?

Both jogging and yoga are popular forms of exercise. Those who can't stand still usually opt for jogging instead of yoga. These individuals like to put their headphones on and forget all of their worries by running as fast as they can (or as far as they can). In fact, some of them don't even consider yoga exercise. But they're wrong. Yoga increases your range of motion and stretches your muscles. Yoga is far from easy (power yoga, for example, will make you sweat like never before).

Question 47

Is a gamer or has a small YouTube channel?

Would you rather that your ideal woman was a gamer or had a small YouTube channel? If you love gaming you might want to go with the first option (i.e., is a gamer). However, if you are not into gaming that much you should go with the second option (i.e., has a small YouTube channel). After all, you never know. Her channel could blow up and then she could live off of her YouTube channel alone (which would be pretty handy, not to mention, impressive).

Question 48

Thin lips or pouty lips?

Some women have thin lips whereas other women have pouty lips. Neither lip shape is better than the other although generally, pouty lips are seen as somewhat more desirable (there is a reason why lip fillers are a thing). Of course, ridiculously thin lips are not very attractive, but neither are super pouty lips. As long as the lip shape brings balance to other facial features, the girl should be pretty attractive. But if you had to choose between thin lips and pouty lips, which would it be?

Question 49

Gap in teeth or braces?

Not everyone is born with a beautiful smile. Some women have gaps in their teeth. But that does not necessarily mean that they are any less attractive. Take Georgia May Jagger for example (pictured above). She has a gap in her teeth but is nonetheless better-looking than most women. In fact, some might even go so far as to say that the gap in her teeth is what sets her apart. Still, some women want to fix their smiles which is why they get braces, Would you rather your girl had a gap in her teeth or wore braces?

Question 50

Works in the financial or creative industry?

The financial industry and the creative industry could not be more different. The financial industry is pretty serious. Those who choose to work in the financial industry are ambitious individuals who know exactly what they want from life and are prepared to work hard for it. They are goal-oriented and they're no-nonsense. That's not to say that the creative industry is any less stressful or intense. However, those who choose to work in this industry are usually more laid back and imaginative.

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